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  1. Friends don't let friends use Titegroup with coated bullets. I bet if you were to capture the fired bullets somehow, you'd notice ablation of the coating and exposed lead.
  2. 7 1/2 for trap. 9 for skeet.
  3. In my experience, HP-38 is quite dirty and sooty for 9mm in the 130PF range, even with jacketed bullets. It clears up considerably when I'm loading around max (I do load these deliberately for the other non race guns). And they were clean in .40 @170PF. Except their velocities were wildly inconsistent (like almost 100FPS ES). I use N320 for both these with way better results all around. It's cheap though, and versatile (albeit maybe not ideal) in a bunch of calibers.
  4. Dillon case gauges, at least for 9mm is crazy loose. So much that it would pass fired cases out of a gen 4 Glock. Can't recommend them to anyone after seeing this.
  5. This is why you always use a credit card. If so the responsibility is on the seller, not you. No extra insurance needed etc. This includes not requiring a signature on delivery and just leaving it, yet not being there as you expect. I had this happen to a new shotgun (ie not yet FFL transferred to me) that was shipped USPS and they lost it with no extra insurance. I had nothing to lose. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk This is why you always use a credit card. If so the responsibility is on the seller, not you. No extra insurance needed etc. This includes not requiring a signature
  6. Don't want this to happen? Get a Redding sizing die. It sizes further down the case and has a true taper to the carbide insert, vs cheating like a Dillon which basically turns a 9mm case into a straight Wall case (but therefore also cannot size as far down). The only downside is it is less forgiving to short stroking on say like during priming on a 650 which also acts to insert the case to resize. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Lee FCD Sucks for jacketed too. IME it somewhat behaves as a roll crimp die and trashes the case mouths. Which you obviously don't want for 9mm. Maybe ok for a revolver in 9mm... Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  8. You know the 1301 Tac (at least the originals) comes from the factory with a "fixed cylinder" choke right? In other words t's not threaded for choke tubes. It's sole purpose in my house is for what may go bump in the night, so that works fine for me. But just keep in mind why Beretta made them the way they did, and for what they saw would be its intended use...
  9. Actually re-reading it. I'm almost certain if the over travel screw was set too far, CZ guys in KC for warranty service, would have backed it out to where it should be. I'm guessing he's bumping the safety on recoil with the knuckle of his thumb joint of his off hand. The way he describes it sounds very similar to my initial issue with it, and I ended up chasing down many different leads before I figured it out.
  10. Try without buffer. My TSO 9mm came with it installed. It ejects as expected, 11lbs spring, 130PF loads. My .40 TSO on the other hand launches the brass, like muncie mentioned.
  11. The owner is a moron. Don't take advice from morons. He's basically trying to con you into buying ammo from him. Pretty shady if you ask me.... I suspect it's one of two problems: 1). Over travel screw is backed in too far. While this may feel better, you want avoid it and heed the warning about the sear damage. You should not be able to feel the hammer hook against the sear with the trigger pulled, when you manipulate the hammer between cocked and uncocked. 2) you are bumping the safety slightly with your off hand on recoil. If you end up with a dead trigger. Chec
  12. They are being shipped. Based on prior experience at least in the past 18 months, they come in batches based on model AND caliber. The demand (both calibers of TSO, and also CM) just far exceeds how much they are producing overseas.
  13. To whoever suggested Redding competition seating die: Be careful with that. he mentioned he's loading major. Those seating dies aren't meant to load compressed charges, including the pistol seat dies. Doing so can void the warranty. They even include a slip of brightly colored paper in the die box, warning the buyer about that.
  14. I had the CM barrels reamed before I even received it. I used PD 9mm JHP a lot previously for minor. They can load out a bit longer than a small frame CZ I own, vs the spare TS barrel I have, but seemed like a good idea to get them to load a bit longer. Something you may also want to consider.
  15. 1.130" OAL 180gr PD JHP 4.7gr N320 About 170PF Out of a CZ TSO.
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