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    Did you measure the diameter of the bullet? And with #3 you mean a bullet just dropped into the chamber?
  2. Adding a bullet feeder to my 650 with case feeder did not bring me much throughput wise, it is very nice only to have to pull the handle though.
  3. I have used both for pistol (9mm and .45) and the MR Bullet feeder die is just plain better, it just works. The Hornady one is too complicated, it works pretty well with FMJ bullets but with plated/coated or lead? Save yourself the aggravation and get the MR. I had to keep adjusting, cleaning and messing with the Hornady one until it was working again, the MR is just set it and forget it. The brand of press has no relevance to the brand of bullet feeder, it's all the same principle. A shell plate goes up, case receives a bullet, shell plate goes down I have no experience with any rifle bullet feeders btw.
  4. Do you have the Reostat (speed) upgrade on it? Without it it was useless for me with it I loaded over 10K rounds at the moment without any flipped primers. (S&B, Magtech or Ginex) Or well, I had 1 flipped primer but I'm not sure if that was caused by the RF100.
  5. Because it has been replaced by the Gempro 300 I have been using my Gempro 250 for close to 10 years now and it has always been reliable and repeatable. When I still used check weight to see if it was measuring correctly it always measured 5.00 or 5.02 for the 5 grain weight. I stopped doubting the scale a long time ago. Trickling directly into a pan on the scale can be tricky and sometimes it's faster to pick up the pan and set it back on to get a reading but that's not what I used the scale for anyway. If I take the scale from my warm living room to a cold, moist garage the scale will drift for a few minutes until it is warmed up. You can still use the scale as long as you zero it before you weigh. Before I bought the Gempro I used a cheap $20 electronic scale and that was a waste of money.
  6. I'll take that one In my garage it is about 70% to 80% humid, last time I left powder in the hopper for 2 days the weight thrown increased. The muzzle velocity did not change though. I always empty the hopper and the QD makes that an easy process, removing the toolhead of the 650 is just fine until you add a bullet feeder.
  7. Thicker coating on the good bullets? No idea, I had the same thing happen with 9MM plated bullets in my Infinity with AET barrel. I shot thousands of them with excellent accuracy at 25 meters and all of a sudden I had a lot of misses and tumbling bullets, even at 10 meters. It took me a few weeks to work out it was a new batch of bullets causing the issue, back to the old batch and all was good. Never buying that brand again. (LOS bullets). Bullets worked fine in a "normal" barrel btw.
  8. Have one as well, when you get it setup correctly by deburring all sharp edges and some more fiddling it usually takes about 15 seconds to load a tube. That is excluding swirling the primers to get them right side up. I had a clip of it on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha2FdHldkZY however I found out that the VP work s better if you keep the bulk of the primers on the other side of the VP so only 2 or 3 primers are pushing down on the one going down the hole if it makes sense. MY VP is going south fast due to bad connections and not working very well anymore so I recently bought a 2nd had RF100 which is working excellent so far. Not a single flipped primer and takes < 1 min filling a tube without any manual intervention. b.t.w. I don't think the VP is available any more unless you can find some old stock.
  9. See appendix D3: Classic Division. There is no maximum barrel length but the gun must fit the box: A handgun in its ready condition (see Section 8.1), but unloaded and with an empty magazine inserted, must fit wholly within the confines of a box which has internal dimensions of 225 mm x 150 mm x 45 mm (tolerance of +1 mm, -0 mm). Note that all magazines must comply. 15. The handgun is placed inside the box (and ultimately removed) by the competitor with the slide parallel to the longest side of the box. Rear adjustable sights may be slightly depressed during insertion but the slide must be fully forward when the gun is seated inside the box.
  10. Just e-mail Dillon and they will send you a couple of new ones free of charge. And don't forget to check the box, the dies come with a couple of extra e-clips.
  11. Without the cover on you are measuring the air pressure as well as what is on the scale.
  12. Do you have the version with the Rheostat? (The knob in the blue housing to adjust the speed). You can buy it from Dillon and it made mine work 100% with S&B primers, "only" loading 3000 rounds so far but no jams or flipped primers whatsoever.
  13. One of the cases is expanded with the MBF and the other one with the Hornady PTX, both had the bullet fed by the MBF die. In my experience both work equally well and both will keep the bullet from tipping during indexing and keep the bullet mostly straight until seated. It's a 147 grain .356 coated bullet (I think the left one is the Hornady, I think I could use less expansion on the Hornady but it doesn't bother me)
  14. How would 5.7.6 even apply? The firearm didn't fail and is not unsafe.
  15. Less felt recoil with heavier bullets is only true if you are trying to achieve a certain PF, for all other scenarios a lighter bullet will recoil less. Try the 115 grain with any fast powder and find out how much you need to cycle reliably. For really soft loads try a 95/100 grain bullet with 3.8 ish grain of a fast powder. (Check your manual to be safe )
  16. Loaded on a Dillon 650 by any chance?
  17. I use (non chlorinated" brake cleaner to clean off Dillon case lube, drop the rounds on a towel, spray and rub. Clean rounds. Only doing it because you get very dirty hands otherwise, I don't think it really matters for pistol rounds.
  18. I would love to say the SVI makes me a better shooter but I am not sure Trigger is a lot better, the steel grip fits my hand a lot better and the weight makes recoil easier as well so I probably do shoot better with the SVI. $5K worth better, not in 5000 years Would I buy the SVI again? Absolutely, without a doubt. I would say all this matters a lot more for beginner/novice shooters than for shooters with more experience. When I just started I heavily preferred the 147s in 9mm, now I shoot both 124 and 147 and it's pretty much a wash.
  19. I wanted to start with a Shadow 1 but than I got to shoot a Para ordnance 18.9 and that just felt right so I decided on a 2011 in 9mm. Ordered an Infinity for as my first gun and bought an older Para 18.9 to tide me over while waiting for the Infinity. Did a "triggerjob" on the 18.9, mainly removing the series 80 safety "features" and adjusting the sear spring, never did anything to the SVI other than clean it. Both guns were/are (Sold the para) dead nuts reliable, only malfunctions I ever had on the Para were self induced, mostly ammo related. The SVI was a bit picky magazine wise but after finding a few mags that work properly it is 100% reliable as well.
  20. Cheers, I'll order a few and see what happens. Will mostly be using it when training at the club anyway. I was thinking more in the line off if you stuff them down far enough, the magazine well will be empty. I really love the steel grip but when the weather gets frosty it's a pain.
  21. Excuse my ignorance, but how does that go together with rule 5.2.2: "Competitors carrying their handgun in a holster must have an empty magazine well, " (From USPSA book, IPSC has the same rule) Shooting a steel grip 2011 I would love to stuff a warmer down there in wintertime
  22. I don't see how you can spill primers on the floor and blame it on the press? I have both and it's not like the 650 is perfect, it's got its (minor) annoyances as well.
  23. A lot of people I know have switched from N320 to Lovex D032 (Clean shot) because of availability and price. You get slightly more velocity out of the same charge compared to N320 and it meters great because it is a fine ball powder. If you use a plastic Lee measure you may experience leaking. I have used it with the Dillon 650 and the LnL AP and both measure do very well with this powder without spillage. I am only loading 3.2 grains in a 9mm so I cannot say anything about spilling with indexing. (powder fling)
  24. I load my 95 grains (Ares coated) at 1.070" and they feed just fine, very accurate as well. The bullet itself is 0.460" long so you can figure out how much is in the case. (not much :P ) Gun used is an Infinity 2011 with 9mm/.38 super mags.
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