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  1. will they run okay, or have some issues? Any certain generation run better?
  2. The Kensight is a little different design. I put one on my Hunter... maybe try one.
  3. Right out of the box, which of the EAA/IFG DA/SA pistols has the best trigger pulls(not Xtremes)? Would the Stock III take the award?
  4. Small or large frame? I wish the billboarding was a little less pronounced.
  5. I peened a rivet with JB Weld in my original when the cross-pin broke. No issues since and I have a 9x25 Dillon setup up and running just fine with full boogie DoubleTap and Underwood.
  6. I'm confused on the large frame 10mm capacity. It says 13... all my other ones are 14. Is that just a mistake or what happened to have less capacity?
  7. Will it be offered in HC? This is supposed to be a small frame with what kind of sights from IFG?
  8. Springfield is doing their normal teaser... a year later at that! But...
  9. I went to the source. FWIW! Don Porter <sootch00@gmail.com> To:jesse112270@yahoo.com Sep 29 at 4:13 PM Unfortunately all hell is breaking loose so I can't confim or deny! Lol! I have a review of a SA pistol coming Oct 10 so you'll find out then. For the record, I did get a pistol from SA for the GetZone Holiday Gift Guide and wasn't in on any release date when I recieved it. I wish
  10. Here are the F1 Chronograph numbers out of it. Underwood Ammo 90gr Xtreme Defender 1987, 1971, 2077 Average = 2011.66 FPS/ 809 LBSUnderwood Ammo 124gr XTP 1774, 1759, 1718, 1756, 1766, 1765 Average = 1756.33 FPS/ 849 LBSUnderwood Ammo 125gr FMJ 1670, 1721, 1674, 1689, 1722, 1714 Average = 1698.33 FPS/ 801 LBS
  11. No offense to those ladies, but once again they don't know the products! In here you will see the more rounded back strap you feel in your palm, different beaver-tail, hammer thickness on the firing pin side and rear (non LPA) Super Sight.
  12. I have both and their are differences. You will see it at the back of the back strap, rear sight and hammer right off. I'm sure if I eyeballed it really good I could give a nice write-up of them.
  13. The 10mm's are seeing some issues. Magazines dropping and locking up during shooting. I experienced this even with my K100 though as well.
  14. I put some additional detailed pictures in here http://10mm-firearms.com/gunsmithing/eaa-witness-9x25-barrel-versus-10mm-barrel/
  15. Does this 9x25 barrel look like it's Polygonal? Pictured on the right versus Hunter 10mm barrel on the left.
  16. This might shed some light on it. https://www.copblock.org/items/Eaa-Tanfoglio-Witness-Hunter-9x25-Dillon-Barrel-6-_192336098558.html
  17. It's for sure a 9mm barrel. I did find some history on them and the same result could be had with an EAA 9mm 6" barrel with a ream job. How much is a 6" 9mm barrel these days? The reaming is about $150.
  18. The company that made them is out of business now. I hope it goes okay getting it installed and working (fingers crossed). It was an outfit named RATTAC and I couldn't find much on the rifling.
  19. No offense to the ladies there. They don't know the products and shouldn't man the phones for such questions.
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