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  1. Tuned up with a good comp and a low mass bolt, recoil is not an issue. It is a very flat shooting rifle. For reference, I am coming from an 18" JP15 and the sights don't move any more than that did.
  2. I went with a JP ultralight 14.5 barrel, a Midwest Industries lightweight MLOK hand guard, the Aero Mount and a Leupold VX6. The rifle with optic is 6lbs 1oz.
  3. None that are doing very well, for 2 reasons. 2x sucks for close transitions. Second reason being the only reason to go to a 2 or 2.5 is to get 10x on the top side. 10x is too much magnification at 3 gun distances/ targets. Personally, for the targets typically found at matches and max distance between 500 and 600 yards, I think a 1-6 is the sweet spot. I started out with a march 1-10, thinking more is better. I am now using a Razor 1-6 on my rifle and a VX6 on a lightweight rifle I just put together.
  4. I had a doc optic in a dovetail mount. I hated it and it kept me away from red dot pistols. I recently picked up a MOS gun to use for deer hunting and the lower mount is night and day. Not perfect, but close. I am considering getting a custom mill done on a 34 to get even with the sights. You can probably get used to anything but it change the presentation.
  5. It seems like a neat idea but I think it is a solution in search of a problem.
  6. Run the clamp. If you put the tube on correctly is shouldn't cause issue. When using a clamp, the extended part of the tube should be loose. I tighten the nut to the barrel, then tighten the tube, then back the tube out 1 1/2 to 2 full turns. Then tighten the clamp.
  7. Can't you 3d print ammo yet?
  8. Just test the heavier bullets without the silencer. I was using trailboss with 220 SMK and they were not stable with a 1-10 twist barrel.
  9. Trailboss works great but 220SMK were not stable in my 16" 1/10 twist barrel. DTA uses a 1/8 for there 308 to stabilize heavy subs.
  10. Yup, easy fix. Stoeger, beretta, benelli, or browning.
  11. Not saying this is an issue but I can see where it could happen. With some receiver/receiver extensions, the captive spring is loose. If that happens the carrier may be in a different position on each shot. My captive spring was too short and I shimmed it with a washer in the end of the receiver extension. I don't have any accuracy issues but the instructions cover this so it was right the first time I shot it.
  12. The new Browning A5 was definitely designed and marketed as a hunting shotgun. Unknown to browning when they started selling, but that is possibly the best 3gun shotgun on the market.
  13. Same here. I had 3000 of them through my A5 and it was flawless. I stocked up at the beginning of this year and they gave me nothing but problems. I switched to win AA. They cost more but it's a small price to avoid the frustration of a gun crapping the bed during a match.
  14. Save some money and get a +9 off of the bat. It will give you room to pick the gun up and drop a quad load on stages where you have movement. It looks stupid. It took me several tubes to get over it but it is the way to go. It gives more options to shoot a stage and the down side is very little. When you consider how long a 24 or 26" shotgun is, a few more inches doesn't really matter.