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I know we have CZ experts here

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You don't say what you want it for. For concealed carry, P-07, PCR, P-01, Rami or 75 Compact, though I know someone who carries a Shadow.

For USPSA Production, Probably an Accu

For IDPA SSP, probably an SP-01 Shadow

For IDPA ESP, probably a CZ75 Shadow

As a "service" pistol, P-09

For 3 Gun, a Tactical Sport

For tacticool, how about an Evo.

Did I miss one?

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As someone else mentioned...it makes a difference what you are using it for. Of the CZ's I have...

P07 and P09 built by CZC (thanks Stuart) have just taken an absolute beating and have run perfectly. I probably have 6k through the 09...everything from hot factory defense loads, to reloads of almost every bullet config and power factor...it eats them all. I have cleaned it once, keep it lubed. The 07 has fewer rounds through it, but same story. Another 07 that is stock, same story. Great pistols for the price.

Couple of Shadows...they are heavier, slicker, tighter, and feel like they will last forever.

Just picked up a ProTek 1 (thanks Stuart) have not fired it enough to give a real opinion...other than I expect I will carry this pistol for years after I work it some more. Super feel. Only thing I don't love about it is the way my finger gets along with the actual trigger...odd, almost like it is too deeply curved. I will figure that out with more time on it.

Check out some internet reviews done by Mike Pannone and John McPhee. Pannone shoots several different CZ's and both speak highly of the pistols they have, and shoot.

Good luck. Just buy one and start shooting---no matter what you buy you will buy another one, so just get one:)

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again, depends what you want to shoot? production? open? limited? 3gun? bad guys? pistol whip people?

I have both tanfoglios and CZ's and love them both for both their samness and their slight differences.

I'll break it down:

Production - Accu Shadow. the SP01 shadow is the daddy of the production CZ's but the accu bushing makes it even more sexy. get that one.

Limited or 3gun or pistol whipping - Tactical Sport 9mm. obviously minor only in limited but they are a nice fast shooting 9mm. trigger is insanely good for a factory built off the shelf gun and can be made better with the usual bit of work.

open - czechmate is the only off the shelf option. cool gun if you get one for the right money.

bad guys - maybe P09? as long as you don't mind plastic guns. :) I don't have one but they get great reviews.

buy one of each is even better idea. :)

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My first foray into the CZ world was a sp-01 accu from CZC. Man, that pistol is one sweet piece of steel. I installed a thinner FO front sight from Dawson, a pair of aggressive VZ grips and now the gun is perfect. They're not joking about CZ's multiplying in your safe. Not long after I bought my accu I picked up a second CZ.

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