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  1. Bosshoss

    686 cylinder pin keeps loosening.

    Well I guess you didn't have it properly tightened did you?. Seriously I have done hundreds of them and NEVER had one come loose or at least none of my customers have said otherwise. Purple Loctite is the correct one if someone feels the need to use Loctite on a revolver. The blue is for 1/4" and up bolts. I'm a little sensitive about Loctite on Revolvers because I'm the guy that has to clean the crap off and has a hard time getting things loose when a gun comes in the shop. I don't recommend using Loctite on any revolver screw that has to be removed for maintenance which is all of them except the front screw that holds the rear sight on. If screws or the ejector rod keeps coming loose then they weren't tighten enough in the first place. IMO
  2. Bosshoss

    686 cylinder pin keeps loosening.

    Yep and it will mess up the threads on the ejector rod or worse the threads in the extractor. NEVER use LocTite on the ejector rod the threads are very fine and easily damaged. A properly tightened ejector rod will never come loose while shooting.
  3. If you are not getting all the shots on the timer during a run then a competitor has a run ending malfunction or squib mid run then they will get a reshoot because their won't be a accurate time on the timer. I have already heard stories of PCC shooters doing this when a run starts out badly, although I don't know anyone that has done it????
  4. Bosshoss

    929 sudden light strikes

    I have 50K on the same springs in my 627-4 no change in trigger pull weight from day one.
  5. Bosshoss

    625 PC Help

    It's been a while since I had a 625PC in the shop but I believe the 625 PC's have a slightly shorter cylinder and the barrel is set back like a 929.
  6. Bosshoss

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    OK now your just showing off. How did you get that to show up?
  7. Bosshoss

    Steel Challenge Revolver

    Lots of new 929's for mid $900 range and Grab-a-gun had them on sale last weekend for $865 with $8 shipping. Haven't seen any used much cheaper.
  8. Bosshoss

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Titanium is a bitch and I hate working with it. I charge $25 extra for a Titanium cylinder chamfer. It is hard on the tooling and I rough it in with a dremel and finish with a cutter which takes more time but less wear on the cutters.
  9. Bosshoss

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Very true but IMO the chamfer helps when most when you get the moonclip slightly out of rotation or off to one side or the other. A small chamfer will work fine if you have a tight moonclip to brass fit and not much wobble and are perfect every time with the alignment. IMO for the rest of us a bigger chamfer helps when we get it slightly wrong. I hated shooting my old 27 with speedloaders years ago it a had big cylinder with only six holes. Had a big flat between the holes i swear it seemed like every third reload the point of the bullets would land on those flats and mess me up.? Looking at a model 27 now looks weird with just six holes after working on so many 627/929 with eight holes.
  10. Bosshoss

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Don't see any reason that wouldn't work but looks like crap. To each there own. https://i.imgur.com/aknyt85.jpg[/img] Here is a 627 cylinder(that hopefully shows up) that I did. Believe it or not it is NOT chamfered any deeper than the factory chamfer on the extractor. It still supports the moonclip and the bottom of the star and cylinder junction are still full width so the cylinder/star fit is the same as stock. To be fair I guess there are a couple of downsides to this deep a chamfer. 1. MUST use moonclips can no longer shoot individual rounds and I inform the customer of this before I do the chamfer. 2. The legs on the star are slightly weaker but I have never had any problem with any of them breaking. Well not sure why image isn't showing up have to click link. Any tips on getting images to show up? Never had any problems when I was using photobucket but imgur isn't working.
  11. Bosshoss

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    A big chamfer won't make you a better reloader but a more consistence and maybe faster. A bigger chamfer won't help you when you have a bad reload, no more than a bigger magwell would have helped the auto shooter you were talking about.
  12. Bosshoss

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    I have to disagree on the chamfer part. I found the bigger chamfer was faster and more importantly more consistence. The bigger chamfer doesn't just allow for the crimp it also allows for some wobble between the moonclip and rounds. It also helps with any misalignment if the moonclip isn't put in straight. No one has ever been able to tell me any downsides to a big chamfer.
  13. Bosshoss

    Ruger Redhawk moon clips

    25/625 moonclips are .040 thick. Ruger moonclips are .032 thick but hole spacing is the same. Could machine .008 off the cylinder and star and use S&W moonclips.
  14. I check my moonclips at home before the match. I put something between the hammer and firing pin( I use the end of a inkpen) and this disengages the cylinder stop. You can open cylinder and close it and spin check the cylinder without ever touching the trigger. I check EVERY moonclip this way before I go to the match. There is more important things to be thinking about on the line at make ready than finding out you have a bent clip, etc. And not worrying about a RO that might freak out seeing you do this, even if it is legal.
  15. Bosshoss

    New 38 short colt Revo:929 or 627 PC?

    A 929 can use .040 thick moonclips and a 627 uses .025 moonclips. If comparing same material moonclip for example Stainless to Stainless the .040 are a lot stronger and less likely to bend during use.