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  1. Check out the grip that lonestar innovations is making. The ergonomics are incredible, it has the right type of grip and is designed in Texas and made from 17-4 stainless. I think it is the best grip on the market. Glenn will help make sure that the fitting is as easy as possible.
  2. Great show! watched the entire two seasons in a week. The Manson interview was epic.
  3. I would try to isolate the issue by trying a few things. If it were me, I would inspect the slide and frame rails for galling. If nothing stands out, inspect the guide rod and frame to see if there are any indications of binding on the spring or where it contacts the frame. I would also insert the guige rod and spring into the slide and compress it as far as it will go. Does it touch the frame? If yes, you are good. I would also check to see if the disconnector moves freely in the channel in the frame. If it is hard to compress. I would take everything apart to see if anything looks odd. Lastly, I would pull the guide rod and spring out, put the barrel in the slide and install the slide on the frame. Add the disconnector and rack the slide back and forth. If there is any weird resistance, I would call the smith that built it. You may also want to test if the horizontal impact surface was cut correctly. With the gun assembled, rack the slide. Place your finger on the barrel where it meets up to the breach face. If you can push the barrel down, you may have a problem. Good luck!
  4. I used to load copper coated 147's at 1.125 and 3.7/3.8 of CFE. It was accurate enough and the recoil impulse was very good.
  5. 4.1 at 1.20 with a 200 Ibijihead runs 169PF.
  6. Your welcome. I almost forgot..Buy a CK arms XL firing pin and wolf extra power firing pin spring. That combo will lite off any ammo you put into the gun.
  7. My experience with the MA die was the sizing and recapping was far better than any die I have ever used but it would bind my press up from time to time so I stopped using it.
  8. I know there is talk about reliability of a stock edge but I can't say I ever had an issue with mine. It fed and shot everything I put into it and I still use it from time to time. If you are really that worried about it, have a smith put in an EGW practical extractor and buy a a brazos ignition kit and that gun will run. For bonus points, send the barrel off to be Tin coated and the gun will probably outlast you.
  9. But so can't a good sizing die? I have used both and can't ever say that I have had a problem with feeding either.
  10. I thought the edge was discontinued and if I was a betting man, I would guess they are getting ready to transition to whatever the replacement will be. BTW it looks like the standard .40 cal edge is available via Dawson and brazos has the pro series limited gun. Stoeger pro shop has the standard edge in stock as well.
  11. 4.1 gr of n320 with an ibijihead 200 loaded at 1.120. Makes 169 PF in my Briley barrel. Clean, accurate and soft shooting.
  12. The 2011 is a .40 Lone Star Innovations build with his new grip and the 1911 is an older STI duty one in .40 that I worked over.
  13. It also helps when you do have a bent pin. throw some dykem on the pin to see where to pin in bent. Knowing where the pin is bent makes it a ton easier to knock it back into place.
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