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  1. The 2011 is a .40 Lone Star Innovations build with his new grip and the 1911 is an older STI duty one in .40 that I worked over.
  2. It also helps when you do have a bent pin. throw some dykem on the pin to see where to pin in bent. Knowing where the pin is bent makes it a ton easier to knock it back into place.
  3. Stage planning was the biggest thing for me. Ya gotta know when and where to reload.
  4. The deep water blue lenses have been excellent for bright light and they make FO red really stand out.
  5. That is a stunner of a pistol. Damn..
  6. I ordered some brass rod and a handle from amazon and but it together for about $8.
  7. http://www.acmebullet.com/bullets-reloading-brass/40-10MM-Lead-Hard-Cast-Bullets?product_id=510
  8. Check these guys out. They can size to .400 https://www.ibejiheads.com
  9. Take a look at the front of the slide. This should help. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/STI-Slide-5-938-Unique-Bald-P819.aspx
  10. I use the Aftec in my limited rig but recently installed the practical extractor in a .40 1911 with a tightly fitted FP stop and it functions perfectly. They say the practical ex is rated at 70,000 cycles. For an open rig, I would probably look at the HD version due to the extra meat.
  11. And...I might add that you want to make sure you are seating primers just flush of the case (after all your adjustments). I ran into this problem and thought it was a seating depth problem but found it was due to primer seating depth.
  12. I noticed the tuning fork effect as well but I later fit a new firing pin stop and that seemed to reduce the noise quite a bit. The old FP stop was pretty loose.
  13. Funny timing on this thread. I bought the prizm 22's and found they let too much light through on bright days. I ended up doing some research and found the deep blue prizm lens actually filters out the most light. The FO is hard to miss with these lenses and they are super clear. Highly recommended.
  14. I'm not Wayne but I can tell you that the decapping set up is top notch and has solved all of the issues I had with primers being drawn back into the brass.
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