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  1. No response to this and since I have the same question as to spring availability will dig it up vs typing anew.
  2. Heard they have been on approval for quite awhile. These have been touted in Canada for years now....
  3. With my reading glasses (1.5X drug store specials) the sights look perfect, but of course my distance is gone. I have never worn a contact lens in my life though, but maybe trying the same magnification in my strong eye only?
  4. Hmm. Thats interesting. Prescriptions? My distance is still fine. the sights are a mess right now. Glued to screens for 12 hours a day during this Covid mess not helping.
  5. I am looking for suggestions on an eye doctor that can prescribe vision wear for a shooter. I have great distance clarity, but my 50 year old eyes have progressed poorly over the past couple years in seeing where that iron sight is fitting into the rear sight. I do not want to do red dots....as want to stick to single stack for the limited amount of shooting I can do with a 3 year old and 100% travel. Just need to know if any Atlanta area member could recommend me someone whom understands the needs of the sport........appreciated!
  6. Yikes, guess I need to order a few pins....
  7. Actually testing the 11 coil Grams soon.....
  8. RGC

    AO1 LD Review

    So problem resolved. The hammer pin was either a little out of spec or had a burr, etc. It would not "spin"/turn. So the retaining pin almost was wedged in. I used brass tools to move the hammer pin around (smacking again) trying to find a position where the retaining pin would drop. Took 20 minutes but ended up getting the situation resolved. Sanded down hammer pin, and now all is well......
  9. RGC

    AO1 LD Review

    I did exactly that. Knocking against a piece of 2x4. Its not budging and I am cutting up the 2x4. Frustrating as there is no other way to remove this pin.
  10. RGC

    AO1 LD Review

    I just purchased 2 A01-LDs that I am going to run in CO. Love all about the pistol....except for the hammer pin retaining pin. Seems theoretically you tip the frame upside down and it falls out......mine doesnt.....even after gentle, semi gentle..not so gentle, firm, very firm, hate this gun hits on a wood block to get it to pop out. I had it out but when new as it came out with a couple taps but now I am trying to figure out how to get it out......
  11. Love them. If I can figure out a better way to get the hammer pin retaining pin out would love them more... They do. I am sticking with original patterned mags as no longer have an cz75 variant ones.
  12. I just purchased 2 A01-LD's for carry optics. They use the P10 mags. I just ordered a few extended basepads (to 140). Anyone use this set up and use the factory springs? Thinking of ordering some Grams.
  13. Got a feeling I will miss the pistol I sold more...but it is what it is...
  14. I just bought 2 of them for CO....very excited to get back into the game once injuries heal.
  15. Good to hear. Have an A01 incoming and going to stick with CMore.
  16. Anyone have a current recipe? The longer Zero negates my old Frontier 147RN N310 recipe that used 3.0gr of N310. The OAL will be vastly different so just wondering if there is anyone out there using this for a CZ length round. I was thinking 1.135, 3.0GR. Want to be at 130pf. Thanks!
  17. For me the nitro fin indexed better. I shot single stacks so long that the frame mounted rest felt like my hands had to change from their natural form when gripping the gun, and the dot was never immediately apparent. With the Nitro, it was always there. My weak thumb was always pointing straight forward (and the frame mounts it felt like I was giving someone the "thumbs up".
  18. Still hoping I am on his immediate contact list...........want.
  19. Copper look is perfect.....
  20. RGC


    I told him I will meet him and pay straight out cash as I am 30 mins away.....no answer......then stated sorry it sold..........
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