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  1. you don't have to shoot major in limited 6 at the IRC
  2. not you being hacked but the server who holds ICORE data.
  3. I would be leary of that. when I was membership dir we used a different processor. I was just making sure that someone did not hack the processor or link info we used before.
  4. I use the Lee FCD on 9mm and 38super. you want the crimp to be just tight enough to hold the bullet. if you pull a bullet and it has a ring indented on it you are crimping way too much. I have even used it on 38 short colt with lead bullets.
  5. I do believe that the bylaws allow write in votes and there was no opportunity to do so. As for membership yes I am not a current member. However, that does not preclude me from being concerned that the board had not followed the bylaws which have been filed with the IRS under the provisions of of a 501C3 org.
  6. Did anyone get a ballot for the current Board? Elections were supposed to be in Apr to May. New board to take office July 1. I know of no one who got one.
  7. you should always use roll crimp on revolver rounds. they help keep the bullet from moving while shooting. taper crimps don't keep the bullet from moving back unless you crimp really hard and then the accuracy goes away.
  8. NRA Action Pistol Range Equipment http://www.securefirearmproducts.com
  9. I made a set for Louis for the 2014 Worlds. they clamped around the barrel. His barrel was/is a carbon fiber Volquartsen. I can maybe send pics David
  10. Mel Chan is the Membership director (I think) look at web site to find out.
  11. 38 super body dia. .384 chamber dia. .3887 9 x 23 body .3911 Major dia. .381 Min. dia. Chamber .3921 Major Dia. .382 Min dia. These are from the SAAMI Drawings. David
  12. Dean, It used to be on the Icore website under classifiers. If you can't find it let me know and I might have it. I do know the targets are 1ft edge to edge. and are touching on the top and bottom. However I do not know the distance from the ground. 18" I think. any higher and you could be shooting over berm???. shooting distance is 3yds, 7yds 25 yds and 50yds or 7 yds, 15 yds 25 yds 50 yds ????
  13. Bianchi scoring is points and X count. I have seen some scoring systems not take the x count correctly. I know that Practiscore had the mover scoring at the Trijicon Match but I never used it. I will email ken and ask about that. dcs thanks for the info I missed Andy at the Cup. He had an issue at the Aggregrate match and then went home. I will talk to him.
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