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  1. That is correct, they both have the same length factory captured guide rods. With the guide rods from SSS the 5” ones extend further into the slide over a factory guide rod
  2. Hate to hear that, did you not have the insurance? I’ve dealt with lost mail with usps and it’s always a pain and takes a while to get refunded.
  3. I was going to tag you in this Josh but you beat me to it! Listen to what he’s saying if your thinking about 40 minor, his guns run flawlessly and shoot soft
  4. The stock 1 is idpa legal and weighs in just under 43oz
  5. Thanks, I had spoke to him about 6 months ago about making one and he said that I’d have to send him my slide. I’ve kind of procrastinated and deer season is coming up soon and don’t want to be without it. I was looking to see if there was something readily available to get me by for now
  6. Does anyone know where I could find a kydex holster for a 10mm hunter? I’d like to find one that covers the whole slide if possible. If not I’m thinking I might have to get a limited holster and cut off the end for the rest of the slide to hang out.
  7. Are you using his base pads or another brand? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to give one a try on my next build
  9. Welcome! Lots of USPSA going on in DFW. Also if your into 3 gun check out North Texas Multigun and Triple C Range
  10. I have a few of the 3.5s and recently bought a 2.5 to try out, and I’ve had it not reset a few times as well. Glad I’m not the only one having that issue, I need to send it in for repairs
  11. I was looking for a new trigger and went with the hiperfire competition and really like it. It was between that and the Calvin Elite but was hesitant on getting light strikes, are any of y’all running the CE having any trouble with light strikes?
  12. How do you like it? That looks like a good option. I don’t see any spring weights listed. Do you happen to know what it is?
  13. I was thinking of picking one up as well but opted for the M&P 2.0 compact. I used to shoot M&P before I switched to Tanfo so it wasn’t a hard decision to make.
  14. I have 2 Lim pros and love them! Also had a stock 3 and it was nose heavy for me as well so I sold it off. I really don’t think you can go wrong with a Stock 2 or Lim Pro myself.
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