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  1. I use a piece of 220 grit sandpaper on my EDC Commander. Works great and can be replaced whenever it gets worn and doesn't leave any sticky residue like skate board tape.
  2. I once showed up to a 3-gun match with an M1 rifle, lots of ammo in boxes, but no clips. Lucky for me a friend had brought a back-up rifle that he let me use.
  3. Hello from Spokane. What part of SW WA are you from? There are some 3G matches in Spokane and also the Tri-Cities area. The Inland Northwest Practical Shooters will have a 3G match Sunday June 23.
  4. I compete with either an SVI .38 Super in Open or an SVI .40 in Limited. Depending on weather and what I'm wearing I'll carry either an Astra Constable .380 or Colt Combat Commander. The Astra is small enough that I can carry it in a back pocket with an untucked shirt.
  5. DMS42

    Cancer Free

    Five years ago in April I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hoskins lymphoma. The last couple of CT scans showed no cancer present. The Dr. says that I am cancer free and since it has been 5 years that the lymphoma probably won't return. Over the course of the illness I went from 185 lbs. down to a low of 145. I'm now at about 155 or about the same weight that I was when I was 21. Of course the weight is in different places.
  6. I purchased this used in April 2007. It came with 4 mags., holster, 3 mag pouches, belts and instructions.
  7. A bunch of years ago I ordered a lever from some other outfit only to find that it didn't fit the scope that it was advertised to fit (but it did fit an other one). The MGM lever did fit. Mike and Travis are good people and are easy to work with. They even hauled a bunch of steel that I bought to a match and saved me the shipping costs.
  8. I'll second that. Have a Happy Birthday Sig Lady!
  9. Mine's TY2745 and I've seen some annual or 3 year numbers lower than mine on here.
  10. If you haven't already gathered up and read the various Regs concerning Unit Marksmanship Teams, do so. At the time that I was the Base Marksmanship Coordinator for an ANG Wing the Army Regs. were close to the Air Force and ANG Regs. If you have a Unit team there used to be a way to get Match Grade rifles and pistols and ammo. In some cases you could get match entry fees paid. The guns were mainly Bullseye type, but we had service type rifles and pistols also. Back in the day the Army had Post and Division level teams that they put on orders to matches. Things have changed since my time, but it is still up to the Unit Commander to determine how much and what kind he will support the shooting teams. Your buddy in the AMU should be able to get you started on the proper Regs. Good luck. MSgt USAFR Ret.
  11. DMS42

    Which one?

    Old school. John Wayne. Randolph Scott or Gary Cooper?
  12. Back in the days of mostly 7 rd. mags I was shooting a short 12 rd. stage. I shot to slide lock then did a reload that only had 1 rd. then grabbed a couple of empty mags. It wasn't until I loaded my 5th and last mag did I have enough rounds to finish the course. Since then I have never put a used mag back into a mag pouch. They all go into a back pocket or I keep them in hand until I get back to my gear and can reload them.
  13. I still have an old Rogers Plaxco World Speed Model that I used for awhile. Most who were using it used it cross draw, but after trying it that way for a time I ended up using it strong side then went to a Davis that I now use for single stack. There seems to be a lot of old holsters from the 80's in my bin of old stuff.
  14. Anyone remember the start position that some used of looking down at the pistol? After seeing it I had to try it for awhile. But I found that it really didn't work all that well for me as it took longer to get the sights on the first target. So I went back to looking at the target that I was going to engage first.
  15. I'm told that the various ammo companies are producing about 13 billion rounds per year. It only takes 13 million people buying just 1,000 per year to buy it all up. And there are probably more than 13 million people in the US trying to buy .22 ammo.
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