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  1. I have an original spring on order, hopefully this solves the problem.
  2. Just spoke to Briley, they refuse to send the trigger to me directly. They insist it is not a "drop in part" and the tolerances are too tight. When I gently pushed them further, they said it's actually a liability issue as the manufacturer of the trigger. In a world of triggers which are sent directly to the customer (ie. Geissele, Timney, American Gold, Trigger Tech, etc.) it is highly inconvenient to have to send in your trigger group. Briley seems to have a winning product in a truly match grade trigger for Benelli's (and other Semi-Auto shotguns), but a losing sales and distribution policy. Highly disappointed in Briley as I would have bought one of their triggers in a heart beat. Since I have matches nearly every weekend for the next 4-5 months, I'll forgo the Briley trigger.
  3. Used to have Taccom, switched to invictus (far better in my opinion). Interesting in KING as I'm building a new vest for high round count stages.
  4. Has anyone ever heard of King Competition Products for Quad Loaders? See Link below. They look interesting, I believe made out of the UK and used on the European shotgun circuit. Would be interested to get reviews and comparisons (vs. Invictus, Taccom, etc.) http://www.kingcompetitionproducts.com/product/14/msh4g4-king-shell-holder
  5. Anyone any knowledge of why this is happening? I believe it's the trigger return spring being too light, but anyone had this issue before?
  6. Thanks guys. I think I'll try to load longer. That said, I'm already using round nose bullets, and I'm 100% not riding the slide with my thumb/fingers. I've never had reloading issues like this, I used to shoot an edge in 40s&w, and reload 45acp, 9mm in CZ shadow, and I've always had fantastic reliability. Hopefully loading a but longer will stop the problem. If not I'll have to go through my mags and get them tuned, though, I've never had mag issues before either.
  7. Not sure loading shorter would increase reliability. Again, my chamber is reamed to 1.141
  8. MBX Mags, they should be good to go
  9. I've been having an issue with a 2011 I had built in 9mm. About once every 250 rounds I have a failure to feed, where the 9mm (147gr round nose) hits the feed ramp and sticks, thus resulting in a failure to feed. Sometimes I can tap the back of the slide and the round chambers, other times it won't go and I have to rack the slide and get a new round in the gun during a match. This has cost me time in 3 gun matches and I really want to get this gun running at 100% reliability. Not sure what to do to stop rounds from hitting the feed ramp and fix this issue. - 2011 Pistol - 9mm with Clark Para Feed Ramp style barrel (chambered to 1.141) - 9# variable recoil spring and 17# mainspring - 147gr 9mm berry's, 1.135 OAL *My first step is probably going to be to load longer, out to the 1.141 this barrel is chambered to. That said, I'm not loading particularly short either, so not sure if that's the issue. Other than loading out to 1.141 I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  10. I did 25 LPI. I've felt 30 LPI and it's too light, and I have another SA with 20 LPI and it's just a tad rough on the hands, 25 LPI should be perfect. I couldn't bring myself to go skip line checkering, I understand the appeal I guess I just don't want to be that flashy.
  11. A vacuum made by Benelli, that doesn't break easily...
  12. If doesn't like it I'll gladly take it off his hands for a reasonable price. I give you good price! hah
  13. No doubt M2's fail, all firearms do at some point or another. I've just never seen it, in YEARS.
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing what these JEM frames are all about. Being able to choose between 20LPI, 25LPI, 30LPI and skip line checkering is a really nice option.
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