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  1. So you're wondering if there's anything that can be done to make shooting iron sights more popular, besides the thing that could be done to make shooting iron sights more popular?
  2. The 15 and 17 round mags for compact and full size M&P will work in the sub-compact.
  3. I know nothing about IDPA, is CO the only pistol optics division? If so, then that's 31% of handgun shooters choosing an optics division. In USPSA CO + LO (basically the same division) participation is a way higher percent of overall participation in handgun divisions. So further proof we should have an actually appealing irons division, i.e., Limited Minor
  4. Yup. By far the most popular category of handguns sold in this country is high cap, 9mm, iron sighted guns. And it's consistently been that way for over 30 years. Yet USPSA has no division for them. Maybe they should try Limited Minor as a provisional division and we can see how popular it would be. You can't judge what its popularity would be based on current divisions.
  5. So before this gets locked, anyone want to interpret these minutes? As best I can tell: They tried to change the bylaws, but that motion failed. The change looks like it would've allowed Yee-Min to be President, if he won, so now that motion failed, looks like he's still not eligible to be President? The Finance Committee Chair thing is strange. Looks like some of them wanted A8 Director to be new Finance Committee Chair, but he didn't actually want to do it. So now he's being forced into being the Finance Committee Chair? Looks like they had some discussion about the DNROI incident, but didn't take any action on it.
  6. Results are here, bottom 3: https://uspsa.org/surveys/results I think more people voted to keep L10 than number of people who actually shoot L10 15 is better than 10, but I don't think it'll be enough to drive people back to Production.
  7. You already know the answer to this. It's the same category of handguns that has been the #1 selling category of handguns consistently for the past ~30 years: high cap, iron sighted, 9mm handguns.
  8. Wouldn't it be swell if USPSA had a division for the most popular type of handgun sold in this country - high cap, iron sighted, 9mm handguns. It's only been the most popular type of handgun sold for the past ~30 years, yet we still have no division for it...
  9. Is that a bad thing? If both divisions were offered and most people chose Limited Minor, then doesn't that prove that it makes sense to have Limited Minor as a division? Isn't it a good thing when division rules match the types of guns people actually want to shoot?
  10. 1. Open: no change 2. Limited: no change 3. Limited Optics: stays minor only, as it is now 4. Limited Minor: new division 5. Limited 8/10: 8 major, 10 minor capacity. No magwells for double stack guns. 6. Revolver: no change, or combine into Limited 8/10 7. PCC: no change Done, then we can stop changing equipment rules all the time. Can also create a participation % threshold where if a division's participation drops below set % for certain length of time then it gets axed.
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