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  1. When I was talking to him he had HKS loaders on his belt. But I didn't watch that close when he was shooting.
  2. Jerry was shooting a S&W 65 snub revolver. That gun is a fixed sight gun with the groove in the top strap for a rear sight. He used HKS speed loaders with the twist knob to release.
  3. Still here Phil. Been busy in the shop and in life. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. I shoot RFPI and use a 617. I have had a lot of shooters show interest in shooting a Revolver in Steel Challenge but when the find out they don't have a separate division and have to shoot against the Auto's they seem to lose interest. Lots of comments on the fact that I never have any jams or gun isn't affected by cold weather. I'm not really a diehard SCSA shooter and will shoot a USPSA match(with a Revolver) before I shoot a steel match on any given weekend. But I still like shooting steel and would prefer the revolvers were separate from the Autos but it won't stop me from shooting my Revolver if it stays the way it is. My big question about this is ISR and OSR are separate divisions in centerfire and don't shoot against the Autos so why not Rimfire? It would be nice to see the results with Revolver Rimfires listed as now if you go to a match shooting a Rimfire Revolver you don't know if anyone else was shooting a Revolver or not they are just lumped together as RFPI and RFPO.
  5. I have had a couple of these in the shop and they have LPA rear sight from the factory. The ones I have worked on have been standard finish guns and not blinged out like this one.
  6. Be careful as cutting that hammer like that is fine, it is not legal for IDPA. USPSA and ICORE it would be fine. OP didn't state what sport they were shooting.
  7. I have shot lots of major matches where the division I like to shoot(Revo) was not even recognized and yet I still shot Revolver and paid same entry fee and travel expenses and motel and food as everyone else. I had no chance of winning anything but still shot and had fun doing what I enjoy knowing my entry fee helped some other division have a better prize table. While I'm sure some are shooting the smaller divisions because their is less competition I can assure you that some of us are shooting the division we are because of the challenge and fun factor. I don't care what division you shoot and and care even less that you care what division I shoot. Killing a division so someone can brag that they beat 43 shooters instead of 42 is ridiculous.
  8. Hope you mean lighter HAMMER not trigger. The trigger doesn't have anything to do with light primer strikes. Most 929's run .040 clips with no work but some do require some work.
  9. A different trigger will not make any difference in reliability.
  10. I haven't read the whole thread but check to see if any endshake in the cylinder. Should be .000-.001. Check that the hammer isn't hitting the frame on the way down. Usual spot I have to clear is sideplate - frame junction on right side. Look for drag marks on side of hammer to see if something is rubbing hammer. Check to make sure hammer isn't hitting top of rebound slide when it falls. ( I have never seen this on a newer gun with MIM parts though). Firing pin travel is normal. The firing pins forward travel is stopped by the primer when firing the gun. .040 moonclips moves the primer closer and will help but at 7.5 pounds the problem just about has to be internal or endshake. 7.5 pounds will set off federal primer even if they are not seated flush or at least it will with a lightened hammer. A lightened hammer helps get rid of light strikes also.
  11. I do action jobs on S&W revolvers and have had quite a few come thru the shop. I have only seen this hollow pin on 929's. that doesn't mean that they don't use it anywhere else but I haven't seen it. Most of my action work is competition guns and I see lots of 929's and 627's. The old California drop test firing pins were usually around .475-.480 in length and I still see these come in the shop every once in a while.
  12. Stock 929 steel firing pin. Should be .488-.489 long. Why is it hollow? "who knows with S&W"
  13. While that would work at a major match with staff staying on the stage all day, it wouldn't at a local with squad members running the timer and kindle as someone needs to relieve RO and scorekeeper so they can get a break and shoot and load mags.
  14. Had flaking chrome on a 627-4 right on the working surfaces of trigger. Ran it that way for 50k rounds and never thought about. Run it.
  15. I never said that the targets were available from past the 180. Just saying they could have been moved downrange several feet without hurting anything.
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