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  1. Run Wilson magazines in my Trojan but had to remove two coils from the base of the magazine spring, to much spring for a ten pound recoil spring
  2. Without seeing the gun, mine was a little finicky when new. Check extractor. if it's to tight won't chamber, to loose won't extract. I throated the barrel quite a bit to get mine to run. It's had enough rounds put through it that I replaced the barrel a couple years beck. That barrel also had to be throated. Loading your on ammo? Mine like's an OAL around 1.150 to short stovepipes. If your not using a Lee sizing die try one. It sizes closer to the extractor groove and tighter than other brands. Seen several STI guns start running that didn't run by going to a Lee' sizing die. Don't care want the box says lube cases. Your working the brass pretty good with a Lee sizing die. I shoot bullets from 115gn up to 165gn with no issues now. Gun has run 100 percent after doing the above and has well over 30,000 round through it. Metal form is a good magazine and doubt that's a problem
  3. Look good on ad I'll try some next Amazon Purchase. Have had a few break usually in 223. The pistol punch will work in 223 also
  4. In 40 S@W i'd go with the U die it's under sized solves lots of problems with one pass through the press. Used in my 650 and 550 presses
  5. Use and like Wilson magazines, if the nine mags give you any problems remove two coils from the bottom of the magazine spring. I used them in my Trojan but my friend shooting Wilson guns had to do the same to his mags.
  6. Lee Sizing die U die in 40, sizes closer to the extractor groove and tighter than other brands. Turn powder through die so a piece of sized brass slides on the belling die. I used a drill press and sandpaper then polished, while polishing, polish the inside of the powder through die, stops powder bridging. Lee seating die, had a flat insert made so it pushes on the nose of the bullet, keeps OAL tighter. Dillon crimp die set lightly. The first stage sizing die holds the bullet, crimp lets it chamber easier. Don't care for Lee's FCD if used it's only a light crimp at the case mouth. Feel accuracy suffers with FCD. Seen several S-I pistols start running that wouldn't run using a Dillon sizing die. May need to lock Lee's sizing die from under the tool head and use a strip of paper to set to shell plate the carbide ring is right at the case mouth and setting the die so it hits may crack the carbide ring. Lee's seating die has a knob on tope for slight adjustments. You can mark it with colored sharpies for varied bullets, Lee also has a well designed decapping punch, usually pushes up if there's something in the case. Might purchase a few spares just in case though. Lee's carbide die sets sell in the forty dollar range a Mid Way
  7. U die
  8. fun little guns
  9. Sorry for your loss. they can really get close to you, just don't stay with us long enough.
  10. Have three, Edge and two Eagles. One Edge and Eagle were built pistols, My favorite is the STI Eagle with some trigger tuning and magazine tuning it's an accurate, fun blaster that can be shot USPSA Limited minor and IDPA ESP
  11. Wondered if you would take $125.00 Shipped for all of it?

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    2. Bob DuBois

      Bob DuBois

      Would send a check, it's good and don't care if it's held till it clear's

      $125.00 top offer any higher I'll pass.

      Even out of a new gun these are used parts. Was to slow to act on the last sale

      like this could have bought that for $90.00.

      It will come around again.

    3. 2011BLDR


      I am good with a check for $125 send it to:


      Kevin Lamb

      15124 N. Red Range LN.

      Tucson, AZ.


    4. Bob DuBois

      Bob DuBois

      Check will be in the mail this afternoon.


  12. Do $125 shipped for all of it?

  13. Ruger BX trigger kit not a bad way to go cheaper than modifying your self
  14. File on the trigger it's the cheapest part
  15. Always lube brass. Makes the whole process easier on the brass, press and the operator. 40S@W is where the U die shines seen guns that wouldn't run start running just going to the U die. A Lee standard sizing die or a U die is station one on every caliber I load. Set with a small strip of paper with pressure on the handle the strip should pull out but not go in. Lee's carbide ring is close to the case mouth and if set to kiss the shell plate may crack the carbide ring. Take the powder funnel out and turn it down till the case slips on to funnel. I used a drill press and sandpaper then polished both the outside and the inside of the funnel. Inside stops bridging above the funnel. Lock the sizing die from the bottom using a Dillon nut. You are sizing tighter and closer to the extractor groove than before, your press needs to be in time and the brass lubed. May run a little slower as the mouth of the die is smaller.