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  1. Can you please build more ranges here? Thanks All our ranges are fully booked with matches and matches fill within 1 minute, with squads much larger than 10.
  2. Thanks for info. I've been tempted to pick one up as a fun project, but didn't want to get one and then not be able to find all the parts needed to get it competition ready. And I couldn't find any ambi safeties for the frame mounted safety version.
  3. How hard would it be to turn one of those into a decent match gun? I was thinking that might be a fun project. Are parts available for it to give it an improved trigger, sights, etc.? And are ambi safeties available for it?
  4. If we're doing a group order for $3 each put me down for some too
  5. I've found connector feel is not consistent from gun to gun and also varies in different generations. A connector that feels great in one Glock doesn't also feel good in another. With a new Glock I'll usually try a few different types of connectors until I get feel I want in that particular gun.
  6. Some guy on Glocktalk sells them for $18 shipped. I've never purchased from him so don't take this as an endorsement, but seems like a bunch of other people have purchased from him in this thread: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/new-factory-glock-3-5-pound-connectors.1661590/
  7. Much cheaper option: https://dawsonprecision.com/basepad-hicap-for-glock-extended-tool-less-design-by-dawson-precision/
  8. You've stated that you're shooting just for fun and that you're not very competitive. If that's the case, just shoot whatever gun you want in whatever division you feel like and don't worry about it. If you don't care about being competitive you could shoot a revolver in Open and it wouldn't matter. If you want to be competitive, then Limited minor isn't the way to go. But yes, getting better will have a much greater impact on your scores than major vs. minor. And I'm not sure what you mean by no difference between Production and Limited. They're different divisions that aren't competing against each other. You shouldn't be focusing on overall results; instead think of each USPSA match as really 8 separate matches being held simultaneously (for the 8 divisions).
  9. No worries, I wasn't expecting everyone to agree with me On par times, stages shouldn't be designed so a significant number of shooters time out. They're just used to prevent someone taking all day trying to hit long range targets because they showed up with a not properly zeroed scope or don't know proper hold, etc. All our multigun matches here have 120 or 180 par times, depending on the stage. Not many people time out, it's just to help match flow and prevent someone spending 5 minutes going to battle on a long range target. Yes you can't put safety on with hammer down on most rifles, I never said anything about hammer down . I suppose absolute safest way would be to say if slinging rifle, at make ready you first have to pull trigger (verifying unloaded), and then engage safety (i.e., rack bolt, then engage safety). My point with this is at the rare match where a sling is required, I'm always surprised how many people don't know how to use slings and fumble around with them. Many are just not familiar with using slings so I can easily see someone awkwardly trying to load a slung rifle slip and pull trigger while chambering a round, sending a round over the berm. Having safety on would prevent that. For those who want an irons only division: no one* wants to shoot a rifle with just iron sights (* No one = just about no one ) Oh I just thought of another great rule - ban spinner targets!
  10. As one of those "but shotgun" guys who enjoys 2 gun, best of luck on this and I hope it takes off! Some thoughts: -Hit factor scoring sounds great; I like the increased emphasis on accuracy it would add over 3 gun time plus scoring. -I really like how it requires both guns be used on every stage so there aren't any pistol only or rifle only stages. -Letting shooters choose starting gun condition, whether to use sling, which gun to start with, etc. sounds great. Requiring starting with safety on for slung rifle would be safer. -The idea of interesting and technical short and medium courses for 2 gun sounds very interesting. As is often discussed on this forum, the concept of an interesting, technical short course has largely been lost in USPSA and when most think of short courses they equate that with a boring classifier. Is anything being done to take that into account and encourage more interesting short courses? -Not sure how I feel about the 200 yard max as I enjoy long range part of multigun. Is primary reason for this to speed up match? If so, there might be better ways to do that. For example, a stage with only one long range target at 500 yard that's a full size IPSC steel will be a faster stage than one with 10 small targets at 200 yards. 4 MOA minimum size sounds good, and maybe something like a 120 second par time on all stages to avoid people spending all day trying to hit long range steel. -What's the advantage to allowing all the mid-match gun and gear changes? I think it'd be nice to avoid situations where people feel the need to bring a cart full of gear to a match in order to be competitive. On divisions, I vote just 2 divisions: Limited - USPSA Limited pistol rules and tactical/tac optics rifle rules. 140mm pistol mags and either no rifle mag limit or 30rd limit Open - same as USPSA/3 gun Open And this is coming from a guy who shoots a Production pistol and often a rifle with red dot + 3x magnifier for 2 gun. -If minor only, there's no real difference between Production and Limited pistols -If 200 yard max there's less advantage to higher power scopes -CO belongs in Open. Even some of the top Open 3 gun shooters choose to use slide mounted optics -No one* wants to shoot 2 gun with low cap pistol mags. 10rd limit would mean you need lots of pistol pouches on belt, plus rifle pouches. (* No one = just about no one )
  11. Southpaw

    Light strikes

    Did it work with different ammo? How about with the factory barrel? First figure out if it's the gun or ammo, then go from there.
  12. Where's this feature on Practiscore website? I don't see it.
  13. Just call them medium or long courses then. Rule book only has max round limits for them, not minimum round limits And I really like that stage you posted earlier in thread. Way more interesting use of a small bay than a classifier or stand and shoot standards.
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