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  1. I will try it but I dont think it will matter. I just checked and it's pretty much there. Its like 1/64th of a turn off the shell plate.
  2. No it's something I learned from someone who has loaded for years on a dillon and has shot uspsa for 20+ yrs. Pretty sure he'd know. Its po probably less than .003 gap
  3. I will say the thumb rest had changed my grip quite a bit from my aggressive thumbs forward/up grip but not for the worse that's for sure. Just different. I'd say try it and you may like it, you may not. Just go shoot 1000 rounds and you should get used to it.
  4. Did not get udie. Is that why? And my dillon die is backed off just a c hair from the shellplate. Like barely enough to fit a piece of paper between.
  5. So I just reloaded some 9 major and used blazer for 10 rounds and for some reason this is the only brass that I'm getting set back with when I chamber a round. I have my case mouth flare set super shallow with win and FC brass so it barely flares and I notice it flares the mouth more on blazer. But after the crimp it is about .001 larger at the mouth, putting me right about .3770. Just like any other brass I use but blazer sets back almost .004 which is unacceptable. Why is this you think?
  6. I love that. I'm down with the haters.
  7. Yes same experience and have seen the same thing at multiple matches. Get at Robin @ Taylor Freelance. Hes a really great guy.
  8. Do not hesitate to run a Glock in Open. I couldnt be happier with my decision as I was looking at 2011 and cz as a possible open gun. I went with an open glock 17 using all Carver Custom parts, cmore and angle mount, 4 port comp---tried the sjc, Carver beat it by quite a bit in my opinion and the Carver wont crack, glock parts are cheap and and plentiful and if you like to shoot glocks already and dont have issues with that, you will enjoy it for sure. About a grand worth of parts gets you there with 1 +12 extension. Also mags and extensions have been absolutely reliable. I load all the way ou
  9. . ...the base of the gun is a Glock..
  10. So with sorting I have accumulate thousands of CBC, GFL, PMC, S&B, and some of that Browning stuff..wanna say probably not a great idea to load the Browning 9mm brass to major because that deer head logo is cut into the case head? How about the other brands named. None of it is stepped..threw all that stuff out.
  11. I do keep all my nato stuff and size and decap then swage primer pocket by hand. As for setback..that's interesting. I've never had an issue with setback at all not even .001 in after hand cycling 10 times or more. I am using dillon dies, my sizing die I do not touch the shell plate, it is backed off enough where a 3x5 card will fit in between the die and shell plate snugly. Neck tension is outstanding.
  12. Well.. that should be common sense. You shouldnt step into the ring without a reliable set up.
  13. I have a ton of brass and I seperate for consistency. Is blazer brass okay to use, I have a lot? And aside from stepped cases, I should be able to use almost any 9mm case that is brass correct?
  14. I do it. It definatly helps. Something about "let the metrics hit the floor, let the metrics hit the floor!" makes everything a little smoother..
  15. Always practice. Should be practicing anyways wether or not you are buying parts.
  16. You know I have not even tried em out yet. I am curious about this as for how they feel out of my open glock.
  17. Just wanted to show how well the stuff I use works on lead and carbon. I am not sponsored by nor am I payed by said company just want to throw the info out there for anybody having issues with lead build up and carbon build up. Use gunslick foaming bore cleaner and I suggest everytime you clean the pistol which should be everytime you shoot it. Anyways, 30 minute soak in the barrel and comp is what I do the scratch away the lead and carbon with a dental pick. Works great.
  18. Just load major always and be sure the gun is tuned for it. My Carver Glock17 with the 4 port comp and kkm barrel at 170 of with a non captured rod and 15lb spring shoots softer than a factory glock. I never expected that but now that I fully understand all the aspects with reloading and how everything is working and what's affected by what and by how much, it all makes sense.
  19. Fed match spp. Velocity on both: Sil: 7.1 gr. 1380 lo 1400 hi Hs6: 7.7 gr. 1371 lo 1386 hi Temp outside was around 58 deg F.
  20. Top is 7.1 gr Silhouette, bottom is 7.7 gr Hs6. What do you all think.
  21. Yes. I do not like putting companies down at all but I will say the Carver 4 port is much better all around. My friend was on his 3rd sjc by the way due to cracking.
  22. There was some dirt and grit that locked up the primer slide recently. I usually clean the entire machine once a week.
  23. I shot the sjc comp the other day and compared to my gun. The carver 4 port shot better in my opinion. Definitely flatter shooting. I did not know what to expect.
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