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  1. I have had great luck with the SiCo Hybrid and Osprey in 300BLK
  2. looking forward to the video of it in action
  3. It is absolutely amazing what a small amount of lube (I use dillon case lube) will do for easing your reloading process, Sarge is spot on!
  4. Thanks for the info guys, keep it coming! I am just planning on shooting rimfire and my 9 and 40 so I dont think I will need to crazy of a backstop.
  5. I bought one 170mm tube, switch out to a TTI spring and follower and it has run 100%
  6. I have a new barrel and it shoots plated and coated fine.
  7. I recently built a new home and my plan was to have a gun vault under our front cement porch. Well fast forward 11 months and I really don't care for how the vault area turned out. After all of the cement was poured it ended up being 6 feet wide, 36 feet long and 8 feet tall, everything is surrounded by cement. I have decided that I want to turn this into a pistol range but I don't feel like dumping $20k into it so I am looking for ideas to do it on the cheap.
  8. That could of been my issue, at the time I had about 50k winchester small rifle primers and it would never load a full tube without giving me an issue
  9. I agree, I had one and it gave me a ton of problems.
  10. Correct. Per CGW "What does the CGW disco do? The disconnector only eliminates the trigger pre-travel in SA. It cannot change the SA reset distance, nor can it change the double action position of the trigger...............The primary benefit of the disco is the instant the trigger resets in SA, the disco STOPS the trigger at the precise moment of SA trigger reset, eliminating the SA pre-travel "slop" in the trigger." Sorry I ment to say the sa pretravel. I spent 4 hours and a wasted diso for no improvement. I've come to realize maybe there's something other than the wedge that needs to b
  11. It is my go to powder for my open load, 7gr CFE 125gr blue bullet 1.175
  12. I have shot several thousand blue bullets through my open gun at 1475 fps and have no leading whatsoever.
  13. are you not able to attach a picture when you are doing your post?
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