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MPA DS9 Open - Any reviews?


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2 hours ago, CalTeacher said:

Do you think a sloppy fps fit is useful for reliable extraction?

of course. Because it has a slope to the right.😀

I always demand from myself that everything be perfect. That's why I make all the guns I use in competitions myself because I don't trust anyone.

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12 hours ago, chgofirefighter said:

At this current moment I am having MPA build me an open and also an IDPA C/O version pistol.  It's been 8 weeks to finalize my order but I'm excited...  Can't wait!  


Let us know how it looks when you get it

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On 10/18/2022 at 5:44 PM, Cbritt said:

I have a DS9Open & shot it at USPSA Nat’s last weekend. I had 2 malfunctions, both of which were “operator error” & not the gun. 
i shoot for team MPA, so take my review for what it’s worth to you…

it’s the flattest shooting 9major gun I’ve ever shot. I’m using a 10 MOA RTS2 V5 dot. It returns to zero perfectly. 


Why haven’t you convinced them to make a real lefty grip mag button?!?!  I’ve already asked

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