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  1. I'd try this first. If you can't get it off yourself then send to ADCO: https://adcofirearms.com/shop/gunsmithing/remove-muzzle-device/
  2. The mag tubes are the same on 19X vs. 17 mags, besides the color. The TTI basepads I have are a few years old, so maybe they've made changes since then, but with mine they will consistently not fit the gauge on the latest version of Glock mags (mag on right), but will fit the gauge with older mags like the one on the left here:
  3. Common issue. They're supposed to fit, but often don't...
  4. Thread title is "Is this a Disqualification". Now 5 pages later we still don't know what "this" is
  5. And what's that certain action?
  6. So did this guy get DQed for turning the dot on or just for looking through optic with it pointed at the sky as we can see in video? I don't think we got a clear answer on this?
  7. I'm not a fan of the wording of 10.5.19 and I don't even shoot PCC. DQs should be given for potentially unsafe actions. Not actions that are completely safe, but some people just don't like.
  8. Sounds like it'll be at least as popular as L10 and Revolver
  9. No thanks. No one wants to shoot a Glock with the factory plastic sights.
  10. Most of the Rio USPSA matches don't show up for me.
  11. Hey Chuck, thanks. Just checked and that doesn't appear to be issue, same email used for everything. It seems to be match specific; certain matches will always show up in Recent Events and some never will. No clue why though...
  12. That 'Recent Events' feature has never worked right for me. At least 75% of matches I shoot don't show up in there. Don't know why, it's always been like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. A few years ago this question would've seemed ridiculous...but now it doesn't seem so far fetched
  14. As said, it's the recoil spring. Aftermarket Glock recoil springs aren't really designed for the Gen 5, although lots of people are using them on Gen 5s anyway. The Gen 5 17/34 recoil spring is longer than previous generations, so if using an aftermarket spring designed for Gen 1-4 Glocks, when in battery the spring is under less pre-tension holding the slide closed.
  15. No offense, but that sounds awful.
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