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  1. Southpaw

    Limited Ready Glock17

    I use a 24 for Limited...but not quite like them
  2. Southpaw

    New Barrel Shopping

    Thanks. They're pricey, but great barrels. I have one already and it's very accurate with the right ammo.
  3. Southpaw

    New Barrel Shopping

    Who has the best deal on JP barrels?
  4. Southpaw

    9.1.3 Question

    So because a few people cheat, now if someone accidentally prematurely pastes one of my targets I get mikes?! I've had my targets prematurely pasted by accident at majors and wouldn't have been happy having to take mikes for that. I've never had one of my targets intentionally prematurely pasted...I guess I don't have as good friends as these cheaters
  5. Southpaw

    Sub-$400 optic

    For matches all inside 125 yards I'd choose a red dot. If you want a scope for just a little over $400 I'd consider the Burris XTR II 1-5x or Steiner p4Xi. I'm using the Burris XTR II 1-5x and like it. Natchez has them for $460 (BDC or mil reticle) and if you sign up for the emails they have 10% off at least once a month so just wait for that to order, then not much over $400. DSG has the Steiner P4Xi for $464 (need to create account and log in to see that price), but comes with throw lever so offsets some of the cost over $400.
  6. Southpaw

    Stacked target hit on T2

    This sort of thing is addressed in the RO and CRO courses and it's strongly encouraged not to have touching scoring targets for this very reason (one shot counting as two hits). It's recommended, as previously said, to separate scoring targets by a no shoot or hard cover.
  7. Southpaw

    Extended mag release for G35 suggestions please

    FYI, that doesn't look to be the OEM extended mag release. The Gen 4 34/35 doesn't come with the extended release like the Gen 3 does. You can tell the extended mag release apart as the front edge of it is more rounded. The OEM extended mag release for the Gen 4 isn't as much of a difference as it is between regular and extended on the Gen 3, but for me it does make a difference.
  8. Southpaw

    Forcing you to stay inside FFZ

    Yes IPSC is basically the opposite of USPSA on this. In IPSC if you leave the shooting area you must return through same spot as where you left. In USPSA you're not allowed to tell a shooter they can't run outside the fault lines, see rules quoted by Chuck. Sounds like off limit lines wouldn't work either in this case of just stepping around a wall since they must be at least 2 feet from any fault line, so there'd be a gap there a shooter could fit through... well at least some shooters could fit through It's pretty bad the MD threatened to DQ shooters if they didn't follow an instruction which is not legal in USPSA. If an MD wants to prevent shooters from running through a certain area he needs to put up physical barriers like walls or barrels. It's not too hard to drag a few barrels out and put them in a spot which would discourage taking certain shortcuts.
  9. Southpaw

    Mounting scope

    Get the Arisaka leveler mentioned above, it's available on Amazon. It makes mounting a scope super easy; I actually just used it about 15 minutes ago
  10. Southpaw

    Pregame squib

    I once saw someone pull out a squib rod and try to fix a squib while on the clock, not with a PCC though. I stopped him once I saw that. It's rather concerning that this guy distrusted his reloads so much that he felt the need to carry a squib rod on him while shooting
  11. Southpaw

    Talo Glock

    Most Talo Glocks I've seen came with Ameriglo sights as mentioned above, but Ameriglo makes a ton of different sight configurations. Based on the "contrast" name I'd assume they come with the ProGlo front sight and most Talo ones I've seen have a black rear like in the links above.
  12. Southpaw

    Glock 34 light strikes

    If I remember correctly last time I compared them on a trigger pull gauge it was a bit under half a pound difference from those striker springs. I use the 4.5# with factory striker and have no problems with Win primers, no need for extended striker.
  13. Southpaw

    Glock 34 light strikes

    Just use a 4.5lb. striker spring and you won't have any problems with Winchester primers.
  14. Southpaw

    'Safe Action' Definition

    As said above, "safe action" is a term Glock made up to describe their trigger system. It doesn't describe a whole category of triggers and I don't think any mfg but Glock uses that term to describe their guns. It's hard to keep up with all the changes, addenda, rulings, etc. lately, but there at least used to be no rule baring SA guns from use in Production, as long as they are on the Production gun list. I'm also not sure where USPSA uses the term safe action anywhere in the rule book; I can't find that on the USPSA site. The HK P7 is single action. If there's a gun you want to use for CO that's not on the Production gun list the rulebook says what the process is to get that gun approved for CO; that's all you'd have to do to get it approved, you don't have to demonstrate what type of trigger system the gun has.
  15. Southpaw

    Open Rifle red dot

    I've played with the Open setup a bit. I already had a Bushnell TRS-25 laying around not currently being used so just used that. For the price it's a pretty decent red dot though; I've had it on a few different guns over the years and it always worked well. There are of course better red dots, but I already had that one so just used it. I got this mount and it seems to work well; no riser or anything else needed, see pic below. I have it mounted behind the scope and with the stock fully extended that seems to work well, but I haven't tried it in front of the scope to compare.