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  1. Wait what! Are you seriously getting a tungsten backstrap? That would be a awesome addition.
  2. Did you try any different profiles to see if that would help? Some barrels are picky unfortunately. I’ve used blue bullets 125tc, 135tc and 147fp and they all feed and run great in the P10f and shadow. If you want to give them a try and use code (Moser) it will give you a discount. Hope you get the barrel thing straightened out or PA makes it right for you.
  3. Looks like you gritted your backstrap in place for good. Did you use the liquid epoxy or the putty stick type or both for the grip job? Thanks. Grip looks good.
  4. Would like to see a pic of the silicon carbide grit job you did. I’m thinking of doing this myself. Do you think the 60/90 grit is course enough and did you use the JB weld liquid epoxy or the paste that turns into steel almost? Thanks
  5. Superpipe9

    A01 LD for Limited

    Looks really nice but for $3200 I would just get a 2011
  6. I’m not sure the website doesn’t clearly say but it says 4.9 so I take that as 4lb 9oz and that’s for the one with the thumb hole laminated stock. I believe the hogue overmold stock is lighter.
  7. Please tell me what you think about that PC victory. I’m really interested in buying that exact same one. Do you have any issues with it? Does it run everything or is it picky? How accurate is the barrel? Really appreciate the information. Thanks
  8. I’m in the same boat as some of you guys. I’ve been looking at the Magnum research switch bolt and the new smith and Wesson performance center T/CR 22 just released at the 2020 shot show
  9. Ok I suppose that’s not too bad. I do get 22+1 reloadable in my TSO.
  10. Big Tex outdoors has them for $465 I believe
  11. With the 40 mags only holding 15 rounds I wonder how many rounds they are gonna be able to get within the 140mm length. My TSO has 22 reloadable I don’t think these new mags are going to be able to accomplish that and stay at 140mm.
  12. Anybody know anything about Apex Tactical coming out with a P10 trigger kit? Someone on Facebook posted about it and I can’t find it now.
  13. I got the Cajun gunworks aluminum trigger with the Allen screw for Christmas and installed it today. Gotta say I’m not loving it. It definitely takes up some pretravel and Shortens the reset slightly but it feels grittier or rougher when pulling the trigger than my stock trigger and it’s not as long as my stock trigger so I now am getting trigger bite. Have any of you guys experienced this? My P10f was made first quarter of 2019 so I think it has the most up to date stock trigger. I’m kinda disappointed in the Cajun trigger. Especially for $70. Thanks
  14. Do you guys like to use the 2 part epoxy or the JB weld putty stuff? Thanks
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