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  1. Went at this a little different, tried the Lee U die and Standard Lee Sizing die went back to the Standard Lee Sizing Die. Turn the powder through die down till a piece of sized brass slips over the belling part of the powder through die. I used a drill press small files and sandpaper but it quicker if you know someone with a lathe. Polish when through, might clean up the inside of the Powder through die a dremmel 1/8th drill bit with a strip of 400/600 sandpaper works well for this Polish the inside with metal polish and a patch taped to the end of the bit. Had a insert made, flat to put in the Lee seating die, helps keep OAL closer Dillon crimp die set with .0002 to .0004 crimp, If the Lee FCD is used back it off a bit so it only crimps the very top of the case. Lee's sizing die sizes closer to the case mouth and tighter than other brands. Because the carbide ring is closer to the case mouth set the come back after other dies are set and set sizing die with a small strip of paper, should pull out with drag but not go in. If it hits the shell plate it can break the carbide ring. Put your locking nut under the tool head as the threads are shorter on the Lee die. Use Dillon Lock nuts, lock the bottom with a good wrench, I put another nut on top but don"t strip it out. The Lee Set is around $40.00 bucks. Be sure and Lube cases your working the brass harder. Loaded 500 nines last night with six that didn"t Drop all the way in a Lyman Gauge, tighter than a Dillon.
  2. Lost a good one, enjoyed shooting with him. He will be in my thoughts every time I shoot steel.. RIP Max
  3. Had to replace a couple of Dillon Crimp dies but they were well used, spend a little more time making sure media is out of cases. Have gone to a Lee first stage carbide sizing die as it sizes closer to the extractor groove and tighter than other brands also has an excellent punch design. Because the carbide ring is closer to the die's mouth use a thin piece of paper as a go no go gauge. Should pull out with slight tension with pressure on the operating handle. The die should be locked from the bottom using a Dillon nut. Always use case lube makes the whole process easier on the brass, dies, Press and the operator.
  4. Use a small piece of sheet aluminum flashing to make an L shaped shim. install under the base of the spring no wiggle, stays tight.
  5. I would like one set STI square hammer and S7 sear at $55 will need Snail mail address to send funds.



    Bob DuBois

    7171 Whitebridge Road

    Bartlett, TN 38135

  6. Think I would look at Kart. I am real pleased with the Kart Barrel in my 9mm Trojan.
  7. Have two Eagles and a Trojan in 9mm. Love um. All three have 15 pound recoil springs along with my 40 and 45 guns. Never had a light hit using Winchester Primers. Trojan has about 30.000 rounds with the same spring runs Great. Put the 10lb recoil spring back in or a 9lb along with 15lb main, Put a little Mobil 1 in there when you change the spring it will run.
  8. Every STI 9mm magazine I have seen lately needs to have the feed lips tuned to run. Purchased a 9mm Eagle off Gunbroker, came with 10 magazines. All were out of speck. I'm sure that's why he soid the gun. Go on U Tube and watch the Atlas video on tuning magazines, not hard of send them to someone who can. Sad when we pay what we pay for STI mags and you have to work on them. By the way I am a fan of STI.
  9. Have a Trojan and two 2011 9mm's mine like to run long 1.145 to 1.150 using a Lee Carbide sizing die. Check extractor tension then magazines every 9mm 2011 magazine I've seen lately have issues.
  10. Run Wilson magazines in my Trojan but had to remove two coils from the base of the magazine spring, to much spring for a ten pound recoil spring
  11. Without seeing the gun, mine was a little finicky when new. Check extractor. if it's to tight won't chamber, to loose won't extract. I throated the barrel quite a bit to get mine to run. It's had enough rounds put through it that I replaced the barrel a couple years beck. That barrel also had to be throated. Loading your on ammo? Mine like's an OAL around 1.150 to short stovepipes. If your not using a Lee sizing die try one. It sizes closer to the extractor groove and tighter than other brands. Seen several STI guns start running that didn't run by going to a Lee' sizing die. Don't care want the box says lube cases. Your working the brass pretty good with a Lee sizing die. I shoot bullets from 115gn up to 165gn with no issues now. Gun has run 100 percent after doing the above and has well over 30,000 round through it. Metal form is a good magazine and doubt that's a problem
  12. Look good on ad I'll try some next Amazon Purchase. Have had a few break usually in 223. The pistol punch will work in 223 also
  13. In 40 S@W i'd go with the U die it's under sized solves lots of problems with one pass through the press. Used in my 650 and 550 presses
  14. Use and like Wilson magazines, if the nine mags give you any problems remove two coils from the bottom of the magazine spring. I used them in my Trojan but my friend shooting Wilson guns had to do the same to his mags.
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