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  1. DAA has a adapter plate for their mag pouches that allows them to be mounted to els.
  2. Mine got to leupold on Wednesday and I got a email today saying one was heading back to me. Fingers crossed they really fixed it
  3. The new xl750 put L.D. the priming at station 2 which should eliminate the debris issue that the 550 has. I’m curious to get some feed back from people who have been running this new xl750. What do you like and don’t like and is it worth getting over the xl650.
  4. Fingers crossed. I sent mine out yesterday
  5. Mounted to a cz P10f using the CZC mounting plate. Running 131PF ammo and a 11# spring
  6. Brand new DPP and 700 rounds later, boom! Dang dot went out on me today. Looks like the metal battery contact slide all the back. Called leupold and was told to send it in and they had a update that would fix this problem. Guy said it was basically a beefed up board and connector. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long.
  7. I want to get a 2nd press and now I don’t know if I should get the xl750 or save for the 1100. It’s a significant difference in price. I currently have a 650 and it’s been ok but sometimes can be finicky.
  8. What’s up Andrew I had no idea you had a beretta. Would like to shoot that sometime. You still shooting Limited?
  9. So what’s everyone’s opinion on this new 92x vs the 92 elite LTT. Like most I’ve wanted a beretta 92 since I was a kid. My best friends dad had a collection of berettas and I’ve always wanted one since then but I’m just now looking into getting one. A buddy was at NRA and took some good videos of the 92x and it got me re interested immediately. I know the 92x hasn’t even hit the states from what I know anyway but could you beretta enthusiasts give me a run down of what you think between the 2. Thanks
  10. How did you keep the shot shell in place?
  11. Do you guys think the HBI theta trigger or the Cajun trigger is worth the money?
  12. I’ve shot blues for a few years now and they have always been great. They are really awesome for short chamber guns like CZ and tanfo. The 135tc and 125tc are great for these guns since they allow you to load longer. You guys can use code (moser) for a 5% discount if you want to try them.
  13. What belt and attachment do you use? I like the els system because it’s almost like a spacer but I don’t like the safariland belt.
  14. So what about the tungsten guide rod? Do you think it makes a worthwhile difference? Thanks again Charlie
  15. Do you think the tungsten guide rod is worth the money over a steel one? My biggest problem with the gun is I have no room for my support hand and I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to solve that problem. I’m going to put the large backstrap in so that will give me just a tiny bit more room over the medium and I need to either put grip tape on or a silicone carbide. Are you using the large backstrap and did you experience these issues? Thanks
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