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  1. Southpaw

    Lowest riding holster for Prod/Ltd

    Race holster as mentioned above sounds like best option. If he doesn't want to do that he could try a Glock 45, it's basically a 19 slide on a 17 frame. But that's still only 1/2" shorter.
  2. Southpaw

    Anyone get 20 reloadable from a G35 mag

    Shows how much I know haha. Do you have access to a mag gauge to make sure they fit?
  3. Southpaw

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    LaRue LT204 is on sale until Christmas.
  4. Southpaw

    Who makes a good Iwb holster

    Comp Tac MTAC
  5. I asked Troy the same exact question a few years ago and got the opposite answer - that if you fail to activate a moving target it's two mikes and a FTSA procedural, even if you shot at and hit that target. That is in line with the exact wording of 9.9.3: "Moving scoring targets will always incur failure to shoot at and miss penalties if a competitor fails to activate the mechanism which initiates the target movement." It says you always get those penalties, doesn't say they won't apply if you shoot at and hit the target. And also doesn't say it only applies to appearing and/or disappearing targets, just that it applies to all moving targets. The example of a max trap is different as in that case the scoring target isn't moving, it's a no shoot that's moving. And 9.9.3 says "This includes no-shoot targets that must be activated when in front of scoring targets to expose them," which doesn't apply in that example as you don't have to activate that no shoot to expose the scoring target since the upper A zone is visible without activating. I'm not saying it makes much sense to give FTSA and miss penalties when someone shoot at and hits a target, but that's what the current wording of 9.9.3 says...
  6. Southpaw

    Anyone get 20 reloadable from a G35 mag

    Hopefully it'll cycle with minor ammo. If not, in the rare instance where you want to start fully loaded at 21 you could use 1 major round as the first round in the gun just to cycle the slide while the mag is full. Then use minor for everything in the mag. I've tested a bunch of TTI extensions on various G22 mag bodies in the mag gauge. From all my testing, the TTI extensions will consistently gauge with older mag bodies, and consistently not fit the gauge with new mag bodies. You can tell the difference based on the mag release cutouts, older ones are like the one on the left. My TTI extensions are a few years old though, maybe they've fixed this issue since I got mine. My problem is that I don't have very many of the older mag bodies for when my current ones get too beat up...
  7. Southpaw

    Anyone get 20 reloadable from a G35 mag

    If you can seat the mag into gun just by pressing hard, and don't have to slam on it to seat, then it should cycle when fired. At least with major ammo; I've never tried minor loads in mine. But that's how mine feels when I seat it on closed slide with 20 in it and it cycles fine.
  8. Southpaw

    Anyone get 20 reloadable from a G35 mag

    I've never seen or tried the MBX base pad, but I'm going to call BS on 21 reloadable with factory follower. I don't see how that's possible. I can get 23 reloadable in 9mm with a TTI base pad and that same one still isn't reloadable to 20 in .40. If the MBX can fit 21 .40 then it should be able to hold 24 for 9mm. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong and then might pick one up if that claim is legit.
  9. Southpaw

    Anyone get 20 reloadable from a G35 mag

    As I mentioned, I can do that with all my TTI base pads. Have not had any issues with starting with 21 using them.
  10. You don't have to use a Vortex mount with a Vortex scope. As said above the Vortex mounts aren't actually made by Vortex, just have their name on them. If you want an ADM mount you can get one cheaper than the Vortex branded one. If you want a lightweight mount look at Aero and if you want QD the LaRue LT204 is on sale through Christmas for $138.96, https://www.larue.com/products/lt204/
  11. Southpaw

    Anyone get 20 reloadable from a G35 mag

    No way in any of my mags. I can't even get 20 into the mags with Dawson and Arrendondo extensions. I can fit 20 in with TTI extensions, but then very hard to seat. I'll do that if I want to start with 21 in the gun, but would never try reloading to it. Also TTI extensions don't always fit the gauge, seems to depend on what mag body you use so be sure to check that.
  12. Southpaw

    9mm barrels

    Bullet profile also plays a big factor in whether it'll fit in a given chamber, not just OAL. I'm sure plenty of ammo will fit a Faxon chamber fine, but it still has a short throat that won't work with other bullet profiles with a higher ogive. I don't want a barrel that's picky on ammo and doesn't work with ammo that works in all my other guns. I already have a bolt so not getting a barrel that requires a different one. I'm just throwing this gun together since I won a lower at a match and already had a bunch of other spare parts like the bolt, so not looking to go crazy spending a ton building the most amazing gun ever. I just want something that works and can chamber the ammo I normally load for everything else...you wouldn't think that'd be so hard to find, but apparently it is...
  13. Southpaw

    9mm barrels

    Well I can now confirm that new Faxon barrels still have a short throat so this barrel is getting returned to Brownells. Who has the best price on Shooting Innovations barrels? Do they make an 8.5" one that doesn't have the ramp on it that requires a special bolt?
  14. Southpaw

    Glock Factory 22 Rd Mags for G35

    It's about 165mm long so no good for Limited if that's what you had in mind.