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Found 15 results

  1. I've got a 014 Safariland open/limited holster and I had an issue with the locking bars that mount the holster to the belt. So I call up customer service and I'm expecting a bit of a hassle because sometimes that's just how it goes with replacement pieces. Not only did the rep know exactly what I was talking about. She was like "we'll send you two sets, that way you'll have spares in case you have an issue again." Just awesome customer service from Safariland.
  2. Hello. I have a DAA PDR-PRO holster (left handed, CZ SP-01 Shadow) purchased in 2014. I want to use it on a Safariland belt using the ELS hooks. Is there a mounting kit, hanger, or something out there for this? Thanks,
  3. Looking for race holster recommendations for the 9mm gold team. I have been running a DAA X and have not had stellar results. Though constructed well, I seem to get alot of binding no matter how I have adjusted it. Hoping others can share their experiences and suggestions. I may go a different holster direction if things don't work out. Thanks AP
  4. Hello there, people!!! I just wanted to ask anyone of you guys if you know of any model of Safariland Holster that the CZ Shadow 2 would fit into it. I will call Safariland for this, but I figure I should ask here first. I just wanted to add that I specifically am looking for Safailand brand and not currently interested in other brand of holsters. Thank you in advance for your response! Regards, BASTi
  5. I just got the Carver frame mount to run a red dot on my Glock (I know, I know, Glock bad, STI good). Anyway, I run Safariland belts, which are 1.75 inches wide. There's no way the 1.5 inch clearance on the Carver holster will work. Has anyone found/made a workaround? I can't be the only one who has wanted to do this. Thanks in advance. Sendit
  6. I'm new to 3 gun / multigun but I'm not new to shooting. I'm prior service Army but I'm not special forces. Very ordinary forces in fact. I am used to Mil/L.E. firearms so these 3lb triggers are going to scare me to death. I am looking forward to learning and evolving my kit. I have a glock 34 with a few mods, a sig m400, and have yet to make a shotgun purchase but am leaning toward the benelli m2. I want to mod the shotgun for easier loading and am willing to buy the three gun ready benelli, but am wondering if it might be better to use a local pro and add mods as I learn what I like. I'd like your opinion on a 24 v.s. 26in barrel for the shotgun. I am curious about belts, holsters, mag pouches and shell caddies. So I'd also like your opinion on that gear. I'll dive in to my first match as soon as I find one close by. In N. Texas it looks like they have one at the first weekend of the month. Heard good things about this forum.
  7. Hi all. I just recently switched CDP with a Glock 41 this year, and I'm looking for a holster. I wanted a Safariland, but unfortunately they don't offer the 5197 or 5198 for the G41, which left me looking at an almost identical holster with the ALS retention system. Has anyone had any experience permanently disabling the ALS on a Safariland? I should also mention that I tried the gun in all my G34 holsters and although the slide fit because the two guns' slides are the same dimensions the grip was a little too meaty and got wouldn't go all the way into my 5198. Thanks ahead of time for any responses. -Parker
  8. Hi guys, I am looking to purchase one of their competition belts and am trying to understand how it works, to start i have a ghost race holster and i was wondering how i would mount it to this belt? do i need the clips or do i just mount it directly? then the holsters etc how are those mounted, i know about the els clips im just not really sure i understand how they mount to the pouches. also can anyone give me an idea about the model 014, is it better than the ghost holster?
  9. Hello, I've been searching for the past week for a good DOH holster in order to shoot production uspsa at my local club. The only company I can find that seems to make this is blade tech yet I cannot see where they make it specifically for the railed version of my gun (92a1). I've also read that ready tactical makes a good doh but I haven't read anywhere that they make one for my pistol. Can anyone please point me towards some literature concerning this or at least a doh holster that fits? PS: I'm well aware that there are better weapon choices for competition, I am shooting what I have until I can acquire a cz shadow target. Thanks
  10. It could be that i'm just not intelligent enough but I can't seem to find anything on Safariland's website, haha. I use a safriland belt with ELS clips for limited, single stack and 3-gun. I really like the els setup, but had no clue I could do the same with the holster (QLS). I ordered one ready to have the ultimate "swiss army" belt only to find out it doesn't mate to the 014 holster. Am I missing something ? The versatility of the belt is great but holsters have to be unbolted to change them out. Also does anyone know of a revolver setup for the ELS setup. I can't find them on the website. I'm using a S&W 625, with the straight posts for moon clips. Thanks
  11. Do they make a model that will fit the STI Eagle? I have seen guys run an ALS holster with a STI Tactical 2011. I heard you can't run ALS with the adjustable rear sight and need the fixed rear sight. Anyone know a model number that will work with my gun? Thanks.
  12. Being that I have primarily shot IDPA, I have never investigated purchasing a “belt system” like the Safariland ELS system. I will continue to shoot IDPA as my primary pistol competition, however I want to add some multi-gun into the mix this year. Then next year, hopefully shoot some Production and / or Single Stack. My goal is to have aholster, 1-2 pistol, 1-2 rifle, and 2-3 shotgun ELS positions. I figure 6 positions for ELS attachments should be ok for local matches, right? From what I have understood the local matches don’t normally run nearly as high in round count, especially not high round count and multiple guns. From the research online I see that I need the following (and assistance for what I don’t know I need): The inner and outer belt – part 030 and 032. How do you really size these? The website refers to a “order a belt” instructions page, still haven’t found that webpage…  I measured my casual wear belt which does not fit “tight”, and from the buckle to the hole is 36.5”, so order a 36” belt? Pistol mags. Order 2, 771 or 773? Do these come with the ELS attachments? Rifle mags. Order 2, 774? Do these come with ELS attachments? Shotgun. Leaning towards the Carbon Arms backbone with 8 SSLs (16 shells) across the front of the belt. It appears these can attach to 2 ELS forks on each end of the backbone??? Am I right? Holster? Haven’t figured this one out yet… the Safariland website mentions a 5198 holster, but they don’t make one for the Glock 34/35, I guess because they don’t think anyone competes with a Glock 34/35… or am I missing something? They do have a 5198 for a Glock 17/22, do shooters cut off the tip of the holster? Or is there a better option? QLS attachment for the holster? I have read that you should use a QLS attachment, but also have read if you can figure a way to attach a Tek Lok to an ELS then you should use that… confused, and keep in mind, I don’t use Tek Loks on any of my current gear, it's not necessary for IDPA gear. Then recently I have read you should purchase 2 CR Speed Keepers to keep the outer belt more secure? ELS-kit1-2, get 3 of these for the belt. If the mag pouches don’t come with a set of ELS forks and recievers.
  13. I'm switching platforms from M&P to Glocks. I'm using my holsters.com gift card I got when I reupped my USPSA membership. THANK YOU Safariland This 5195 ( http://www.holsters.com/competition/holsters/model5195.asp) already has a DOH of sorts, but only says "IDPA approved; recommended for female shooters". Will this meet the 1.5in rule for Production?In this chart for division legal holsters, the 5195 isnt listed. http://www.holsters.com/competition/Competition%20gear%20legal%20for%20use.pdf If not, will the 5197 work with this offset mount? http://www.holsters.com/concealment/accessories/model6281HDA.asp
  14. Does anyone have a good sugestion for a holster for me? I'll be using a baretta 92f. I have a bianchi holster and I'm sure it'll suck for completion use. What holsters are legal for three gun?
  15. I am looking for better ideas on my training. I am Police Officer and I shoot IDPA and USPSA on the side to make myself more proficient in my career. I practice the following everyday that I suit up: 1. Draw stroke with my shot timer set to par times between 1.3 seconds down to 0.6 seconds. I start at a 1.3 to make sure my form and grip is perfect, then increase my speed till .6. I can beat .7 and still fighting for the .6. 2. Dry fire on 1/3 scale IDPA targets (3) at between 15 and 30 feet. 3. Transitions between targets will perfect sight picture. 4. Reloads with retention and tactical reloads using snap caps. (every other time) This usually takes me about 15-20 minutes, about 25 when I do reloads. Any ideas on what I am missing or could do better?
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