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  1. Cajun gun works sent me a guide rod cut for the P10f and a 15lb recoil spring. I haven’t shot much with this combo yet but so far it is a lot better than the stock recoil spring. I can keep the dot in the middle 3rd or so of the DPP. It never leaves the window but that is also with a death grip as well.
  2. You think that will work for the P10f? I’m not sure if the diameter and length are compatible.
  3. Anybody know where we can get a 13lb recoil spring for the P10f?
  4. Did you just buy a P09 guid rod? I don’t see a guide rod for the F on the website
  5. I used 3.8gr of titegroup at 1.138 and was getting 2” groups at 20yrds but I like the 135tc much better. Just like the feel better. I also stopped using titegroup because it’s just so dang filthy and smoky. You should give sport pistol a try. You guys can use code (Moser) for a discount at blue bullets.
  6. Just give them a call they are really more than willing to help you get the right gear you need. All awesome guys
  7. Has anyone checked out the new JJ Racaza ones. You can find them on his website.
  8. I’ve never used titegroup in 40. I don’t like it because of how dirty and smoky it is.
  9. With n320 I used 4.52gr at the same 1.145oal and had almost the same result as the sport pistol. I have not had a single issue with the OAL but I would recommend you plunk test your barrel before loading a bunch. They should be nearly identical but I have heard of variations.
  10. Have you guys found any lighter striker springs that work with the stock striker? I’ve heard that some of the Glock springs will work. Also what seems to be the best recoil spring weight to use? The only thing I can find is a 15lb or 18lb.
  11. I did purchase the CZC P10 / P09 base pads and with the stock spring and follower I can easily get 22 rounds reloadable. I also confirmed that these easily fit the 140mm gauge as well. I think if you modify the follower you can get 23.
  12. I have shot around 40,000 of the 180gr blue bullets without a single issue. You are definitely running some hot loads. I have used 4.52gr of N320 and 4.2gr of ramshot comp both at 1.145 OAL with 2” groups at 20yrds on average. You can also get a extra 5% off if you use code (Moser). I’ve also used the 200’s without issue but returned to the 180’s. I just like the feel of them better
  13. Are you talking about the spring and follower kit for the 75 and TS mags from CZC?
  14. What have you guys found and what are you running in the P10f for competition? I’m going to run CO so I’ve already got a DPP and am waiting on the CZC plate to come back in stock. I can’t find any metal guide rods or springs yet and springer and CZC both have base pads but I haven’t found any springs and followers. A buddy bought the springer base pads and the upgraded spring and follower kit that they sale but he could only get 21 rounds. What are you guys using to get 23 + 1? Appreciate any info. Thanks
  15. Hey Stuart which 10 coil and follower is this? Is it SKU 10522? The description says for 75 mags and TS mags but I don’t see any other so I’m assuming this is what you are talking about. Thanks
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