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  1. No gun bump fires with regular shooting, including his. That's why he shot a round a piece at the steel. To bump fire, even with a slide fire stock you have to try to do it or shoot with poor fundamentals to do it by accident. To me, it sound like a new rule is needed. The ability to bump fire does not make a firearms dangerous, as most semi's can do it. On the other hand, bump firing a blowback gun is not safe. Unlike the DI guns, blowback ar's will fire out of battery and you get pieces of brass flying everywhere.
  2. Almost any semi auto that has recoil can me made to bumpfire.
  3. I have 2 18" lightweight uppers. The shoot just over MOA with Wolf and 1/2 to 3/4 with any match ammo. I have and ultra light 14.5 and it's about 4 MOA with Wolf and 1.5 MOA Blackhills 69g.
  4. I'm in the lighter is better camp. My current gun weighs just over 6 lbs with the scope. It is great on the short stuff and also for the longer range off hand stuff. The only problem is the accuracy with range fodder ammo sucks. For distance, I'm stuck using Blackhills or the like.
  5. I have no idea where it is in burn rate. Only what Bruce Piatt relayed to me. I spoke with him about it in September and don't remember what he said he used. I emailed him in may and wasn't positive but he said that was what he thought it was. Maybe he was mistaken on it being a slow powder or maybe he was mistaken on what he had used. Either way, working the match I saw 300 people a year for 4 years and his rifle/load stuck out in the loud and bright area.
  6. At FNH last year Bruce Piatt was shooting heavy metal. His 308 was the loudest rifle I ever heard next to a 50 BMG. He said the year before he caught the fallen tree on fire. He said he was using a really slow powder. I emailed him and he thinks it was WC844. In the bright sun it looked like a flame thrower.
  7. Tuned up with a good comp and a low mass bolt, recoil is not an issue. It is a very flat shooting rifle. For reference, I am coming from an 18" JP15 and the sights don't move any more than that did.
  8. I went with a JP ultralight 14.5 barrel, a Midwest Industries lightweight MLOK hand guard, the Aero Mount and a Leupold VX6. The rifle with optic is 6lbs 1oz.
  9. None that are doing very well, for 2 reasons. 2x sucks for close transitions. Second reason being the only reason to go to a 2 or 2.5 is to get 10x on the top side. 10x is too much magnification at 3 gun distances/ targets. Personally, for the targets typically found at matches and max distance between 500 and 600 yards, I think a 1-6 is the sweet spot. I started out with a march 1-10, thinking more is better. I am now using a Razor 1-6 on my rifle and a VX6 on a lightweight rifle I just put together.
  10. I had a doc optic in a dovetail mount. I hated it and it kept me away from red dot pistols. I recently picked up a MOS gun to use for deer hunting and the lower mount is night and day. Not perfect, but close. I am considering getting a custom mill done on a 34 to get even with the sights. You can probably get used to anything but it change the presentation.
  11. It seems like a neat idea but I think it is a solution in search of a problem.
  12. Run the clamp. If you put the tube on correctly is shouldn't cause issue. When using a clamp, the extended part of the tube should be loose. I tighten the nut to the barrel, then tighten the tube, then back the tube out 1 1/2 to 2 full turns. Then tighten the clamp.
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