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  1. KrymSIX

    Steel grips!?! Are they really worth it!?

    I wouldn't go chasing the next best recipe just yet. I know a lot of folks love steel grips, they absolutely have merits and a ton of positive attributes to them. This could very much be at play here. A 6 inch gun just moves different, it cycles a little different. I would keep the gun as it is for a bit and play around with some new loads specifically for that gun. You might be finding that you don't like how 180s are cycling. With a 6 inch gun you can try 165s if you want to get the slide cycling a little faster etc. Also 1500 rounds seems like a solid sample size. However, how many rounds have you shot with 5 inch guns? It may just take some more time behind the wheel so to speak to get the feel for that gun and how it handles.
  2. KrymSIX

    Recommend a basepad STI 2011 126mm

    Dawson makes the EZ base pads which I believe do not add capacity and basically just fit on the way your stock pads do but they are available in longer lengths if you need them to get below a magwell. DoubleTap also has some similar basepads. You could always call dawson to ask which of their basepads will best meet your needs too.
  3. This would be my choice too. You get a round that is specifically made for the 2011 platform. You can get it in long loaded or saami length. Because you're getting a jacketed bullet you also won't have to worry about the often thicker bullet diameter of a plated or coated round. My SV won't run .401 bullets reliably. Yours may be different but it's easier to just not worry about it and if you buy in quantities to get a price break from Precision Delta the cost per box ends up being pretty reasonable.
  4. KrymSIX

    STI Eagle 2011 - To buy or not

    Eagles are great guns. If you're getting it for IDPA it's probably one of the best options out there for you since it has the short dust cover and bushing barrel required by those rules. It could also moonlight in USPSA also as you could easily take it to those competitions too if you wanted the extra competitive trigger time and do just fine if you're shooting local matches and stuff. Just have to change your magazines. Maybe put on a different magwell. Eagles are also typically really well built since they were produced by and large in a time before STI went down the tubes in terms of QC issues. I'd say go for it if you're searching for a gun primarily for IDPA especially.
  5. KrymSIX

    Current STI lineup

    The current lineup is certainly a bit of a head scratcher. Everything but the Tactical and Edge are "DVC" branded. There's the one Costa model. There also seems to be a lot of overlap between a few models. The Omni and the Costa fill that "tacti-cool" niche without really having a practical application. The DVC carry is kind of in there too. I think they should take pare down the DVC lineup to be solely competitive guns. Since they are charging over 3k for them each DVC branded pistol from here on out should have a certificate that states it was personally inspected by either Eddie or Dave. They're trying to use the DVC to compete with the semi custom market and thus far have done a poor job. That might be one way to have a semi custom pistol of their own that actually runs. As it stands I'm not sure what is actually changing other than bringing big names into the picture with rather vague references to what exactly it is they will be doing. STI really needs to get this right because the market really seems to be moving past them as even people just starting in the 2011 game think "Huh, for a few hundred more (if looking at a DVC) I can get a semi custom from x, y or z that will perform out of the box and hold its value way better than the STI will."
  6. Yeah Dan Bedell would be a great guy to send the kit to in order to get them conpleted. He for sure could build you up a matched pair of whatever you wanted.
  7. KrymSIX

    Dave Dawson??

    This is really exciting news. I avoided an STI for my first 2011 because of the myriad of issues that were cropping up regarding quality controls, poor fit and a fair amount of people having to send their guns back for warranty fixes. This would be great for not only STI, but the sport of action shooting if STI can regain the quality that was synonymous with the brand when they established themselves way back in the beginning. At least they're trying some things to shake it up and get back on track.
  8. Ramshot Competition. 4 grains with 180 grain coated bullets (eggleston munitions) at 1.18 oal for 168 power factor. This is out of a 6 inch SV with a Schuemann barrel. You'll have to work up a load. Meters really consistently in my LnL. It's referred to as "poor mans n320". I like it because I can get it at a good price locally in 4 lbs or 8 lbs jugs at a local shop, usually next day pick-up. I wouldn't pick one powder of another based on a 5$ difference though for the same size container. I played around with a few powders before deciding on the Ramshot Competition for making Major.
  9. KrymSIX

    Footwear options for 2018

    I've gotten a pair of Under Armour Speed Tires for this season and I'm really liking them. They use a Boa cable system to cinch up and have a neoprene ankle sleeve. I really like how they feel, the Boa system is super easy, just push the little dial in and twist and you can dial in the perfect tightness for your feet. The ankle sleeve is nice as it helps to keep the ankle warm and loose as well as blocking debris from getting into the shoe. The sole is made of Michelin rubber and has good grippers for dirt, grass, loose gravel. I haven't used them yet in mud but based off runners reviews they aren't ideal in deep mud. They have a water repellent coating, but that's more to protect from a light shower, if its already sopping wet out you probably have better options. I'm hoping that UA hasn't discontinued them permanently as they are no longer on their website. They look a little funky, but really do a great job. Another option if you want a trail runner type shoe with a little more water repellent capability would be the Altra Lone Peak 3.0. It has a special fabric sandwiched between the innermost wicking layer and the outer layer that is highly water repellent. They're still way lighter than hiking boots (which generally have the best water proofing, but aren't as light or offer as much "feeling" as trail runners do)
  10. Hi all, my hornady bullet feeder is running really rough, so rather than tumbling the bullets and bringing some around and into the feeder tube it just shakes the bullets around and they won't stay in the grooves of the wheel to even get up to the feeder tube. Has anyone else ever had to sort out an issue like this? Thanks, Alex
  11. KrymSIX

    USPSA in Restricted States

    Shooting with 10 round mags isn't nnecessarily bad, but the fact that some states have to makes it potentially disadvantaged if you were to go to another state where hi caps are allowed. 1. If you are used to strategizing based on 10 round magazines, you may be unaccustomed to blitzing through a stage if you're used to shooting "Open 10". 2. If you live in a restricted state and go to a competition in a state where full capacity magazines are allowed, even if you can get them, how are you acquiring them? Furthermore how are you going to practice getting used to mag changes with 155s etc. It doesn't totally ruin the sport (again, especially if its 10 rounds or nothing at all) but it definitely changes it. It forces your approach to be different.
  12. KrymSIX

    Best 40 S&W brass

    It sounds like you're looking at the Shooters Connection processed brass. I've been using mixed headstamp and have had good enough results. I'll get a few every few hundred that the GRX can't save and I just toss them into my "dismantle, do not use" box. From what I've found (and this is strictly my personal experience) the Federal, Speer and Blazer brass has all seated primers easier, as well as the case mouth opens a little more when they go into the powder thru die so the bullet sits in the mouth a tiny bit deeper than on the WIN labeled brass. Overall the WIN brass seems to be a little bit stiffer. I find myself having to push just a little more to get the primers to seat fully. What that means over the long term I have no idea because most of my brass is only being reloaded 3-5 times, which is on the low end, before being left at a match. For me I was also looking at the fully processed brass, but I can get cleaned and deprimed once fired for pretty cheap locally ($25 per 1000) so for me I've decided the little bit of extra work is worth it. All brass through the GRX, then load as normal, case gauge, separate the handful that won't gauge, run those rounds through GRX, those that will then gauge freely and easy go into the use rotation. Those that are just a little snug or won't fit at all go into the tear downs box. I've never used Remington brass, but a quick google search comes up with some posts saying that the brass is a bit on the thin side and isn't as durable as the others. As was stated above, if you're buying new brass, Starline is the way to go. If you're going to get mixed brass or sorted brass, stick to the major brands like Federal, Speer, Blazer (brass), WIN. Ultimately it's really up to you if you feel like you've got the time to process mixed brass yourself. If you've just got enough time to load, then the fully processed may be the way to go. For me, I just figured on my days off I've got the time to do the extra work and the price for cleaned brass for me is too good to justify the processed brass.
  13. It's what I'm running right now. Powder drop is super consistent on my LnL. 4 grains is getting me 168 across just about every round I've chronoed. A couple out of 50 were up to 170, a couple down to 166. I haven't noticed a difference in the weather yet. When summer weather gets here I'll re-check to make sure I'm still Major. Bump to 4.1 is probably all it would need if it is reverse temp sensitive
  14. KrymSIX

    2011 heavy magwell

    @kk4364 Which Limcat magwell is this? Thanks
  15. Been running this as my Limited Major load. NOTE: this is with my SV 2011 which has a 6 inch barrel. So you may need to adjust the powder up a bit. Ramshot Competition at 4 grains 180 grain coated bullets (Eggleston Munitions) Mixed Brass OAL 1.18 Winchester Small Pistol Primers. I've had good luck with this load. Returns right on target, feels pretty soft shooting. Power Factor is averaging 168. I've had a couple that were low at 166. All rounds made Major, just some that were close. I've also noticed that in my LnL the Ramshot Competition has been super consistent in the powder drop. I also like that the powder itself is more of a concrete grey so its really easy to see it in the cases.