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  1. If you want to shoot that gun in a division where it's not competitive then just shoot it in Open...
  2. The Holosun isn't a holographic sight, it's a reflex. Although I have heard some people with astigmatism say it works well for them anyway. For Holographic sights you could look at one of the newer EOTechs or the Vortex UH-1.
  3. If I didn't reload then I'd stick to 9mm.
  4. If you decide you really want a 35 you could try to find someone with a 35 and swap uppers. .40 is becoming less popular outside of USPSA so shouldn't be hard to find someone who wants to do that trade. Then if you want to still have option to shoot 9mm for 3 gun you could get a 9mm conversion barrel for 35. Or just keep the 34 and get a 24 for Limited, that's what I did
  5. We're supposed to clean them?
  6. It's just a new trigger shoe? You can't remove much pre travel without disabling the firing pin block safety unless you also modify the trigger bar.
  7. I'm not certain what you're asking now, but you should never intentionally design a stage with shoot throughs. And if you hit entirely in the hard cover area of a target it doesn't count if it hits another target behind it.
  8. Scored correctly. Bad stage set-up. And yeah sounds like illegal stage for multiple reasons.
  9. Leave them loaded for a few days to break springs in. If still can't get 23 reloadable try swapping the extension onto a different mag tube. I've found just using a different tube will make a difference in whether that last round will fit or not. And yes Gen 5 mag tubes are same as Gen 4, just follower color and baseplate are different on Gen 5 mags. However Glock mags are constantly going through small changes by Glock, so make sure your mags fit a gauge. The TTI extensions I have only fit a gauge with older mag tubes, too long with newer ones.
  10. Unless you're John Wick being able to quad load a shotgun has no use outside of 3 gun
  11. FYI, depending on lighting of your range, fiber optic sights might not light up much indoors.
  12. Since you already have the sights on there, I'd just black out the front sight dot if it's cut off by optic. Then just align sights like normal as you would with all black sights.
  13. I don't know anything about IPSC Rifle, but looked up some match videos and it looked like fun. Why is that not a thing here?!
  14. So you went on the USPSA website, clicked on a few matches, and pulled total # of shooters in each division for them? Don't take this the wrong way, not an insult just trying to understand your charts, and I'm no statistics expert. How many matches were in your sample size and how did you determine it's a statistically sufficient and random sample to represent the entire population of USPSA? Division participation varies a lot by region so seems like it'd be quite a process trying to pull data from clubs across the country.
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