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  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ESHDGOI
  2. I'm not a Walther shooter so maybe dumb question, but this looks to basically be an updated PPQ. So are they discontinuing the PPQ? If not, why would anyone choose to still buy the PPQ over this?
  3. Well that'll do it! . Did he drop gun without mag in it or with slide locked back?
  4. Pics? Curious where exactly rock was lodged.
  5. This. Treated the same as an unrestored target. If there's 3 holes in the target, you know shooter only shot at it twice, and you can't tell which might be a shoot through from the hard cover, then how do you know any of them are even a shoot through? The shot into hard cover on other target might not have gone through and hit this target and instead this target just wasn't properly taped or piece of tape fell off. As said in 9.1.4, if there's extra hits and you can't accurately determine the score then it's a reshoot.
  6. You shouldn't have to pound on it. A few light taps won't hurt anything. Then after you get it out put the factory pins back in
  7. If an RO short beeps you just don't react to the beep and RO will restart you.
  8. Oh I'm sure it does happen. If range staff is tossing people off the range for violating range rules like that I suppose it should be marked as DNF, not a DQ, but if I got thrown out for some unknown range rule I wouldn't really care how it showed up on Practiscore. Clubs with range staff enforcing those kind of rules should warn people on registration page.
  9. USPSA clubs aren't allowed to make up their own rules and DQ people for violating them. In a scenario like you described if local range staff kicks someone out of the range for violating a range rule, that person isn't DQed from the match, but it's hard to finish the match if you're not allowed to step foot on the range...
  10. It was created during the federal AWB.
  11. I've never used Unique, but that sounds pretty light. What's the velocity on that load? I normally load to 1.135", but 1.12" should feed fine.
  12. I guess you haven't seen the guns Team Glock shoots. There's not much stock about them
  13. The vast majority of striker fired guns besides Glock are single action with fully cocked firing pins so that's not necessarily a bad thing. It looks like all the safeties could still function, as long as it still has enough pre-travel. But it looks like the drop safety might still only prevent trigger bar movement. With a separate sear I wonder if there's anything besides spring tension holding sear in place if dropped? I can't tell that from the video.
  14. Interesting design, very different than any other Glock trigger I've seen. Looks like the sear keeps the firing pin fully cocked so don't have to pull firing pin further back with the trigger; that'd certainly help lighten the pull. But I'm done spending that much on aftermarket triggers. A new connector and a few springs is good enough for me.
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