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  1. Ill take the mag mpx pouches.


    robert mullan

    4321 sheep springs rd.

    las cruces, nm 88011




  2. They don't have the FDA in Europe which makes it much easier to try experimental procedures on humans.
  3. I use Gator Grease Tm. Authentic gator oil.
  4. cover the sides with whiteout. replace and pur a few rounds in and cycle them in and out. the wear points will show you where to take a bit off.
  5. they typically have 3-4 heavy duty memory stages and usually release the stages 1 day prior for inspection.
  6. All you boys need to relax. Show up and shoot, have a good time, period.
  7. Why would I pay 3K for a plastic throw away GAT?
  8. thick grips and go to an arched backstrap. Otherwise your grip looks fine.
  9. Any new updates on this. SS 4.03 seconds at 40 points HF 9.9255
  10. Didn't Lance Armstrong have all 7 Tour titles stripped? Lot of shit can be done retroactively.
  11. I just don't use straps when lifting weights. Deadlifting without straps really builds the handstrength.
  12. Hs-6 is a dirty burning powder. It leaves residue and carbon buildup. It is mainly used in 38 super. I used to run about 9.6 gr with a MG 124 with 2 popple holes. I have not used it in .40, faster powders are more suited to our game. Win 231, titegroup, solo, etc pushing a heavy bullet is quite common.
  13. Bear23

    DQ Question

    Local rules and an outlaw type match. Rules are different. In most sports you would be DQ'ed. Just get a better holster, you always learn something in competition.
  14. I run them thru my 650. i do go back and check them. occasionally i will have a high primer.
  15. Federal and winchester, the feds are pistol mag.
  16. Keep a years worth. Stock up before election cycles, even midterms. But I'm just your average white angry rural male living in paranoia.
  17. Clays, 2.0 grains and a 180 round nose. Or a 200. Very easy to shoot.
  18. We need all companies to do this.
  19. I drove a 335d, great engine. I test drove the passat tdi....too slow! I love my 2500 6.6 duramax, just too damn big around town. Diesel is 3.79 to 3.99/gal here, vs. 3.15 for 89 octane. 91 is 3.28
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