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  1. You're allowed to touch the button, but if you press it that's a DQ
  2. You can purchase that cam lock thing separately and will probably be able to add it to your existing holster. I've seen a link somewhere on this forum in the past for where it's sold. I've used Blade Tech and Comp Tac holsters and neither would have a problem with the movement on that stage.
  3. Sucks that happened. I'd get a new holster that clicks in and holds gun better. And dumb stage, what's the point of doing all that stuff before you even draw gun.
  4. Southpaw

    Gen 5 Pins

    While pushing pin out, push down on slide stop right above area where pin goes through it.
  5. It'll work, but there will be a gap like this if that bothers you. Production rules have changed and it'd now be legal to swap slides.
  6. Yeah those are very close to fitting; will probably make it if you file them down a bit. Or if you have any older mag tubes try extensions on those.
  7. Pretty common for TTI extensions to not fit the gauge. I've seen multiple people get bumped to Open for them. Dawson extensions always fit gauge in my experience. The TTI fit better on older mag tubes. I guess newer ones are a tiny bit longer.
  8. I recall that rollmark change happening shortly after I got mine. So likely sometime in 2nd half of 2013.
  9. RO doesn't look to be downrange. Nevertheless, an RO's desire to DQ someone should never exceed his desire to live...
  10. I think there's a way to reprogram what comes up when I click that newspaper icon. So I could probably change it to instead show unread content. With old site there was a different button for unread content which has now disappeared; so before I had the newspaper thing which took me to my content, and another button that went to unread content. Oh well
  11. Clicking that takes me to a page that says "my content" and just shows threads that I've posted in.
  12. On the mobile version of site, how do you access the activity streams now? In previous version there was a button at top-right of every page, next to the search icon, I think it was 3 dots or 3 bars. I could click that and a drop-down appeared and I could then choose options like "all activity" and "unread content" or something like that. I don't see how to get to that now on mobile site.
  13. It's normal on Gen 5s for it to be harder to eject live rounds. It's due to the new breechface cut just like the guy at Glock told you.
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