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Tool for removing mag release


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I recently received my new Shield Arms 15 round magazines and aluminum mag catch for my G48.

Turns out, removing the mag catch on the new G48 (43/43X) is not as easy as all the other Glocks I've done this on before. I spent 30 minutes with a tiny 6" screwdriver that has always got the job done before. Bent up some dental picks and tried a variety of other tools with no success.


The solution was using a heavy duty angled pick I found at my local Lowe's. Got the spring out of the mag catch first try, like the tool was made just for this.


I used the 2nd from top in the pic below. The top one would probably work just as well. $9 well spent if you need to do this.


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I used a similar pick set out of my tool box. The G48 was much more difficult to do than any of the full size Glocks that I have done in the past for sure.

I once did one on a Canik TP9SFX and I think that was even worse!

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