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  1. I highly recommend Warrens addition to the Hogue holster. once a firearm is locked in a hogue the only way to get it out is to unlock it. best on the market. Both Syd and Louis use hogue holsters dcs
  2. the rule book does not specifiy some target heights on some courses of fire and does on others. most use 6ft to top. The practical lists 6ft to top as does the speed load challenge. all others but plates have no such requirement.
  3. When I was ICORE Chairnan IDPA changed their standards regarding 625's. I saw the need to have a L6 Division to give those 625 owners a place to play and pushed for this division. It has worked out well. I shoot a 627 and 625 and compete against different people in each division in the same match. I could not hold my own shooting an open 627 against Mark Itstein or even Ryan McQuilty. so I go where they don't play.
  4. double stack guns must use 38 super comp brass or feeding problems will occur. the head is rebated slightly on super comp. therefor extractor tuning is critical for proper function. That said with proper maintenance and tuning they run fine.
  5. I make the spring tester sold by brownells and dillon. it is not so much about a magic combo unless you are creating loads for a specific function. too light a spring will produce frame battering and too heavy will not let the pistol function correctly. well used springs need to be checked to verify they are not weakened. Our Bianchi guns have 7 lb recoil springs and 14 lb mainsprings in order to function. In a nutshell if you use factory loads in a factory gun it might not be that important. If you are creating a load to shoot 1/2" groups at 50yds. it might be. D
  6. you don't have to shoot major in limited 6 at the IRC
  7. not you being hacked but the server who holds ICORE data.
  8. I would be leary of that. when I was membership dir we used a different processor. I was just making sure that someone did not hack the processor or link info we used before.
  9. I use the Lee FCD on 9mm and 38super. you want the crimp to be just tight enough to hold the bullet. if you pull a bullet and it has a ring indented on it you are crimping way too much. I have even used it on 38 short colt with lead bullets.
  10. I do believe that the bylaws allow write in votes and there was no opportunity to do so. As for membership yes I am not a current member. However, that does not preclude me from being concerned that the board had not followed the bylaws which have been filed with the IRS under the provisions of of a 501C3 org.
  11. Did anyone get a ballot for the current Board? Elections were supposed to be in Apr to May. New board to take office July 1. I know of no one who got one.
  12. you should always use roll crimp on revolver rounds. they help keep the bullet from moving while shooting. taper crimps don't keep the bullet from moving back unless you crimp really hard and then the accuracy goes away.
  13. NRA Action Pistol Range Equipment http://www.securefirearmproducts.com
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