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Economic Stimulus


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Heck I might get married just to help stimulate the economy at home ................ no, wait a minute that might actually do the reverse of that. Ok, scratch that last idea. :rolleyes:

But I do intend to stimulate the economy with a very large bullet purchase sometime soon! :goof:

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stimulus? right-i'll be using it to pay my 2007 tax bill fer sure.

That was my plan too except that the checks won't be sent out until MAY!!!! ...Sigh


That talk of taxes is depressing.

lighten up and have your accountant find more deductions

surely drinking after your shooting is considered "medicinal theraphy"

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Mine will be used to replenish the savings account that I use to pay taxes out of. Because my retirement income increased when I started drawing Social Security I lost part of my property tax exemption that was based on age and income. Got word in December that the taxes would be going up and that I owed almost $200 more for last year because of the increase in income.

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The check is in the mail

[Week] Last 2 digits of your SSN [Receive your check by week of]:

[1] 00 - 09 [July 23]

[2] 10 - 19 [July 30]

[3] 20 - 29 [August 6]

[4] 30 - 39 [August 13]

[5] 40 - 49 [August 20]

[6] 50 - 59 [August 27]

[7] 60 - 69 [sept. 3]

[8] 70 - 79 [sept. 10]

[9] 80 - 89 [sept. 17]

[10] 90 - 99 [sept. 24]

For married taxpayers who filed a joint return, the first Social Security Number on the return determines the mailing date. Source: Internal Revenue Service


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