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  1. I’ve tried both and there is no comparison. The gx products holsters are better in every way. super clean, looks great, better smoother draw, thicker with no flex, you can tell a difference in the attention given to the details on the GX products holster. Then you add the vise lever and it’s on another level not to mention you can customize it with different anodized washer cones of your choosing.
  2. Yea He is good guy and the products he is putting out are the best out there in my opinion.
  3. Don’t know about them but https://gxproductsusa.com/ has some amazing holsters and they are on sale.
  4. https://gxproductsusa.com/ if you want the best holsters on the market this is it? 15% off
  5. Trijicon SRO!!! Has anyone seen a sale on these? Thanks
  6. https://theneomag.com/shop-custom-neomag/ neo mag has $5 off and free shipping. They also have 50% off some of the custom neo mags
  7. Check out GX Products LLC. Super slick design and great customer service. The best holster I’ve ever had. The vice lever is pretty awesome.
  8. I think the holosun uses the RMR pattern
  9. Which did you prefer the 11 or 13?
  10. Superpipe9

    CZ TSO holster

    Yep I just seen where you said you ordered the TSO block and your frame was the old style TS. Either way that sucks for you. Mine moves a lot as well.
  11. Superpipe9

    CZ TSO holster

    That is the old style trigger guard. You should have ordered the TS not the TSO but either way it will still be loose. I have the TSO newer thinner guard and a TSO block and it was loose from day one. I called DAA and they said “well if it doesn’t fall out it’s fine”. Not the answer I expected but they did say if it got worse to call them so it did get much worse and now moves a LOT and when I called them back they said “we’ll sale you another one for full price” so I passed on that and if I did it over again I would get a GX Products holster.
  12. Superpipe9

    Shadow holster?

    The Gx Products holster is top notch.
  13. Stuart is that based off a TS? Who made the comp? Thanks
  14. The TSO already does this. The DWX still is interesting though
  15. Yep. I asked Henning and he did say the same.
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