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  1. OE 15rd mags with cz custom’s mecgar 75 baseplate, follower and spring gets 21/22rds reloadable. OE 15 rd mags with long cz 75 basepad, follower and spring gets 22/23 reloadable. Need to sand the bottom of the long basepad to fit the gage. OE 20rd mag with cz custom follower and spring gets 21rds reloadble. thank you, Mark Santos
  2. Try a cz 13lbs spring cut to length. MY sight (red dot) tracks very well with it, dot comes back to where it was. Not too light compared with the black spring.
  3. I own a GP X-calibur and have not shot an X-5. It’s true aftermarket parts are difficult to find. The only upgrades I did was replace the recoil spring (cz 13lbs recoil spring cut to fit) and hammer spring(tanfoglio hammer spring). It shoots better than my shadow 2.
  4. Thank you, Abb1 for that suggestion. I’ll buy both tap and die (M14x1). Tap the comp first if it doesn’t work, then chase the barrel.
  5. Thank you K.A. Time to buy a die(14x1) and try your comp. But first finish my load development. LOL
  6. If I chase the threads on my barrel to fit the aluminum comp, will I still be able to use the original comp? Don’t want to tamper with the original barrel if the original comp would be deemed unusable.
  7. I got my gp xcalibur milled for a Shield RMS by primary machines. But that was last year.
  8. Are the comps available? Interested? PM me when available
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