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  1. Magnum or SR primers significantly reduce extreme spread/SD with AA7 yielding a more complete burn. Gun is much cleaner after 500 rounds as well, without the un-burned powder in the gun. I expect the same results with SWMP. Work up your loads as usual of course whenever you change a component. Magnum / SR primers may add 1-3 PF to your existing load (assuming 1.165-1.185 OAL with 115,124 bullets, etc..)
  2. racer-x

    Zero distance

    I zero at 50 yards (also zero at 20). Dialing in at 50 yields a precise zero and confidence. Trajectory for my 115's @ 1500fps below. yds " ----- ----- 0 -1.1 5 -.8 10 -.5 15 -.2 20 ZERO 25 .1 30 .2 35 .2 40 .2 45 .1 50 ZERO
  3. Thanks Eric - interesting. Could you post a picture showing the angle you ended up with on your FPS?
  4. Chaos is stroked - recoil spring MUST be less than 1.370" compressed or gun will spring bind. For example, a stock Wolff 8# fixed rate spring is 38 coils and 1.520" compressed - needs coils removed to get under 1.370" compressed. A stock Wolff 8# variable rate is 1.221" compressed and works great as is.
  5. Or 11.0 grains AA7 under a 115... plugs & muffs all the way,
  6. You need to plunk test your barrel 1st to determine max OAL before bullet contacts throat. 1.150 OAL contacted throat with MG JHP's in my 2 CK Thunders when new - I loaded to 1.130 max OAL until I had my barrels throat reamed. OAL of your load is a big part of the equation. Shorter OAL = higher velocity & pressure. After you determine the max OAL for your barrel, then you can subtract at least .020" from that to get your desired OAL. In general, a longer OAL is better since it will help to reduce max chamber pressures. You need to have a small gap between bullet and throat, or your chamber pressures will be much higher. The other extreme is you need to have enough bullet in the case to hold it securely. My experience is 1.165 max OAL for MG115JHP, and 1.185 max OAL for MG124JHP is optimum (assuming these pass plunk test in your barrel with at least .020 to spare). I recommend you then do a ladder test with chrono to determine what velocities are in your gun (ie. load 10 rounds at 9.2, 10 at 9.4, 10 at 9.6, etc.). This is what my 170PF loads were for my CK thunders when they still had stock size popple holes (3x1/8"). AA7 9.2 grains 1.130 OAL MG124JHP AA7 9.7 grains 1.185 OAL MG124JHP (AFTER barrel was throated for longer loads) I've since enlarged the popple holes to 3x 3/16", so the loads were increased a little to account for bigger holes in barrel: AA7 10.0 grains 1.185 OAL MG124JHP AA7 10.7 grains 1.165 OAL MG115JHP
  7. Here is a primer comparison I did using a Chaos and AA#7 (very similar to MP you are using). Never got as dirty as yours though https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/270400-primer-choices-riflepistolmagnum/?do=findComment&comment=3011825 You asked: Very tight crimp... anything more than removing the bell is too much and reduces case tension, accuracy potential, etc... Seems like a very tight crimp (bullet loose in case) could jack with initial pressures and completeness of burn ? You need to get your crimp right. Here is a link to what works for me: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/270442-case-crimping-too-tight/?do=findComment&comment=3009548
  8. That is not my experience. I've given Aftec's a fair shot over the last 3 years in multiple guns. While I like the Aftec concept, more parts to do the same thing, has equaled more points of failure... at a higher price. I've had a couple springs break, the ears off the cups break (3 cups replaced so far) and the extractor itself crack. When the little stuff breaks off in the extractor tunnel, it has bound extractor movement and induced gun malfunctions (depending which side of extractor it wedges). Initially, I thought that the broken cups were my fault from installation. I learned early to use the appropriate small size hex wrench to guide into extractor tunnel to prevent chance of this. They still break in the gun while using. This is my experience even with detail cleaning the top end at least every month. They work great when they work, just too many failures in my experience. While replacing these in my guns last week with EGW's, I found a new crack forming just forward of the spring cup on the Aftec that was in my backup gun. This takes my cracked extractor count to 3. KISS.
  9. 2 year old Aftec with 8-10K rounds. 2nd I have had crack in last 2 years. Other one cracked (purchased at same time) on edge of cup with only 1K rounds under it (different gun).
  10. Replace when it looks like this...
  11. Looks like fun times ahead - enjoy!
  12. Seems like all of the MRD makes have had problems with longevity. The thing that keeps bringing me back to the RTS2 is C-More's awesome customer service. The RTS2 battery life is not that great, but I like the RTS2's controls, dot and window size & shape. Price point of RTS2 is a lot less than the latest entries like SRO & SIG ROMEO 3's.
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