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  1. https://www.conklefuneralhome.com/obituary/aron-bright
  2. I never understand when people try to justify not following the rules with the excuse that it’s just a local match. Either follow all the rules properly or don’t claim to be shooting a USPSA match.
  3. Thanks Bill. I’m certainly glad everyone was safe. From my point of view, that is the most important role we have as ROs.
  4. I am a CRO. Asking someone to intentionally violate a major safety rule that would result in a DQ is an absolutely horrible idea and should never be condoned. What would the explanation be if that person accidentally shot them self or someone else? Never encourage or request someone to intentionally violate a safety rule that puts anyone in danger!
  5. Is your recommendation based upon actual experience with both pistols or just your opinion? Not throwing rocks, I’m just curious about the basis of your suggestion.
  6. +1 I couldn’t agree more!
  7. I find it curious that after several weeks we are still waiting on direction from DNROI. Very disappointing!! They need to do their job and support those who are officiating matches at every level. How many matches since Area 5 have taken place that this rule was interpreted one way or the other with no clear direction from DNROI? That is a shame. Because while good friends (as many of those on this exchange are) can certainly disagree in a professional way, this would all be cleared up if DNROI would live up to their obligation to the members of USPSA and provide clear guidance o
  8. Did we ever get a final decision on this from DNROI? Sorry if I missed it elsewhere.
  9. Gary - I understand and was only pitching in my $.02. To your point, I agree and think it’s very important that we get a clear answer from DNROI so that we can all apply the rules in a fair an equitable manner. Due to the fact that there are so many opinions floating around, a clear response in the very near future would be helpful for future matches that are on the schedule. I truly believe that all range officials at all levels want to be fair and apply the rules in a fair way that is consistent across the board.
  10. The rule you cite describes an example of when it’s permissible to store a magazine outside of the requirement in the appendix. However, e.g., means for example. It does not mean it is the only permissible act. The rule never says that the magazine can ONLY be used for specific purposes. The rule provides an example, but a singular example should not be considered to the exclusion of any other situations. More specifically, the rule explicitly permits carrying magazines in a forward pocket as long as it is not removed, which as far as I understand, the shooter did not do.
  11. After a friendly reminder/warning, if the shooter steps away again, I believe a 10.1.1 procedural penalty for failure to follow stage procedure versus a DQ would be appropriate.
  12. Actually, the rules say reasonably vertical, which is not the same as reasonably upright. PCC Un-cased pistol caliber carbines must be carried shouldered or slung from the shoulder or held in the hands with the firearm reasonably vertical and a chamber safety flag in place. Match Directors may require this to be "vertically upwards" or "vertically downwards" providing this is made clear to all competitors in a reasonable manner. PCC Transporting pistol caliber carbines from the staging area to the start position and back to the staging area fro
  13. Not exactly true. The first shot must be double-action or from a "safe-action" type gun. The second shot can be single-action. Consequently a double/single, such as a SIG 226 is legal. Also, magazine capacity can exceed 10 rounds; however, you may only have 10 round in a magazine at the beginning of the course of fire. These are very minor things, but might clarify what is permitted in Production.
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