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    I rarely take apart Glock mags to clean them and mags get very dirty here. Only take them apart if I hear a rock rattling around in one. That include .40 mags with TTI and Dawson basepads. You can cut those tabs off the mag tubes if using TTI basepads and it wouldn't matter, the pin holds the basepad on.
  2. Thanks Gary. I certainly don't think you're out to get anyone. All I have to go by is the wording in the rulebook, which had me confused with the situations described in this thread.
  3. I don't get it. You're saying an Open shooter can carry mags in a holster since there's no rule against it. So then why can't a SS shooter do the same since holster is behind his hip bone? 5.2.4 applies to all divisions it would seem. (Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to understand your ruling)
  4. I guess I'm confused. What rule says an Open shooter can carry a mag in a holster, but a Production/SS/CO shooter can't? The holster already would be behind shooter's hip bone so Appendix E3 wouldn't come into play.
  5. So on a stage where mags start on a table, what's the penalty if an Open shooter picks up a mag and sticks it in his waistband rather than into a mag pouch?
  6. The early Gen 5s might've had even shorter throats, but the current Gen 5s still have a much shorter throat than previous generations. I found Blue Bullets 125gr truncated cone fit but the 125gr round nose did not at normal OAL I load to for example. Haven't checked to see just how short I'd need to load for the round nose. So you can either load shorter, or just use bullets with narrower ogive. Or get chamber reamed if it really bothers you.
  7. What type of malfunctions were you getting? And what bullets are you using? As said above, Gen 5 barrels have shorter throats. Try plunk testing your ammo and see if it fits the Gen 5 chamber.
  8. All of the factory plastic front sights are .165", same with the front sight that comes with the Ameriglo Hackathorn set. For the rear sight Glock includes the part of the sight that goes into the dovetail cut (i.e., the overall height of the sight itself), so their measurement is longer than other sight manufacturers who measure the rear sight as just the height over the top of the slide. Glock OEM 17/19/26 rear sights are 6.5mm (.256") and the 43 rear is 6.1mm.
  9. Ameriglo's site says the 43 version of Hackathorn front sight is .125" and rear has a .150" notch while the set for double stack Glocks has .140" front and a .180" rear notch: https://ameriglo.com/collections/glock/products/glock-hackathorn-sets Not sure about the 43 sights, but regular Hackathorn sights are normal Glock height - .165" front and .256" rear. I have Ameriglo Pro-Glo sights for regular double stack Glocks on my 43 and the rear sight isn't too wide for the slide.
  10. I've never loaded with Unique, but my reloads will work fine with OEM recoil spring. Brass doesn't eject far, but still works. Try putting TTI extension on a different mag tube and see if it's easier to get 23rd round in. I've found it varies from 1 tube to another. I can get 23 reloadable with them if I try a few different tubes and see which allow a bit more room.
  11. Impossible to do well with a Glock 17. Might as well throw it in the trash, or send to me for proper disposal...
  12. I've seen you post in a few threads now how you're not really fond of your Glocks. In that case I wouldn't try to force yourself to stick with them just because you already own them, and I wouldn't throw a bunch of money at modifying one of them. You can put all the fancy aftermarket parts on a Glock you want, but at the end of the day it's still a Glock; if you don't like Glocks now you probably still won't love it after throwing a few hundred in mods on it. I'd just shoot what you have for a few months (either your Glocks or M&P). While at matches take a look at what others are shooting and ask if you can try them (most people would be happy to let you put a few rounds through their guns). Then you can make a better decision on what you want to get. And if you want that cheap M&P you could sell your G22 for more than $250 so would come out ahead there.
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