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  1. @JJB05 That makes sense though. If I'm not mistaken most of Atlas' guns are built on Phoenix Trinity frames.
  2. Not sure how the prices will stack up against some of the other great powder suppliers out there, but until 3/31/19 it looks like Midway is doing a deal for free HazMat on orders of powder and primers over 150$ Figured some folks on here may be able to take advantage of the hazmat savings. Price on the powder I use seemed pretty competitive so hopefully it works out for some of the other BE users. I am in no way affiliated with Midway, just seemed like a good pricing opportunity for anyone about to make an order before the spring season starts up. https://www.midwayusa.com/promo/primers-powder-0319
  3. I've got a 014 Safariland open/limited holster and I had an issue with the locking bars that mount the holster to the belt. So I call up customer service and I'm expecting a bit of a hassle because sometimes that's just how it goes with replacement pieces. Not only did the rep know exactly what I was talking about. She was like "we'll send you two sets, that way you'll have spares in case you have an issue again." Just awesome customer service from Safariland.
  4. KrymSIX

    scale modeling

    @rowdyb Never too late to do hobby kits, and the weather is never a factor either. I remember as a kid I did quite a few Macross/Robotech and Gundam models. IG has some great accounts to follow if you're looking for showcases of awesome modeling kits. I love seeing some of the great mash up and home build kits people are able to make. You've gained an IG follow.
  5. If I'm understanding the OP correctly, he bought a used 2011 that's got an STI frame and an unnamed slide and the milling he is referring to I believe is slide lightening. What sort of finish is on the gun right now? Is it in the white? If the gun already has some sort of finish then you will also need to figure out what it's going to cost you to get it re-finished. Keep in mind certain protective finishes can be more difficult to re-do than others as well as be more expensive. So your final expenses with that project will be more than just the 250-300 for the slide lightening cuts.
  6. @arkadi I think if you're super nervous/conservative about the gauge you might decide what actual bullet diameter you're using then get a gauge that supports that. For 40 for instance a lot of guys use the ShockBottle XL because they're using .401 coated bullets. My chamber is on the tightef side so I have to use .400 and use an EGW gauge because it's designed for .400 bullets I really can't see the objection to using the gauge. An easy way to prove its effectiveness for yourself would be to take the gauge, gauge some ammo then do the plunk test in your barrel. That way you will confirm that ammo that passes your gauge will drop in your barrel. Then you don't have to check with your barrel as long as it passes the gauge. If you have a round that is a little sticky in your gauge you could plunk test it and then determine it's fine for a practice round.
  7. Grams 11mm basepads are the closest you can get I think. Probably get 18 or 19 in the with Grams or TTI springs and followers.
  8. For a company that's trying to regain its footing on solid ground the Wick gun is certainly a head scratcher. The people who will be wowed by the fact that it's a "John Wick" signature gun are also a lot of the same folks who say that steel guns are for dinosaurs and not tacticool bros. Also, range toys or practical users are less likely to shell out 4k for a gun. The folks who are inclined to spend that kind of money generally seem to know better than spend 4k for a production line gun with a polymer grip. Also, if you're making a signature series anything it's always a dicey proposition. But to make a signature gun for a fictional character? This should be featured on ESPNs "C'mon Man" segment.
  9. Anybody have a line on small frame compact grips?
  10. What is this referring to? I do agree that for the price the Wick 2011 is, you may as well get an Atlas or spend a bit more for SV or Akai or Limcat etc.
  11. There's a video from Atlas Gunworks on how the pinning should be done. It gives a pretty good run down of both the how and why to pin the grip safety in the way shown.
  12. No idea on the specifics of that trigger guard but I would suggest filing the DAA insert to fit the gun rather than filing grip on the gun. The insert is a $50 piece if it gets messed up. I'd skip the dremel and use hand files to ensure you aren't taking too much material all at once. Dremel can take too much really quickly. The grip could be a lot more involved if it gets messed up.
  13. @philippshen this is the Tanfo in question. EA40 Compact Small Frame. Essentially the Witness Compact before they went with that branding. Just wondering what Tanfo grips might be an option (are Compact and Magwell grips the same length?) or if my best bet will be CZ75 Compact grips.
  14. So I've got an older Tanfo 40 Compact that is small frame. My question regarding grips is how long are the grips for magwells? Are they the same length as the Compact grips? Seems like plenty of options in that Custom/Magwell length, not a whole lot in Compact. I'd like to get actual Tanfoglio grips, but I'm aware I could also get some cz75 compact grips and they'd fit just fine (minus the extra little arch that the Tanfos have). The current rubberized grips on this gun are very thick. Thanks, Alex
  15. Do you have the stock factory STI grip? Those are a little bit square feeling, especially in the front (under the trigger guard) corners so to speak. Having those squared corners rounded off a bit can really help make the grip feel smaller in the hand. If you are finding that the grip is too big you may want to see if anyone has a worked on grip in the classifieds. There was a Xtreme Shooters stippled grip last I looked. A DVC grip from someone who got a steel grip could also be a suitable solution to your situation. Hayes Custom has a video that talks a lot about different grips and their advantages. Or pickup a stock grip and send it out to get worked on by someone who does good work with grips.
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