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  1. Which of these sights will Co witness with the high sights on an M andP CORE?
  2. This the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks.
  3. I’m ready to try an RDS in carry optics. I have almost no experience with RDS. This sight will be of course slide mounted on an m and p. I want something that will cowitness with suppressor height irons. I’d like to not have to remove the sight to change batteries. Something thst turns itself off also. Thoughts?
  4. Transitions are a big problem for me. Good advice. Thanks.
  5. New job leaves me with an hour to kill mid day. Can’t dry fire, can’t sweat. I’m doing grip exercises now but what can I add to improve my shooting given no guns or sweating?
  6. I recently purchased a limited gun which came with STI mags. The mags work well except one will not lock the slide back after the last round. I’d like to replace the follower in that mag. There seem to be many options. Mags are 140mm 40 cal STI. What is my best option? I’m more interested in reliability than capacity and I want slide lock after the last round fired.
  7. Just bought my first double stack. STI. Who makes the shortest flat trigger for this gun?
  8. I’d avoid accurails like the plaque. I have a 5” 9mm springfield that won’t run with accurails. Slide running on frame sounds like a hacksaw cutting. Total junk. My gunsmith won’t touch it. I bought it cheap but it’s a boat anchor. I won’t sell it to anybody. Only 1911 I’ve ever owned that I couldn’t make run in 30+ years and over 20 guns. YMMV
  9. I have Tripp’s and Wilson ETM. If I had to change base pads on the ETM I’d buy Tripp’s. They cost more but you don’t have yo buy anything extra. YMMV
  10. Anybody have an OAL that works for them? Xtreme lists nothing and google didn’t help.
  11. Now there is an opinion a lefty single stack shooter can appreciate. Thanks Mr Herron
  12. finally got around to testing this on a timer today. Slide lock reload was 3.61 average for 10 runs, round in chamber reload was 3.57. That's negligible in my book if you need the extra round to make a stage plan work.
  13. Who does the best actions in ruger gp100 and redhawk? Any books or videos recommended?
  14. They can die on you at any time. I run one in practice in major cal Gun only. Leave it out when I clean Gun for match. Clip a new one to zipper pull of Gun rug and install before practice. NEVER in a carry gun. Ymmv
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