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  1. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot find rhe match results. Anyone have a link?
  2. Many ICORE shooters chastise the USPSA rule book. And, at one time, I sort of agreed. But now, after shooting both disciplines for many years, I tend to generally believe the USPSA rule book is actually better.
  3. Actually, no. There is still that pesky rule 6.5:
  4. Giving match directors flexibility in stage design makes sense. But rolling the clock back? No, that doesn't make sense to me. I agree with jhgtyre : Quote The idea of rolling the clock back for an extra hit on a stop plate seems contrary to 6.5: I did not add the quotation marks around "total time", that emphasis is part of the rules. How can you roll back the clock, which removes time, and call that "total time"? Unquote
  5. Okay. So, what is the rule? Damned if I can find it. Time stops on the last shot fired, correct? Where does it say that if you fire more shots than necessary, we will back up the clock and NOT hold you accountable for the time it took you to fire unnecessary shot(s)? I'm pretty confident there was nothing in the written stage brief (the match director was summoned to make the call). And frankly, I think it should be an ICORE rule.
  6. I certainly realize that. But WHO, pray tell, is trying to add other discipline's rules into the mix? THERE IS NO ICORE RULE on this issue, except to say that time stops on LAST shot fired. I was simply referring to the "nearest" rule I could find for discussion purposes. After all, the two stages in question were actually named "Steel Challenge 1" and "Steel Challenge 2." Certainly IF you fired multiple shots at a popper ("powering it down"), you would be held accountable for the time it took to fire those extra shots; the RO darned sure would NOT "back up the timer because you didn't need to fire extra shots. NO WHERE can I find ANYTHING (in ICORE rules) that says if you hit a steel plate and continue firing at it we will not hold you accountable for the extra shots. In fact, you would be held accountable for every shot fired.
  7. Agreed. And the Steel Challenge rule seems adequate to me.
  8. Oh, I agree, jhgtyre. But I also agree that "roll the clock back" is nonsense.
  9. This is not a complaint, but rather an observation and question. On Stages 6 and 7 (Steel Challenge 1 and Steel Challenge 2), we had shooters that shot more than once at the stop plate. The scorekeeper indicated that the shooter did not need follow-up shots at the stop plate because the shooter had already hit it, and indicated subsequent shots did not count; they reviewed (backed up) the timer. Their reasoning was thus: The "stop" plate is just that - when hit, time stops no matter how many further shots fired. I might have missed it, but I found nothing in the ICORE Rule Book that addresses this. I did find, however, in Appendix D of the Steel Challenge Rules (https://steelchallenge.com/steel-challenge-Rules-Home.php), the following: QUOTE Sound-Actuated Timing: “Sound-actuated” timing uses conventional (USPSA-type) shot timers that “hear” each shot. The competitor’s elapsed time stops with the last shot fired. Timers will not be backed up for multiple hits on the stop plate or hits after the stop plate. The time stops with the LAST SHOT FIRED. UNQUOTE Now, I fully realize ICORE is NOT Steel Challenge and the above rule technically does not apply to an ICORE steel-challenge-type stage. But in the absence of an ICORE rule on the issue, what do you think should be the rule on "steel challenge-TYPE" stages? Should a shooter's time stop after the last shot fired? Or, if the shooter fires unnecessary shots at the stop plate, should the time be backed up and the shooter given the lesser time for score?
  10. Nice match. I really liked the stage designs.
  11. Not sure if this is appropriate to ask, but what were/are the complaints about PASA?
  12. Oh! Yeah. Well, not me. I reckon I have no fear of being shown just how bad I shoot! LOL
  13. I'm in! Match registration and Virgin River Hotel/Casino reservations complete.
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