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  1. ffl

    Where to get a recoil spring gauge?

    no offense taken. constructive criticism is ok. since I do my own store stuff and I want it to interface with my internal system the OScommerce store was the best for me. the other stores are prettier I admit but I can't modify code or interface my internal system with it. The OScommerce store is open source and is used world wide with many add-ons this makes it perfect for me. Since my web and my store pull from the same database it makes my work that much easier when changes or additions are in order.
  2. ffl

    Where to get a recoil spring gauge?

    can you define modernity? cool colors? neat graphics? fancy text font? all the coding is up to current HTML standards. but IE11 not being standard compliant I can't vouch for its displaying correctly.
  3. ffl

    Where to get a recoil spring gauge?

    being the chief cook and bottle washer, as well as IT manager, production support, engineer, new product development, and many other things that occupy the 10 hours a day the website goodies are the last thing on my plate. I can't afford to hire someone or have the time to make the website do all kinds of useless twists, turns, drop downs, slide outs. However the logic is sound and it works. enjoy
  4. ffl

    Where to get a recoil spring gauge?

    secure firearm products manufacturers the Brownell's one. they can be purchased here
  5. ffl

    Bianchi 2018

    not enough
  6. Bill was at shot. contact Steve at Ranch Products I think he and Bill were in the same booth at Shot.
  7. ffl

    Casting for IPSC/USPSA

    have you considered a long colt. it is basically a rimmed 38 super. I have not used them but may ICORE shooters do. you might consider asking the questions about 38 short and long colt on the ICORE board as well.
  8. ffl

    Casting for IPSC/USPSA

    i took a lee 158 and machined the die to make a 130 gr. to shoot in a short colt. works great.
  9. ffl

    Custom Hogue grip

    contact Hogue directly. Pat use to make custom grips for revolvers. he made one for Louis when he was small. dcs
  10. ffl

    CZ in Open at Bianchi Cup

    I have drawings on a shrould you could modify so you would not have to start from scratch. I like to use a revo mover base on my custom shrouds because I can cut the shroud to fit the key on the bottom of the mover base. really makes it solid both left and right as well as from to back.
  11. ffl

    2018 World Shoot

    I was hoping to install the new mover controls \
  12. ffl

    2018 World Shoot

    if worlds are held there you can count on us for help david
  13. ffl

    Online membership renewal

    Several board members wanted to expose membership database to the open web and I resigned because of that. Membership records were transferred to Ron W. Online membership renewal stopped when I resigned as well. I have no Idea when it will resume. Sorry for the inconvenience but I could not allow such a potential breach of the members personal data. David Past ICORE Chairman Past Membership Chairman
  14. ffl

    Prone pad for 2011

    Mark you have Brett Foster's pad why do you need another one.
  15. ffl

    Online membership renewal

    As the former membership chairman and chairman I set up online renewal. It worked great. Several current board members had problems with the way it was done. (ie. being run on a private server). this was done to protect the database of the members. They wanted me to move it to a hosted server and I did not want to do that for security reasons. I decided that I had better things to do with my time than mess with their BS so I resigned. When I did all that went away and now they are back to a paper system now. If you want to renew please contact Ron W. He is acting membership chairman. The current board has several members who do not have the best interests of ICORE at heart. They have forced the resignation of 2 board members and continue to bleed the organization of volunteers, sponsors and shooters. I wish them luck. Unfortunately some just do not have a clue.