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  1. KrymSIX

    Help with value of a EGW open pistol

    The main advantage I could see of the two barrels would be that maybe someone is already setup to reload 38 super or SC or maybe they're setup for 9mm. That's the main sales bonus to the 2 barrels. Once you or anyone else has the gun it's likely you'll only use one barrel for whatever your preferred caliber is. I'd find out what the round count is on both barrels. I'd want the gun with both barrels just on the off chance that you prefer reloading for one caliber or the other and it would make it easier to re-sell if you chose to go that route.
  2. KrymSIX

    Is vvn320 worth the extra cost

    If you look at the price tag of VV N320 and wonder "is it worth it?" There are quite a few really nice alternatives. I personally chose to stay away from TG because of reports of how hot it can get and I use coated bullets so I didn't wanr to deal with melted coating shenanigans. I used WSF which wasn't bad, but had what felt to me like a active recoil impulse/push that was pretty soft but pushed up a little longer. I have a 6 inch 2011 so the longer push felt more noticeable. Again this is only my experience with only my gun. Ymmv. Ramshot Competition is what I'm using now. Using less powder, meters ultra consistently, burns clean and doesn't seem to get all that hot at all. the best thing though (again, in my gun) is the recoil impulse is sharp. It's snappy, but it's so short lived that it's right back on target so fast for me and comes back perfectly on target. It is called "poor mans n320" sometimes. There's also great reports about Sport Pistol, NobelSports Vectan line (I forget which one exactly). E3 is also supposed to have good results if you're looking for the absolute cheapest powder to run. I'd do some research and buy 1 lbs of a few powders and do some testing with your gun. You might find it feels best to you with something you didn't expect.
  3. KrymSIX


    https://stiguns.com/product-lineup/edge/ Seems like the "old" Edge is being discontinued and relaunched. The Discontinued Edge is the one we all know with the Blue finish. The relaunched Edge looks like it's essentially the same gun except now with a black DLC finish. I don't know how difficult it is to refinish a DLC coated gun. That was one of the selling points of the Edge vs the DVC is you'd see people do all kinds of slide lightening get them running well and then refinish in something more durable. Not sure how easy that will be with the DLC finish.
  4. KrymSIX

    Decisions, which to keep? STI Edge or SV?

    @muncie21 Follow the Atlas Gunworks mag tuning video to get your SV mags working. That logic seems a little backwards to me honestly. Selling the gun because the mags need a little work just seems like a bad idea. Especially when the gun in question is an SV. That gun will hold its value. I'd also back the idea of selling your CZ TS. The TS is a great gun in its own right, but if you have two 2011s, why not just use them. both the SV and STI you have will hold their value better than the CZ TS as well.
  5. This is a fairly common occurrence when loading Major. Most loads seem to exceed "book values" or manufacturer published data. The best advice I ever got on here was to start at the MINIMUM recommended load data, use a chrono at the range to see where that load is in terms of power factor and then start to work up from there. Every gun is different. Some barrels seem to run faster, some slower. Be patient with your loading process and work up intelligently using due caution. Check your primers for signs of excessive pressure.
  6. So I got it. Even got a better deal than expected. Based on visual cues I was pretty sure it was the small frame (no visible barrel lock ridge on top of barrel visible, grip screw location etc.) Confirmed by EAA this morning that it is indeed small frame. For a 17 year old gun she looks great. Front sight appears to be part of the slide. I could always get that cut and milled for a better front sight. So from my understanding this will accept CZ75 Compact magazines just fine as well as additional grips. Are all the internal parts interchangeable? JohnBu mentioned a standard trigger vs extreme, where would I acquire the standard trigger? I would like to thank you all for taking the time to amswer all of my questions regarding this pistol.
  7. It's definitely been sitting for a bit. It's also lasted through at least 3 gun shows that this shop has gone to. I'm probably going to go for it and I'll be brave and see if they'll bite on 450. I'll post pics if/when I get it.
  8. This brings us to my final question I suppose. What is the right price? The shop has it for 525. Again, I live in MA and folks tend to charge the "Massachusetts Tax", i.e. over charge a little or a lot for stuff that people can't purchase from an FFL. Really appreciate the awesome info. I guesd I'll email the shop owner tonight to see if he'll give me the serial number for the purpose of finding out which frame it is. Thanks, Alex
  9. This is a picture of the gun in question (not the exact gun). I haven't purchased it yet. I wanted to get a feel for how much I would be committing to in terms of work to get it in what I would consider serviceable condition. The gun visually looks almost mint, which is surprising for gun that's probably at least 20 years old. I think that thinner grips could also help the situation. Any ideas which grips might fit? Are there different trigger lengths for this platform the way there is with the 2011? Thanks so much for the extremely helpful input guys, it's much appreciated. If I didn't live in MA I would just opt for a CZ75 compact probably or a more recent Tanfo. Sadly we don't have fun options like that.
  10. So I ran across this EAA EA40 compact at a local gun shop. I've never seen one and I need help from those with the Tanfo knowledge. From what I could find online its basically a Tanfo Witness compact that pre-dates the "witness" branding. The grip feels great, the single action was really nice...the double action was maybe the worst double action I've ever felt. Like immediate heavy stacking. It even felt a little gritty. How difficult are these pistols to work on? Does this sound like something that simply swapping out various springs would fix? Or does this sound like a full on professional trigger job is needed? Any ideas how much that might cost? It's maybe also worth mentioning that I live in MA so coming across this sort of thing is a bit of a unicorn situation since like CA we have a stupid approved roster that FFLs are limited to for selling new firearms. So I don't know when I might see one again. My use for this pistol would be a bedside and occasional carry gun. I like the gun for many reasons, but I don't want to have to put another 200+ into it to get a usable DA. If it's just spring changes I'll probably go for it. Thanks so much for your help, Alex
  11. KrymSIX

    Steel grips!?! Are they really worth it!?

    I wouldn't go chasing the next best recipe just yet. I know a lot of folks love steel grips, they absolutely have merits and a ton of positive attributes to them. This could very much be at play here. A 6 inch gun just moves different, it cycles a little different. I would keep the gun as it is for a bit and play around with some new loads specifically for that gun. You might be finding that you don't like how 180s are cycling. With a 6 inch gun you can try 165s if you want to get the slide cycling a little faster etc. Also 1500 rounds seems like a solid sample size. However, how many rounds have you shot with 5 inch guns? It may just take some more time behind the wheel so to speak to get the feel for that gun and how it handles.
  12. KrymSIX

    Recommend a basepad STI 2011 126mm

    Dawson makes the EZ base pads which I believe do not add capacity and basically just fit on the way your stock pads do but they are available in longer lengths if you need them to get below a magwell. DoubleTap also has some similar basepads. You could always call dawson to ask which of their basepads will best meet your needs too.
  13. This would be my choice too. You get a round that is specifically made for the 2011 platform. You can get it in long loaded or saami length. Because you're getting a jacketed bullet you also won't have to worry about the often thicker bullet diameter of a plated or coated round. My SV won't run .401 bullets reliably. Yours may be different but it's easier to just not worry about it and if you buy in quantities to get a price break from Precision Delta the cost per box ends up being pretty reasonable.
  14. KrymSIX

    STI Eagle 2011 - To buy or not

    Eagles are great guns. If you're getting it for IDPA it's probably one of the best options out there for you since it has the short dust cover and bushing barrel required by those rules. It could also moonlight in USPSA also as you could easily take it to those competitions too if you wanted the extra competitive trigger time and do just fine if you're shooting local matches and stuff. Just have to change your magazines. Maybe put on a different magwell. Eagles are also typically really well built since they were produced by and large in a time before STI went down the tubes in terms of QC issues. I'd say go for it if you're searching for a gun primarily for IDPA especially.
  15. KrymSIX

    Current STI lineup

    The current lineup is certainly a bit of a head scratcher. Everything but the Tactical and Edge are "DVC" branded. There's the one Costa model. There also seems to be a lot of overlap between a few models. The Omni and the Costa fill that "tacti-cool" niche without really having a practical application. The DVC carry is kind of in there too. I think they should take pare down the DVC lineup to be solely competitive guns. Since they are charging over 3k for them each DVC branded pistol from here on out should have a certificate that states it was personally inspected by either Eddie or Dave. They're trying to use the DVC to compete with the semi custom market and thus far have done a poor job. That might be one way to have a semi custom pistol of their own that actually runs. As it stands I'm not sure what is actually changing other than bringing big names into the picture with rather vague references to what exactly it is they will be doing. STI really needs to get this right because the market really seems to be moving past them as even people just starting in the 2011 game think "Huh, for a few hundred more (if looking at a DVC) I can get a semi custom from x, y or z that will perform out of the box and hold its value way better than the STI will."