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  1. Similar to "Surgical Steel" in some of the old knife ads... Ed
  2. Hi John, Just by a standard weight carbine spring and buffer. The heavier ones are used for various pistol carbine AR's or to slow the cyclic rate of a full-auto. The buffer and spring run completely independent of barrel length/gas tube location. I have a 20" that I run a carbine buffer and spring and I have a buddy that runs a 16" with a standard A2 stock, buffer and spring. They both operate 100%. Ed
  3. Yeah, but it's easy to get them to stop. Just call up the NRA Membership Division and tell them to stop the mass mailings and all you'll get is your magazine. You guys REALLY want it to stop? Become a Life Member! When I did, except for the monthly American Rifleman magazine and a solicitation to buy Christmas cards, EVERYTHING else stopped! Ed
  4. Run n Gun

    Ammo Car

    LOL!! Sad, but true... Ed
  5. Oh yeah! It's been 30-years or so but I remember this movie. Bad guy: So how long was that shot? 800, 900-yards? Valdez: Closer to 1000. Good stuff! Ed
  6. Ed, Your a good man! Thanks for your help with the carbine mags. Outstanding!

  7. Run n Gun

    Why men die first

    Dead man walking, or, in this case, giggling...
  8. For that kind of money I'd throw another $200 at it and buy a JP-15. Not only would I KNOW what I was getting I wouldn't be stuck with a 16" barrel. Ed
  9. Didn't we go through this whole select-a-color-for-BE-T-shirts thing just a couple of years ago? It seems like "Dark Gray" won then... Ed
  10. Around here, used Dillon stuff sells for 80% of todays retail price. Ed
  11. They say it's a 1000-round case... Ed
  12. As per the link above: $525. With Crimson Trace: $792 Ed
  13. Hmm. I never had a problem with the old ones and I LIKE them being translucent, I can see which bullet I have without opening the box and pulling out a round. Sometimes a different way ISN'T a better way... Oh well, Berry's still builds them correctly... Ed
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