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  1. My Hearthco clips are eight years old and still work. But some are not precisely flat like when new and I think they slightly retard cylinder rotation. Probably time to get a new batch of clips.
  2. 627 for me. The 929 was not available when I bought the 627 or I might have bought the 929. But now I'm glad. Love the 627 and Short Colt. Oh, and WHY would S&W let a 929 9mm .357" or .358" barrel leave the factory? Good grief. And Starline brass groove variation? Yes, it does happen. When I got my initial batch of Starline Short Colt brass, I send a few cases to Dave Hearth (Hearthco) to get proper moonclips. Some years later, I decided I needed more brass and ordered more Starline; the new brass was QUITE significantly harder to get into the moon clips. But still gotta love Starline! And that prompts a question: Assuming they don't get stepped on, do Hearthco moon clips last virtually forever? I've been using my initial batch for eight years and some seem to be not perfectly flat; they still work but maybe not quite as smooth. Have you periodically had to replace moon clips just because of normal use?
  3. Thanks, all. First, I'll try the Dillon Case Lube idea. And usually I'm not too far from a can of WD-40. Dental picks - won't they scratch the comp?
  4. From my dad: "Go see what the kids are doing and tell them to stop." "You're a good kid - when you're asleep."
  5. Roger that. Thanks. And although a bit late, I did find the old thread on this subject. I guess I was just hoping for a method that doesn't use the paracetic acid. I do plan to try the Dillon spray lube or Pam; and will probably buy some Frog Lube when handy.
  6. Bought a Buckmark Plus Vision Red UFX; my first compensator. I saw the video about using paracetic acid (distilled white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and water) - which apparently does a great job. But its also a bit hazardous. How do YOU clean your comps?
  7. Exactly. I too have had my time in the barrel. This was posted NOT simply "to bitch", but to bring awareness. And, by the way, I DID bring it to their attention and was told, "This is just a local (level 1) match."
  8. Good point. But not the point of this thread!
  9. Oh, I don't. But many are missing the point of this whole thing. Oh, and I didn't complain about my local match. This was simply about the rules and safety too.
  10. Same here. The majority of our shooters are experienced at ROing even if not certified.
  11. Thats funny! Following your logic, our older shooters should just stay home and quit shooting. Yeah, right! Me personally? I was a certified RO for many years. But it expired during my lengthy cancer treatment and recovery. Yeah, I guess I should apologize for being part of the problem.
  12. Perhaps you didn't read on. There IS a point, not the least of which is safety and rules. And it is ludicrous to think one can "get involved" at clubs hundreds of miles away. Also, there are many shooters that for various reasons can't or won't become ROs.
  13. Radar tech?  Do you work for CTTR?  


    FTTR here!


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