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  1. Yeah if you bought it as a guide rod and spring combo it's probably just the guide rod that's specifically for Gen 5 and the spring is same as all other generations. There should be springs made for the Gen 5 as pre load with existing springs will be less than it's supposed to be, but I don't know of anyone making Gen 5 springs now, and sounds like the regular springs are working well enough for most people so far.
  2. Do they make recoil springs specifically for the Gen 5? I didn't think they did, unless that's something new.
  3. FYI, DSG Arms has PST Gen 2 on sale for $475 and P4Xi with throw lever for $509 (may have to log in to see those prices). I think those are good deals; don't recall ever seeing the Viper that cheap before. https://dsgarms.com/weekly-deals?term=viper https://dsgarms.com/magnified-optics-stn5202
  4. I haven't taken them apart side by side and compared, but I do believe they're the same. It looks like the only difference is the basepad and finish. They function identically to the Dawson mags for me.
  5. I used to use Dawson mags. Now I buy all Brownells mags. They work just as well for nearly half the cost.
  6. Looks like it's cheaper from DSG, $549 w/ throw lever (have to log in to see price). Out of stock right now though. https://dsgarms.com/magnified-optics-stn5202
  7. Would you rather use a gun with iron sights or a red dot for USPSA? Seems to me that's the thing you should decide to determine if you want to do this trade, and none of us can tell you which gun you'd prefer to shoot... If you keep the Shadow 2, for your first few matches just load the mags all the way up and shoot in Limited. Not like you're going to be winning matches right away anyway and that will help with making stage planning easier with less reloads. Then once you get more comfortable, you can switch to Production. Also, if you like the Shadow 2 then I wouldn't trade it for a gun you don't know whether you'll like, since you said you haven't shot much with a red dot. If you want to try CO, keep the Shadow 2 and also buy another gun for that
  8. Southpaw

    Glock In limited

    The Gen 5 "marksman barrel" is very accurate and can shoot under 2" at 25 yards from a rest. If the KKM is really more accurate, it's not enough to matter for USPSA. But hey, if you like the shiny stainless barrel that's cool, it's not my money . The short throat on the Gen 5 barrels is a legit complaint though. I don't have a Gen 5 yet, but wouldn't be happy if I had to load shorter for it when I get one. Gen 3 and 4 barrels don't have the short throat issue so you won't have that problem with any .40 Glock. In all the ones I've owned, the chambers allowed longer rounds than would even fit in a mag. I weigh less than you and do ok without a frame weight. But like I said, if you already have one and like it then go for it I guess. I just don't see the need for me All that being said. If you can find a 24 I'd consider that. I really like mine.
  9. Southpaw

    Glock In limited

    What have you found you're gaining from the KKM barrel? The OEM barrels are very accurate. There's been tests done comparing the OEM to various aftermarket barrels and OEM fared pretty well in all the tests I've seen. A KKM might be a tiny bit more accurate, but not enough of a difference to matter for USPSA. I've never tried a frame weight. I just can't see it really being worth the cost and hassle of having to get a new holster. I have no issue with the recoil of 35 without the frame weight so really don't see a need. But if you already have it and a holster for it, then I guess might as well get a 35 and use it on that instead of your 34.
  10. Southpaw

    Glock In limited

    I used to use a 35 in Limited; I use a 24 now. The 35 was pretty much just as good. I just like the 24 a tiny bit more. I have no interest in messing around with sight blocks. I also wouldn't bother with the aftermarket barrel or frame weight...
  11. Sights. Then shoot it a lot.
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