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  1. The TSO already does this. The DWX still is interesting though
  2. Yep. I asked Henning and he did say the same.
  3. Sucks that the 40 caliber mags can only hold 15. I don’t think you would be able to get 21 rounds with extensions and stay under the 140mm
  4. Superpipe9

    CZ TSO holster

    This is exactly what I experienced. The GX Products stuff is hands down the best. Really sucks to see people who just don’t know any better pick a inferior holster when they could’ve had the best out there.
  5. I have a metal guide rod from Cajun with a 13lb Glock recoil spring. The new Cajun competition cut striker comes with a lightened striker spring and is supposed to yield a 3.5lb trigger with the stock trigger. The HBI and Cajun triggers don’t lighten the trigger pull at all. It just shortens the pre travel. HBI sends out a 3 and 3.5lb striker spring and that is what lightens the trigger on their trigger kit.
  6. Has anyone here used the new Cajun gunworks recut striker and spring? If so what’s your take on it.
  7. New update. I installed a 13lb Glock recoil spring and can hands down say it’s the way to go for me anyway. I’m still trying to decide between the Cajun aluminum trigger which has the adjustable screws, Cajun g10 trigger which doesn’t have any adjustable screws and the HBI theta trigger. Also really curious if any of you guys have tried the new Cajun striker.
  8. I think most cz barrels are slightly on the larger size. My shadow was .356 or .357 when I slugged it. Accuracy was still pretty good though for Uspsa. My TSO is really accurate though. 2” groups at 25yrds all day with that thing. What springs are you running in the P10f? I’m running the Cajun steel guide rod with a 13lb spring and really want to try a 12lb. I’m still debating on the HBI or Cajun trigger though. Some people say it’s worth it and others say no so......
  9. The 135’s are .355 and the 147’s are .356. I’ve had no problems with either. I didn’t like the idea of loading the 147’s so short but it runs them great and I’ll getting under 3” group at 20 yards and I’m fine with that for Uspsa
  10. I only run Blue Bullets and haven’t experienced any leading in any pistols. I use Prima V for minor and I will go about 2500-3000 rounds before cleaning. The blue bullets 135TC is great since it allows a longer OAL in the CZ. I typically run around 1.145 and have shot a lot of these with zero issues. For the guys that like them or want to try you can use code (Moser) for a 5% discount. I’m using the 147 now in the P10f but have to load it much shorter 1.095OAL but still don’t have any issues with leading.
  11. Do you guys think the HBI or Cajun trigger is worth getting over the stock one?
  12. Superpipe9

    CZ TSO holster

    https://gxproductsusa.com/ these are the best on the market. The Vice lever is worth getting as well.
  13. How did you get a counter on your case feeder? Nice setup
  14. So can you still run a bullet feeder without problem or is this a issue? I don’t run a powder check so not worried about that. How is the rest of the press? Is it a worthy upgrade or should people just stick with a xl650. Thanks
  15. What a POS this thing is. I just got mine back and the paper work said they replaced the circuit board however it looks exactly like the one I sent in so no upgrade or fix plus now it’s about 1/3 less bright and it will not blink when you get to full brightness. Complete disappointment. This sucks
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