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  1. I lost the screw on nubs on the els belt and they were really great. Don’t know why I expected less but I was really pleased.
  2. It is used a lot because they have a ton out there and most are purchased by people using them hard. It’s probably the most used scope in 3gun and it picked Schmidt and Benders pocket to become the most used scope for PRS. You also hear about a bunch of warranty work that people wouldn’t normally be able to warranty from other companies such as dropping a rifle on the scope, backing a truck over the rifle, or over torquing rings and bending a tube. I have 4 scopes from their PST line, 2 Razors, a sparc, viper HD bino’s, and a razor spotting scope. All serve their intended purpose and all have been solid.
  3. For three gun, no. For cop stuff, no. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Fair enough. I apologize if I came across as being angry with you or hating you. As I said to another poster, I think my side of this conversation would have come across better in person.
  5. No interest in DNROI and for sure no hate for Gary or anyone else. I'm never sure I am making my point in type and tend to over explain what I'm saying. Probably leads to me seeming more upset than I am. I think this conversation would have gone much better in person.
  6. My apologizes. I found a website with the current date that had you listed as the Area 5 director. On second look, I should have known it was old by looking at the style on the page. The hard cover was Area 6 and I believe it was 2007. You can say "that's been 12 years ago" but I'm trying to impress on you the lasting impression a call you make or back up makes on a shooter. It was his first Major match and the first words when I asked him if he knew you. Sending an email to DNROI weeks after the match does not get that shooter his match fee's, travel expense, time off work and whatever else they needed to get back to the call. Typed response does not always translate but I gathered a "you can't tell me what to do" attitude from your responses here. I still don't understand exactly what your reason for the call was. You typed a response that appears to cover both of these shooters. The single stack shooter I don't have enough knowledge to have an opinion one way or the other, but I suspect that your call was correct or if anything, not drastic enough. The Production shooter incident is specifically covered in the rules which is why I asked you what you were looking at to make the call and you said it had been hashed out and you weren't doing it again. That leaves me no choice than to assume that you based your call on what you remember as "for a specific reason" which is no where in In my opinion, if you are not sure that a shooter did something wrong or can argue the rule book from either side, they should get the benefit of the doubt until you are sure otherwise. It takes a pretty big leap to believe that 2 actions listed as examples are all inclusive. With your example of not resetting, you didn't dq the guy and then ask 3 weeks later. You gave him the benefit of the doubt, which I believe is the right thing to do(even though I think people that won't reset should be pepper sprayed, lol).
  7. I apologize for being a jackass and more so for being ill informed. I would appreciate it if you would correct my misinformation. Here or a PM works.
  8. How many times should DNROI rule on it. It was questioned years ago. They ruled on it and then they added to the rule book. Now with it written in black and white you still don't get it. I am not offering an opinion. I am telling you what was already ruled on. You are being stubborn and sticking to your guns despite several people pointing out that you are wrong. Maybe you guys are remembering a rule set from 2011. It sounds like all but 1 of your RM/RMI need retraining. This isn't the first time you ignored rule changes/clarification. You did the same thing after the ruling that sticks don't exist and you ruled a mike because "sticks are hard cover". This was done to a new shooter that didn't know to appeal your incorrect decision. You are the Area 5 director charged with being a RM at the Area 5 match. You owe the shooters better than this. I know you do a hard job for no pay but no one is forcing you to do it. If you lack the desire to stay current, pass the torch.
  9. What are you seeing in the rules that could possibly be a bump to open?
  10. You seem to have this twisted up for the production shooter. The first line of 5.2.4 states " 5.2.4During the course of fire, after the start signal" so it makes no difference where the equipment is before the start signal, only after. Then states" Should the division restrict the location of the magazines or speed loading devices, carrying them in apparel pocket(s) forward of the restriction point will be allowed providing they are not removed from the apparel pocket(s) between the “standby” command and the command “if clear, hammer down and holster" . It does not say anything about "for a specific purpose". It says e.g which is an abbreviation of latin exempli gratia, which means "for example". It then lists 2 examples of why a shooter may have a magazine in the front pocket but no where does it state they have to have a specific purpose. If he didn't remove the magazine before the "if clear hammer down" command, he did nothing wrong. I have shot more 3 gun than anything else and this year have spent more time shooting PRS style 22 matches. They both made me realize how much I like all of the rules in USPSA. The book is pretty darn good and covers almost everything that can happen at a match. This isn't something that needs to be sent to DNROI, this simply requires a thorough read of the rule book and an apology to the shooter that was punished for doing something explicitly allowed in the rule book. This kind of crap is why people get pissed at "all of the rules". It is not the rules, it is the people that can't bother to understand them before enforcing them. And waiting for DNORI to say you are wrong is a cop out. The guy got bounced into open because several people that should know better did not.
  11. I'm not trying to be cute, just learn something. Are you saying you can't fix it without being told to by DNROI since the match is over or are you saying you won't fix a bad call until a complaint is made and DNROI tells you to fix it, or you still don't think it was a bad call?
  12. No gun bump fires with regular shooting, including his. That's why he shot a round a piece at the steel. To bump fire, even with a slide fire stock you have to try to do it or shoot with poor fundamentals to do it by accident. To me, it sound like a new rule is needed. The ability to bump fire does not make a firearms dangerous, as most semi's can do it. On the other hand, bump firing a blowback gun is not safe. Unlike the DI guns, blowback ar's will fire out of battery and you get pieces of brass flying everywhere.
  13. Almost any semi auto that has recoil can me made to bumpfire.
  14. I have 2 18" lightweight uppers. The shoot just over MOA with Wolf and 1/2 to 3/4 with any match ammo. I have and ultra light 14.5 and it's about 4 MOA with Wolf and 1.5 MOA Blackhills 69g.
  15. I'm in the lighter is better camp. My current gun weighs just over 6 lbs with the scope. It is great on the short stuff and also for the longer range off hand stuff. The only problem is the accuracy with range fodder ammo sucks. For distance, I'm stuck using Blackhills or the like.
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