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  1. I don't know anything about IPSC Rifle, but looked up some match videos and it looked like fun. Why is that not a thing here?!
  2. So you went on the USPSA website, clicked on a few matches, and pulled total # of shooters in each division for them? Don't take this the wrong way, not an insult just trying to understand your charts, and I'm no statistics expert. How many matches were in your sample size and how did you determine it's a statistically sufficient and random sample to represent the entire population of USPSA? Division participation varies a lot by region so seems like it'd be quite a process trying to pull data from clubs across the country.
  3. I have a different name for stages like that...
  4. I think it would be easier to just have a different mag length limit if you're shooting 9mm/.38 in Limited rather than set a capacity limit of 20. Just need to figure out what length allows only 20 rounds of 9mm in a mag, somewhere around ~135mm probably. Then ROs don't have to count to 20 for everyone shooting Limited.
  5. Unfortunately, in my experience it's normal for them to NOT fit the gauge. Always good to check with a gauge before using a mag at a major as I've seen several brands not fit the gauge. Too bad you had to learn this the hard way at your first major. Dawson extensions are good about fitting the gauge.
  6. The +2 works fine for me. The very early ones from like 20 years ago had a problem with falling off when dropped, but the newer ones work fine. All the various 140mm extensions on 17 mags work for me too. They don't work on 19 mags unless you get different versions designed for them. Yes the 22 and 24 round mags use the same spring from the 33rd mag. I'm not sure if it's really for enhanced reliability or just so Glock doesn't need to stock another type of spring
  7. Yeah even with the factory .40 barrel the 24 can't be used in CO as it's not on the list. The 24 works well for Limited though, that's what I use.
  8. I have both those mags, just looked and they're the same size. The 24rd mag is definitely a more overall manageable length than the 33rd mag, but it's still pretty darn long. I think a 140mm length would be pretty nice if they made it. Dang it, that's what I get trying to go off memory on that . Good catch, I fixed my earlier post. I haven't used or looked at that mag in a while; don't know why I even bought it .
  9. It would be great if Glock made 140mm 9 and .40 mags. They'd probably hold a round or 2 less than the aftermarket ones, but would actually work well. I'd buy a ton of those. The reason Glock made the 24rd mag that length is they already had a 22rd .40 mag that same size and someone at Glock said "hey, why don't we make this size mag in 9mm too". The 22rd .40 mag length originated I believe from some military contract.
  10. There's no box for Limited in USPSA. Limited division mags are restricted by length of the mag, max 141.25mm. The 24rd mag is way too long to fit the limited mag gauge, but you could use it in Open if you wanted.
  11. That's fine as long as gun is unloaded. See 10.5.11 which says it's a DQ only for a loaded gun to be holstered with hammer cocked and safety not applied.
  12. Only thing specific to the Gen 2 that I'd want is grip tape as Gen 2 grip is too slippery. That plus fiber optic sights, a few springs, and connector is all I'd probably do to it.
  13. Is it affecting accuracy?
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