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  1. Chuck. I saw your post regarding the Canyon Creek Mag Well for the Tanfoglio Witness.  I have aquired the same mag well and was wondering if you recall the type of epoxey that you had used ?  Thanks Tim

    1. BrazeauRacing


      I used regular JB Weld.  Sorry for the late reply. I get email notifications for messages anymore, and I don't visit the forum as often as I used to.

  2. BrazeauRacing

    P09 open Minor

    Boom! That's exactly what I did. I also modified the factory safeties for quicker disengagement.
  3. I'm using a 15# ISMI flat wire recoil spring for a Glock 19 in my P-07. Works great.
  4. Exactly what I thought when looking at the pictures.
  5. You'll have to add some sort of cinnamon or minty fresh scent to it if you're gonna have people believe that it's good stuff! I've got a Motion Ind local... gonna go see if they have some in stock tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. I'm guessing he means for Production division. Yep... no SAO in Production, but the Match makes for a great budget Limited division gun.
  7. The blue spring (13#?) that came in the CGW SRS-1 kit... https://cajungunworks.com/product/srs-1-short-reset-system/ I had the same issue (light strikes) when I first put together my SP-01 (non-Shadow) with CGW parts and a 13# hammer spring. My problem was that when I was tapping in the firing pin retaining pin, the firing pin wasn't in the channel completely straight and the retaining pin must have deformed the firing pin slightly as I was hammering it in. I took the firing pin back out while troubleshooting and discovered the "burr", filed it down smooth, reinstalled while being very careful to keep the FP aligned properly and I haven't had a single light strike since. This _may_ not be your issue, but it's worth checking.
  8. The slide on my Match is from a Stock III in .40 S&W (came with supersight). My Match was originally 9mm. That slide is currently on my Limited Pro. The Henning rear sight for the Match is very good when combined with a Dawson front FO sight (I replaced the Henning front sight with a Dawson).
  9. BrazeauRacing

    CZ Open

    Thanks guys! Other than stippling the bottom of the +2 mag bases and reshaping them to fit in the magwell, the extended safeties are the only "custom" work that I've done to the gun (which came out surprisingly well). Everything else is just bolt-on and I could turn this P-09 back into a Production legal gun in less than an hour! It just shows how versatile the P-09/P-07 platform can be.
  10. BrazeauRacing

    CZ Open

    I originally purchased this P-09 as a Carry Optics gun, but I quickly lost the desire to shoot in that division. Then I saw that Springer Precision came out with their thread-on comp and magwell for the P-09/P-07 and figured it would be fun to put it all together just for shits and giggles. I had to make my own kydex holster for it, and I also modified the factory safety levers into extended levers by melting little dabs of ABS plastic onto them with a soldering iron until there was enough material to shape them into something decent looking. I don't know how competitive this gun would be as an Open gun (or if I'll ever get serious about shooting in Open), but it sure was fun putting it all together.
  11. Good advice. Polishing the breech face on a couple of my Tanfos resolved this same issue for me. I now keep the breech face polished on all my Tanfos and CZs.
  12. The only one that I am aware of is the Canyon Creek "weld-on" magwell. You can have it welded onto the frame (and have the frame refinished), or you can use an epoxy like JB Weld to install it. I've had really good luck with my JB Weld job not coming loose after time. Here's my post for the install: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=197267
  13. Red lock tight should to the trick. This thread fit is excellent! Hmmm... I guess removing the barrel from the slide for cleaning would be difficult then. I may have to ponder that one a little.
  14. Thanks for the video! I wasn't even aware that Springer was making a comp that fits the factory threaded barrel. How does the comp attach on a more permanent level?
  15. CC magwell on a Match with Henning's older grips for Stock2/Stock3/LimPro. Slight gap at the bottom.
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