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  1. i'd go 400 including shipping.



  2. Max passed yesterday before noon, 2-16-2018. He had been in the hospital for about two weeks after suffering a fall on ice, resulting in serious head injuries. Most everyone in the country has shot at Max's powder blue reactive targets. All around great gentleman. He will be missed.
  3. A really neat concept. A lot of fun. Great people. Very nice range. Well run. Thanks for a great time, Ed
  4. You can look at http://themasters.org/ for current rules.. Probably the toughest all around pistol match out there. Three different disciplines of handgun. Precision .22 at Olympic biathlon size targets, one handed at 25 and 50 meters. Long range silhouette at 6,9,and 12 inch round targets at 100,150, and 200 meters. Action speed event similar to steel challenge. Gotta be decent at all three. Open, stock, and revolver categories. Used to be the richest match around. Pm me with your phone number if you want to talk about it. Ed Bowling
  5. Thanks for all the advice, ideas, and pics!!! Guess I'll get a couple dremel stones and give it a try. Thanks, Ed
  6. May have to just jump in and give it a try. Good thing I own a welding supply company, I may have to weld it back up, lol.
  7. I've got the Brownells cutter. Would the cylinder chamfer with the tool if the hardened coating is removed from the hole edges?
  8. I've got the Brownells chamfer tool, but it didn't take too long to realize that this cylinder is hard and strong. Is it worth messing with? What's the trick? Thanks for your input, Ed
  9. I can't help but look at cost factor also. 10000 230 grain MG at 375/cs vs 11250 124-5 grain MG at 370/cs. 5 cases vs less than 3. In 10,000 rounds you save almost enough money to pay for a new 8-shot gun. Cost of bullets may not affect some people, but some it will. Ed
  10. Geez this was a great match!!! Forgot open sights could be fun if you actually look at them. Thanks to Corey, his staff, and sponsors. Very smooth, well run, well laid out match. See you next year, Thanks again, Ed
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