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  1. Some pictures on passing the barrel through the front of the slide
  2. Tanfoglio triggers fit, plus CZ triggers can be drilled out to fit.
  3. Yes, you could drill out the holes to fit
  4. If you're not reloading don't bother with the comp, just slap an optic on a TSO and Rock n Roll! 170mm pads from Springer plus CZC spring/follower should get you 24-25 rounds in your big stick. If you love Open you'll buy a Czechmate and reloading press in no time!
  5. That's fantastic Ludde!
  6. There are a few big differences here: First, powder factor is just a simple momentum formula used for the sport, when I comes to the longevity of gun parts I think kinetic energy is more useful. Since in calculating energy, velocity is squared, a lighter, faster bullets carries dramatically more energy than a slower, heavier bullet, so 9 major at 180pf and 40 at 180pf are very different, energy-wise. Second, slide momentum in a compensated pistol is different than in a non compensated pistol as the comp delays the unlocking of the slide, dissipating energy before it cycles. That being said, there's no hard limit to pf, and the bullet weight makes a difference. 200 rounds isn't that big a deal either way, but I keep my 115 loads under 180 for longevity of parts.
  7. I'm not an expert on the A01LD, but I'm happy to help, I'm in San Diego also
  8. I've been shooting CZ Open guns for seven years, I that time I've owned a half dozen 2011 Open guns in an attempt to make a fair comparison. I ended up selling all my 2011s. Read into that whatever you like
  9. How large is your sample size Sarge
  10. https://czcustom.com/catalog/product/view/id/14139/s/czc-brl-thrd-9mm-ts/category/207/ https://www.opticsplanet.com/lone-wolf-compensator.html?_iv_code=59-BCM-UASG14-LWD-COMP9M or the shorter one if you prefer *disclaimer, I haven't installed one of these CZC barrels so I can't say how much fitting is involved.
  11. I use the Gugas Ribas holster for my CZs, it works great!
  12. Whatever's lying around, I've even loaded 9 major in aluminum cases
  13. Barrel fitting is really easy on CZs, you just lightly file on the breech surface of the barrel. A used barrel will probably drop right in.
  14. In .40 yes, in 9mm, no. All .40 barrels are 14mm OD, but 9mm barrels are 12.75mm OD in 75B and 75BSA, but 14mm OD in TS/CM, SP01, Shadow
  15. 7 ish grains of Shooter's World Major Pistol
  16. Regor beat me to it! That Tactical Sports to Czechmate conversion thread has all the answers you're looking for
  17. Don't bother with those barrels with the little cuts in the end, I've tried them and they don't do much
  18. The Glock comp works decent, not as well as my custom comps, but if you add a few holes in the barrel it's alright. Have you checked out this thread? https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/265569-cz-open-build-theory/
  19. Glen, if you're going to do the work yourself I suggest the semi-fit option, I imagine the "match target will need the chamber finish cut, and possibly the OD and locking lugs, which is more than a non gunsmith should attempt.
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