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  1. I cut 4 coil off the cz75 spring. It does not bind when removing the slide. You can also cut it the same length as the OE spring just make sure the OE spring is not collapsed. I just left my cz75 recoil spring longer because I want it pre loaded. With the shorter original spring, the slide has the tendency to cock the hammer to the first notch when holstering. The OE coils are spaced much wider compared to the cz 75 spring, so counting coils won't work. Thank you, Mark Santos
  2. Can't remember how many coils I cut, I just made sure the coils were not stacking. I'll try to look for my old original black spring and compare it to my cut cz recoil spring. I'll count the coils as well. Will let you now later. Thank you, Mark Santos
  3. Before I got my xcalibur milled, I used the Master Class Custom Guns of UK mount for a K22. The mount does not have bosses and uses 4mm mounting bolts/screws to mount optic. It sits flush on top of slide with a little bit of overhang depending on what optic you are using. I was using a burris ff3 at the time.
  4. A CZ75 recoil apring will work. You just have to cut coils to prevent stacking/binding. I use a 13# recoil spring cut to length for my milled slide with dpp pro. thank you, Mark Santos
  5. I have both a lightened and a non lightened shadow 2 slide milled for CO. The lightened slide feels snappier for me compared to the soft recoil of the non lightened slide. I use 124gn bullets at 130-135 pf. thank you, Mark Santos
  6. What I did was file about half a thread off from the compensator, now the clocking of the comp is perfect. The problem now, I have to file about 1mm off from the face of the comp. LOL Thank you, Mark Santos
  7. When the comp is screwed all the way in, the guide rod hole is clocked at 12 o clock (comp upside down.) The reason for that half turn out. I like it to be like the oe comp where the last turn tightens the comp to the barrel and not just the guide rod holding it in place.
  8. For those that already received there sebo comp. Did your comp screw all the way in and lined up with the slide or did you back out half a turn to line it up with the slide? With my comp, I had to back out half a turn to line up with the slide. With that half turn out, the barrel/comp has a litlle wiggle. thank you, Mark Santos
  9. You don’ t have to send it out for milling if you’re handy with tools(dremel). If it is a sp01, you just need to remove the raised portion in the front of the inside dustcover. Dremel first for the rough cut, then sand for final fitting. You may have to lap the slide to the frame just in case it is a tight fit. thank you, Mark Santos
  10. USMCCHET. With the czc rds system. You can go back and forth production and co. Slide milling is now allowed in production.
  11. Shadow 2 slide is not similar to the spo1 slide in contour and length. Plus you will have to remove the fpb to make it work on the shadow 2 which will make it illegal for carry optics and production division. “22 Specifically prohibited modifications and features Please note that the absence of an item in the list of prohibited modifications MAY NOT be construed to mean a modification is allowed. A modification is only allowed in Carry Optics Division if there is a rules clause or interpretation, which specifically declares that it is allowed in the Division. Removing or disabling firing-pin blocks or any other factory safety mechanism in Carry Optics division is specifically prohibited. Slide racking devices are prohibited, whether attached to the optic or not.” thank you, Mark Santos
  12. i know the quality of the DAA gears, it's just the tinkerer in me that urged me to buy the knock offs and modify them to my liking. I have both the Alpha X holster and race master pouches, still deciding if I would let go of the race master pouches for the Alpha x pouches. The knock off quality seems good but only time will tell, plus they are disposable so i could drill, file, sand and all the things that can be done to satisfy my needs. If everything fails, I still have my unmolested DAA holster and pouches. Thank you, Mark Santos
  13. Yes, that is what I’m modifying the KO’s for. Putting plastic inserts on all side of the mag pouches with the left over insert from my DAA gear. If I like the feel of the inserts, then will go get the Alpha series and sell my DAA Race master pouches that is in standby. After all the experimenting is done, I’ll have a back up gear for my back up CO pistol. Thank you, Mark Santos
  14. Don’t get me wrong, I like the DAA equipments. That is my current rig for Production/CO. Just contemplating on getting their Alpha X-series gear or go another brand.The knock off are a good candidate (cheap) for testing and modifying. I won’t modify my DAA gear just for the sake of resale value. If all is well with my mods, then I’ll get the complete Alpha X gear. But for those that want to start in the shooting sport and don’t know what gear they would like in the future, the KO’s are a good start. That’s my opinion only. Thank you, Mark Santos
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