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  1. Probably a silly question but here goes. I have a Colt magazine style CMMG 9mm Pistol (5.5") with brace that I have set up for house gun (weapon light, suppressor) and I would like to swap out for a Glock lower for a couple reasons: 1- Consistency- since I first bought it I have picked up a couple Glock lower PCCs and I have Glock handguns 2. reliability - I cannot get it to feed reliably. I have Colt mags, converted Uzi mags, and promags and they don't run 100%. My Glock pccs run 100% My question is can I use the existing upper and just get a complete Glock
  2. That introductory price point ends black Friday. Get some!!!
  3. It's a brilliant marketing strategy. You want full house custom either Matt or Bobby will still build it for you. You get everything the way you want it and a goodly wait. With CKArms you get the best components but no options. They can build them faster as no retooling the machinery for each build. The intent is to have them on the shelf, slap on your choice of optic and ship immediately. And at a savings. Perfect for me.
  4. I'm coming for you Trent! I got one of the CKArms Open guns from the first batch. The rest went overseas. I had so much fun competing with it for the first time a Tuesday night. I have a ton to learn about shooting a dot gun but at least I'm learning on a first class ride! I chose a traditional c more but bought a Cheely 90 degrees setback mount to try as well. Gonna be fun experimenting with load recipes too. Bobby is awesome to deal with. There's a reason he is not here anymore but he'll have to tell you what that is.
  5. How's the IMM working out for you?

  6. A pic of his gun is in his profile.
  7. has not set their status

  8. Surprisingly, this is my highest classifier (71.5%) I'm a 59.66 % C in Production right now
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