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  1. Thanks for the info, that is especially important to me if I am going to drop 2k on an optic. You would think that they would get with the times and offer lifetime warranties like the majority of optics companies do.
  2. Oh really? I didn’t know that. I’ve recently talked with a friend who was sof and had experience with their 1-10 and said the edge to edge clarity was lacking and had much to be desired. I personally have never looked through one but will try to get by their booth and check them out. I did look at the new trijicon credo hx 1-8 last weekend and it seemed very nice. Good glass, red and green illumination, exposed locking turrets. And they were only selling for like 1199 at the show I believe
  3. I saw that they teased something for the 8th. Are you thinking it’ll be a 1-10 as well? and yes if vortex can make the 1-8 and 1-10 eyebox issues go away then they’ll really be onto something. I think the 1-6 is the sweet spot for now.
  4. Anyone see this going around today? I’m definitely going to try to get hands on one at SHOT and check it out!
  5. Seems like a good deal. Please report back on it after a range trip!
  6. They had the stock master at $1450 and limited master at $1550 but had a note to call for a better price. Also includes a bolo and reamed chamber free with purchase.
  7. Anyone see the email PD sent out with the new Defiant Stock Master & Limited Master? Looks sexy and like a “gamer gun”. Lightened slide and bull barrel for production, yes please. I always wanted to hard chrome my stock 3 and it looks like they’re coming that way without the hassle of sending it off. what’s everyone’s thoughts on it?
  8. That is correct, they both have the same length factory captured guide rods. With the guide rods from SSS the 5” ones extend further into the slide over a factory guide rod
  9. Hate to hear that, did you not have the insurance? I’ve dealt with lost mail with usps and it’s always a pain and takes a while to get refunded.
  10. I was going to tag you in this Josh but you beat me to it! Listen to what he’s saying if your thinking about 40 minor, his guns run flawlessly and shoot soft
  11. The stock 1 is idpa legal and weighs in just under 43oz
  12. Thanks, I had spoke to him about 6 months ago about making one and he said that I’d have to send him my slide. I’ve kind of procrastinated and deer season is coming up soon and don’t want to be without it. I was looking to see if there was something readily available to get me by for now
  13. Does anyone know where I could find a kydex holster for a 10mm hunter? I’d like to find one that covers the whole slide if possible. If not I’m thinking I might have to get a limited holster and cut off the end for the rest of the slide to hang out.
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