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  1. I have a Witness poly in.40 S&W, need to know if, I can install a different trigger. I love the gun. but hate the trigger. Thanks
  2. No, I don't use the shoe. 3 of my pistols have flat triggers. I like it.
  3. I have a 10mm with an STI bottom for shooting bowling pin. So far it has been flawless.
  4. I bought a upper and lower, I never got a warranty card.
  5. Hiperfire 24c, 2.5 lbs pull with no creep. I like the flat trigger, I run a flat trigger in my open gun.
  6. I also have an Elite Match in 10mm , they are awesome !
  7. It would be attached and removed as you stated. It slides on a mount on the picatinny rail. Thanks
  8. I have a Mech Tech carbine in 10mm I built to shoot bowling pins. I would like to try PPC, if my brass catcher I use shooting pins would be legal? I could not afford to lose that much 10mm brass.
  9. I have under 50 posts, and can not see the classified.
  10. I run a 15lb. on my SV with no issues.
  11. I have a lot of WST,but I am a little afraid to try it in my .44.It would leave a lot of empty space in the case. Do the primers show any signs of pressure?
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