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  1. Here's a vote for James Austin's Moon Clip Server. Been using one for five or six years and love it.
  2. I agree with J Allen. And by the way, who said "don't care about being competitive"? This horse has already been beaten, but I'll say it again, "IF a person is competitive in Production Div C Class (for example) with a revolver, then he/she IS competitive!"
  3. Roger that, J Allen! I've searched and searched and have had no luck finding a suitable holster. Even the USPSA recommended "preferred vendor" doesn't make a revolver holster.
  4. Didn't mean it to be personal. But I do believe USPSA should be notified that they're doing it wrong. Again, thanks everyone.
  5. Hi Joe.  Out of curiosity, what did you mean by your one legged man in an ass kicking contest?  


    For a C class shooter in Production (shooting a super dooper new fangled bottom feeder), what would you estimate to be the average reload time?  Time between last shot and then first shot from fresh mag?  


    Moon clips reload pretty fast.  I'm no Jerry Miculek, but am not exactly bottom of the heap either.  I get compliments wherever I shoot from both bottom feeder and revolver shooters (makes me feel good).  In my particular class, I guess I never figured I was at a huge disadvantage in that area.  


    And frankly, it matters little.  For me, its about staying proficient, improving proficiency, competing, shooting with friends, meeting new friends, and having a fine time.  


    Do I want to win Rev Div B class?  Do I want to win Prod Div C class with my revolver?  (That is where all of my classifiers put me.)  Sure.  Of course.  But it doesn't consume my life.  I hold nothing back.  My classifiers are honestly shot.  But seems like a lot of match winners miraculously shoot well over their existing classification!  I could be wrong.  But seems that way many times!  (Of course that doesn't apply to GM; those guys are the best.)  

    1. GrumpyOne


      This sort of thing would be better suited to a pm, instead of a status update, where all on the forum can read it.

    2. Joe4d


      Meh doesnt bother me, shooting revolvers with moonloaders  in production is a fart in the wind. Best of luck to you regardless of the butt hurt.

      Heck I felt same way shooting single stack after a few years of Limited,,

      But I am sure there is at least one, one legged dude that is excellent at ass kicking. 

    3. varminter22


      Sorry, I didn't realize that.  

  6. Again, not to beleaguer the subject, but let me try to clarify with an example. Lets say a guy has never shot USPSA before. He decides to shoot his revolver in Prod Div. He shoots a bunch of classifiers and is classified in C class. IS HE NOT COMPETITIVE IN HIS CLASS? Of course he is. Now, that guy is just an example. Not me. As I said earlier, I am classified B in Revolver Div. And I am classified C in Production (with same revolver). Now that C classification is NOT because I was downgraded one classification from B. No, it is because I actually shot plen
  7. Thanks. We agree on a lot. Again, a disconnect. I said I am already classified C in Production with my M627. NOT other divisions. At least that is what I meant! I think I mentioned that somewhere above. Yes, IF repeat IF I were to go get classified with my M627 in Open, sure I would probably be D (or sub D! Ha.)
  8. I understand that train of thought, but again, being competitive in a specific class is being competitive in that specific class no matter what equipment one uses! Now if a person wants to spend a whole lot of time, money, and effort to purchase and train with a whole new platform (meaning the newfangled bottom feeders that are so popular in Prod and CO and make a living as a sponsored shooter and win those huge $100,000 cash prizes at local and area matches, sure, that's fine! And it might make him/her more competitive assuming he/she gets along with the new platform.
  9. Thanks, all, for the lively discussion. I was about to talk myself out of going further in Production (with my M627). Now, however, I'm back to thinking seriously about doing it more often just because (a) I can, (b) it will be fun, and (c) all trigger time is good for ya! Oh, and (d) its fun to finish ahead of some C, D, and occasionally even a B Prod Div bottom feeder shooters! He he.
  10. Roger that. Wrong gun? Does the rule book say a revolver is the wrong gun for Production? You better notify them to change their rule book! But won't know how well you're doing? Again, if I'm a C class production shooter why can't I compare to other C class production shooters? Maybe its time to put this one to bed. We can agree to disagree!
  11. On a related note, I shot with a friend back east. He's an A (or was it B? I forget) class shooter, I think. He enjoyed shooting his optic sighted 8-shot revolver in USPSA Open Div occasionally. Perhaps he'll pop in here and you can advise him how foolish he is!
  12. But I still fail to see why you care and discourage folks from shooting what they want, where they want (when legal). You may be trying to win the $100,000 cash grand prize at your local or area match, but ... I could break out my 1911. Or I could go buy one of those newfangled Production bottom feeders. Or even buy an optic. But I have very little interest in them. Actually, zero interest in optics. By the way, the last time I shot "Can You Count" (06-03) my HF was 7.2098 making it a B score in Rev and making it a C score in Prod. Well, that is e
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