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  1. Replace when it looks like this...
  2. Looks like fun times ahead - enjoy!
  3. Seems like all of the MRD makes have had problems with longevity. The thing that keeps bringing me back to the RTS2 is C-More's awesome customer service. The RTS2 battery life is not that great, but I like the RTS2's controls, dot and window size & shape. Price point of RTS2 is a lot less than the latest entries like SRO & SIG ROMEO 3's.
  4. Anyone using a slide mounted RTS2 that is still working after a decent round count? Say 10-20K ?
  5. What optic is holding up the best on carry optic guns? RTS2's handle the slide mounted beating OK?
  6. http://www.w8ji.com/dielectric_grease_vs_conductive_grease.htm
  7. I have 2 CK open thunders- great guns and a great value. Nothing but excellent service from Bobbie over the last 2 years.
  8. I don't see why it wouldn't work for you. The working parts of the SDB powder measure looks just like my 550 & 1050 powder measures. The point of the tape is to reduce the slop in the moving parts where the powder slips through. Add more or less tape thickness to get it slop free, but still non-binding.
  9. Try this with your powder bar to minimize spilling with fine powders like AA7. AA7 is a great powder for 9major and this makes loading it a lot less messy.
  10. Here is a pic with thumb rest mounted in rear position.
  11. Use 3 short screws (scope mount-frame) and 2 long screws (thumb rest-scope mount-frame). Use short screws in holes 1-3-5, long screws through thumb rest in holes 2 & 4. Test fit & decide if you like thumb rest best in rear or forward position. Trim screws as needed to ensure they do not stick out inside frame at all, but are also as long as possible to ensure maximum thread contact & strength. Clean all threads (inside & out) thoroughly with alcohol (prefer 99% iso). I use red Loctite 272 (high strength, high temp) & paint witness marks on all screws after completed.This way you will know if they ever back out at all.
  12. Even without knowing what powder you are using, my bet is that your 70fps ES is not a direct result of .006 difference in OAL. I use range brass loading 9 major loads with the case very close to full. The near full case charge makes it easy to see the difference in case volume between head-stamps. My bet is this difference in case volume with mixed brass is a much bigger factor to your ES than .006 OAL difference. Other things in play with a big ES: Variations in bullet weight. Full sun light when you chrono Try a different chrono. My last chrono was all over the place like this when I tried another and found out the chrono was really bad. The powder you are using may not work efficiently at the specific load you are at. Try different powders for same PF or try upping the PF with current powder (be safe of course- ladder test, observe primers, etc.). Like many have said already though, .010 variation in OAL is not a significant factor to practical accuracy (assuming your load is not on the edge of what feeds in your gun or contacting barrel leade). Other than curiosity, I wouldn't chase .006 OAL variation. That isn't bad at all using range brass.
  13. Opened them up to 3/16" - much improved over stock 1/8".
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