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  1. This is stupid. Stop pu$$y-footing around and either describe the specific infraction or let’s all move on.
  2. What exactly do you mean that you “would not see it”? If you mean that you will intentionally not enforce an approved safety rule, you should turn in your RO card and stop officiating matches. By asserting definitively that you won’t see it, I interpret that to mean you will ignore a safety violation that may happen right in front of you. I highly encourage you to properly enforce all rules in the rule book regardless of what level match you are officiating. If you’re only selectively enforcing the rules that you think are important you should quit before someone gets hurt. Safety rules exist for all of our protection.
  3. Bob is doing a class at Midwest Shooting Center in Lima Ohio on July 24th
  4. https://m.facebook.com/events/2696024867284820?acontext={"source"%3A"3"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&aref=3&__tn__=HH-R
  5. Only the lower extremities (below the belt) can be swept while drawing or holstering and the competitors fingers are clearly outside of the trigger guard. Otherwise, the competitor may not sweep themselves or others. For example, a competitor that sweeps their own hand while holstering or drawing or sweeps a lower extremity with their finger inside the trigger guard is in violation of 10.5.5 and should be DQ’d.
  6. https://www.conklefuneralhome.com/obituary/aron-bright
  7. I never understand when people try to justify not following the rules with the excuse that it’s just a local match. Either follow all the rules properly or don’t claim to be shooting a USPSA match.
  8. Thanks Bill. I’m certainly glad everyone was safe. From my point of view, that is the most important role we have as ROs.
  9. I am a CRO. Asking someone to intentionally violate a major safety rule that would result in a DQ is an absolutely horrible idea and should never be condoned. What would the explanation be if that person accidentally shot them self or someone else? Never encourage or request someone to intentionally violate a safety rule that puts anyone in danger!
  10. Is your recommendation based upon actual experience with both pistols or just your opinion? Not throwing rocks, I’m just curious about the basis of your suggestion.
  11. +1 I couldn’t agree more!
  12. I find it curious that after several weeks we are still waiting on direction from DNROI. Very disappointing!! They need to do their job and support those who are officiating matches at every level. How many matches since Area 5 have taken place that this rule was interpreted one way or the other with no clear direction from DNROI? That is a shame. Because while good friends (as many of those on this exchange are) can certainly disagree in a professional way, this would all be cleared up if DNROI would live up to their obligation to the members of USPSA and provide clear guidance on this issue. While Gary and I disagree on this specific issue (I was at the match and Gary and I spoke about it in real-time), I certainly respect his many years of experience and knowledge of our sport. In addition, as a CRO, I have learned a lot from Gary (thank you!). Further, he has volunteered countless hours to support thousands of shooters whose only contribution is paying their match fee and shooting a match, but never volunteering to be an RO, a CRO, a RM, or an MD. I don’t know what it will take to get DNROI to respond, but for the betterment of our sport, let’s hope it doesn’t take much longer. Just my opinion. Other smart people may disagree with my views.
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