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  1. I trimmed my holster because of that issue. for the longest time I thought I was somehow hitting the button during my draw.
  2. I like the factory wood grips with sanded top ends foe Control access
  3. I sanded the top inch or so of mine to a point that I thought they wouldn't brake and they've done well. I like having them fat at the bottom as I feel I grip the gun well as opposed to my hands feeling crowded.
  4. Grip tape sticks well to sanded wood grips hit with a hair dryer
  5. I believe the new model has a chrome lined barrel as the old didnt
  6. I dont think it is. All i know is i had to break down my friends extreme that he just got and had to polish everything as if it was stock internals.
  7. the black one is just as good once polished. Go the cheaper route and you wont be disappointed. The chromed parts are mostly for those that shoot ipsc and aren't allowed to polish their parts.
  8. The stand on the right is a quick change inline fabrication mount and it's more rock solid than the dillon mount. Two wing Nuys and I can change between my 550 and lee single stage.
  9. I have about 5k bullets on the bottom of mine and I placed felt bumpers on the back of the bench to make it firm against the wall when seating primers.
  10. I'm running the factory hammer on my S2. Is that the reason why I cant get a disco to fit correctly?
  11. Ok so I attempt 2 to fit a disco to the Sock 2 has failed. How is it that I can fit one to a cz with no issues but my stock 2 has kicked my butt twice now. There has to be something that I'm missing. I filed the top of wing so It will install properly and then file the wedge until it resets as its supposed to. Although I keep having an issue where the hammer will not fall any further than just past the half cock but on occasion it will. I feel there is a part of the disco that I need to file down. Do yall usually file the front side of the wing when fitting the disco to the stock 2? It's almost as if the sear isn't able to disengage because something is blocking it. I feel like im missing something pretty obvious and its making me mad that I have now invested 80 bucks trying to fit one. I've fitted 5 CZ's with no issues
  12. I got another T3 disco to fit into my stock 2 but I cant seem to find the picture on here that shows where I have to grind on the top of it to allow for clearance on the sear housing. Can someone point me in the right direction.
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