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  1. Had flaking chrome on a 627-4 right on the working surfaces of trigger. Ran it that way for 50k rounds and never thought about. Run it.
  2. I never said that the targets were available from past the 180. Just saying they could have been moved downrange several feet without hurting anything.
  3. The same target presentation could have been done on this stage by moving targets down range several feet and moving the wall to make them available from the same part of the shooting area. With as much room as that stage has no reason to make shots that close to 180 IMO. While as a shooter I don't have any problem with those shots it does make it look questionable when we film it and the camera distorts the view and it makes it look worse than it is. I have seen several pictures or videos like this from matches I have shot and they are no where near being in harms way but it sure lo
  4. Springs interchange. Apex and TK custom make bobbed aftermarket hammers. Power Custom makes some parts like a replacement firing pin for hammers with pin on nose.
  5. Sear isn't resetting. The sear could be too long or more than likely the reset clearance angle isn't big enough. The reset angle is the small angle at the bottom of the sear between the flat face of the sear and the bottom of the sear where the trigger lifts the sear when shooting DA.
  6. Welcome to the forum. If you aren't already a member look into Silver Creek Conservation Club in Sellersburg. A really nice range and they have USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Trap and NRL .22 matches. USPSA match this Sunday. Look me up if any questions.(I'm the Treasurer of the club)
  7. K,L,N, and X frame with 5,6,7,8,10 shots all have the same trigger travel and can interchange the triggers among the frame sizes.
  8. Alright nobody else is going to ask so I will. How do you know this? Sounds like it could be a good story.
  9. Good points. What about the production shooter that has a brain fart while making ready and pulls the trigger before grabbing/lowering the hammer on their CZ? What about a classifier with multiple strings. Shooter shoots first string and during make ready for second string does a practice draw with a still loaded gun. Has a brain fart and draws and aims down range and touches one off. I guess this OK now? I have seen both of these happen at level 4 matches and they were DQ'ed.
  10. Really I have been avoiding this thread because some just don't get it. Participation ribbons WTH I have shot Revolver many times at level 2 matches and there have not been enough shooters to recognize the division. I paid the same as everyone else and paid travel expenses and motels just like everyone else and shot for FUN as there was no ribbons involved. No nothing just shoot for fun. As the saying goes if we have to explain it you just don't understand it. The National thing doesn't matter as there has never been a stand alone Revolver nationals it is always tagged on at th
  11. Some of us use that technique on S&W's Works on Colts also and Ruger like you mentioned.
  12. Been wearing one of these last few months. Only down side so far is I use to take earmuffs off while scoring or pasting targets because the muffs are hot and I can't now without taking the whole hat off. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Earmuff-Compatible-Hat-Breeze-Mesh-Gusset-Newcastle-Hats-Wide-Broad-Brim-Unisex/123310053553
  13. Don't file or stone and remove the damage. Take a small hammer or hammer and punch and try to put the metal back in the damaged area GENTLY. You can then touch up with a stone if there is any high spots. If really bad you can take a small center punch and on the back side(the flat side) and center punch both side of the damaged area and that will move some metal back into the damaged area and fill it in. Don't get carried away and bend the crane. After a few repairs it might have to be welded and any decent TIG guy that has SS experience can touch it up. What causes
  14. I think it was a Wilson but it shouldn't make any difference who makes it. It is a round wire spring because that is what I had laying around. Yes it fits over the stock guide rod. BTW a Glock spring will fit over the stock guide rod if you cut the ends off as the end is slightly smaller. A 13 pound Glock round wire spring cut to 135 mm length should work but I haven't tested that yet. The Glock spring has a smaller ID but still fits over the guide rod.
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