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  1. degenerate023

    180's and 231

    ok thanx fellas....yah i heard the .40 glocks were picky with the OAL cuz its really the same 9mm magazine just different follower...i might poke around and see if any one around town carries the solo or universal and try them out in addition to 231....ive heard the vv powders are way more expensive and the results really dont pay off
  2. degenerate023

    180's and 231

    hey all....im going to be running a limited glock 35 using a major pf using bear creek 180 mollys.....ive tried all over to find some titegroup and cant get my hands on any...and the only powder i have on hand is a couple pounds of 231 and some clays but have heard bad things of clays....so im going to have mixed brass with winchester small pistol primers.....i need to know a good OAL and grains of 231 to make major...thanx for any help
  3. degenerate023

    Lead 200 gr SWC for .45 auto

    my kimber custom II eats my 200 swc loads all day long and is very accurate in doing it....if your going to be doing it i would suggest using moly coated ones....i use precision and bear creeks...also i heard masterblaster sold their tooling to somone else and they are up and running...molys smoke less and you dont get a wax build up in your dies...which can lead to seating depth increase if you dont clean the seating die regularly ....for seating depth i just start high and adjust the die down till i have about 1/32" of a shoulder above the case....ive heard good things about clays but i personally use 5.5 of winchester 231...gotta love the huge hole they punch in targets
  4. degenerate023

    Black Bullets International

    schweet......but i miss the masterblaster logo gear...that was good stuff
  5. degenerate023

    Metallica's new album

    the death of cliff burton was the death of metallica......and justice was good enough and thats where i draw the line.....cutting their hair and wearing makeup was disgrace i cannot forgive
  6. LOL! dude ur right!!!! its always the shortest one on the team!?!?!?
  7. degenerate023

    Single stack magwells, anything new?

    i use the medium techwell on my kimber custom II and love it...i love the aggressive texture of the aluma-grips that holds it in place as well...but thats all old news....still basically the same ones youve mentioned that ive seen...although me and my buddy are the only ones out of like 30 shooting single stack lol
  8. degenerate023

    "mineral" spirits

    very interesting...we got gallons of the stuff layin around the place and its only like 7 bucks a gallon anyways...ive never heard of it bfor but you guys on this forum have awesome info so im gonna try....im also confused as to what the dryer sheet does....more info please
  9. degenerate023

    Ultrasonic cleaning fluid

    heh my shootin buddy has the cheapo harbor freight one and for his 1911's he takes the grips off and sets em aside...field strips it and gives it its "bubble bath" in diesel.....sounds a lil crazy but he swears by it and all his steel guns work just fine...he says the best part is that diesel is a fine petroleum product and so he doesnt even lube the small internals afterwards...just lubes the slide, barrel, frame and slaps the grips back on and heads out to the range...strains all the crap out of the diesel with a coffee filter and re uses it LOL!
  10. degenerate023

    Kimber Custom II

    I love my Kimber Custom II....i did quite a few mods on it as a learning project and now use it for SS...very accurate and reliable pistol
  11. degenerate023

    slide stop dimple

    i checked the plunger and its long enough so im just gonna cut it...thanx
  12. degenerate023

    slide stop dimple

    aight thanx....ill just use the dremel and save the $....thanx for the info and i'll take my time and go a lil at a time
  13. degenerate023

    tripp cobra mags vs. wilson etm

    ahhhh crapola....im pretty sure they wont work then if a wilson extended pad is too big....and im pretty computarted and cant seem to figure out to attach a pic
  14. degenerate023

    slide stop dimple

    is that what makes a notch instead of just circular hole?
  15. degenerate023

    tripp cobra mags vs. wilson etm

    ooooohhhh thats a good question....im still new to uspsa and only shoot at local level 1 matches so nobody realy cares too much about what ur doin or shooting with.....hhhhrrrrmmm...lets put it this way...with the medium thechwell wilson and cmc power mags with extended basepads fit about flush with the magwell...then with the bumper screwed on...it fits a full 1/2" below the magwell...dont know if that info helps any but thanx for bringin it up....mebe i can get some pics up