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  1. I’ve recently picked up a 2.0 compact and am wanting to change the recoil spring to a lighter weight. I’ve searched around and can’t really come up with any information. Are y’all using the ISMI springs like on the first gen M&Ps, or what? I have compared the recoil springs from my first gen and they appear to be have different thickness and coil rate along with the guide rods being different lengths. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, that looks nice! But I still prefer the shine of the hard chrome. PLUS it makes me look fast!
  3. +1 for hard chrome and large frames! The bluing on my stock 3 is rapidly coming off where as my limited pro with 5 times the miles still looks brand new! Would like to possibly hard chrome my stock 3 one day...
  4. I love my Lim Pro! Would like to find another. My Stock 3 is nice but I like the Lim Pro a better.
  5. I had the same “issue” with mine. After a few dry fire sessions it fits like a glove!
  6. I was thinking the same thing! I recently picked up a stock 3 since I couldn’t get a new lim pro! Anyone looking for a nice stock 3?
  7. I decided to cut a thumb relief and recontoured part of the right grip panel to more comfortably fit my hand on both my Limited Pro and Stock 3. Have a transparent blue set on my lim pro and after stippling it kind of burned and discolored them. The black set on my Stock 3 turned out great! I will be ordering another black set for the limited pro very soon!
  8. I have not experienced any problems with the scales grips causing malfunctions due to debris, and my practice range is pretty dusty! I also use tons of pro grip with no issues. However, I have since changed to PD grips and prefer them better.
  9. I'll grab some green loctite from the shop and bring out the the match tomorrow
  10. Awesome, I'm interested to see what you find!
  11. Great write up! Thanks for the info! I am considering getting one of these for a IDPA legal back up gun to my limited pro (since they are now hard to come by)
  12. I think that both with allow you to have fast reloads and a high grip on the gun. But I do think the limited would be a tad too big for my liking and would get in the way on a reload. The ESP magwell with 140 sticks gives you a lot of room and doesn't get in the way.
  13. I belive you are correct. And I think that either way you go you'll be happy with it.
  14. I have the SSS ESP magwell as well. It works great, blends well, not too big, not too little. If you check their website it looks like they have recently changed the design with a updated version and offer different colors.
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