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What causes this?


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So had a primer pop, winchester spp. 172 pf. No pressure signs at this load at all but had this happen. No jetting or damage to the breach face. Just went Psssssss! Almost sounded empty like no powder but I dont know how they would be possible. I pay close attention.

Sorry about the bad pic but it looks like the gas just came out one side of the primer..


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Hello: Put your reloads in a Case-Gard 100 round box primers up. That way you can see if you have a high primer or even a primer that fell out. That just helps you know you have all the correct stuff when you go to the range. My practice ammo goes in a ammo bag so I know what is what. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric

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Sideways primer. What happens (with a 550 anyway) is when the primer slide has come all the way forward, and when you push the handle to seat the primer, the primer holder catches just a bit on the small hole in the plate under the shell plate, flipping the primer. The cause of this is usually a worn out primer slide, causing side to side movement of the primer slide, where it doesn't line up perfectly. If it starts becoming a regular occurrence, put a spare primer slide in the 550...if that doesn't fix it, the the primer slide housing is out of tolerance and you'll have to send it back to Dillon.

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