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  1. I sent an email but haven't heard anything back, should I try again?
  2. racingjoe27

    Recoil Spring Weight

    11# ismi major or minor
  3. racingjoe27

    Guide rod for 17L/24

    Also would like a 17L/24 length guide rod. +1,but in tungsten +1 There used to be one called "T.H.E. guide rod," that was what we're all looking for but they aren't around any more. Vogel has one that uses ismi springs, I asked him what it was and he said he couldn't remember. So, they're out there just not as common anymore.
  4. racingjoe27

    Glock Frame work

  5. racingjoe27

    DK Trigger Custom vs Basic Kit

  6. racingjoe27

    DK Trigger Custom vs Basic Kit

    Its my understanding that the only way to get light primer strikes is with too light of a striker spring. Lightening the striker allows you to run a lighter striker spring which Dan says will lighten your pull .25-.5lbs (4-8 oz.). If you run a standard weight striker and too light of a spring is where you will run into trouble. So as long as you pair the appropriate spring with the corresponding striker you wont have to worry about light strikes. I used all three forms of contact: email, phone, and private message on this sight. He answered one of the times I called and responded to some of my PM's. The dude has a lot going on for sure, but its worth the wait!
  7. racingjoe27

    DK Trigger Custom vs Basic Kit

    It took me a while to distinguish the differences between the kits before ordering. After some correspondence with Dan, I went with the Custom. You get a lightened striker that comes pre-assembled for what is approximately a 25% discount. I will say after spending a lot of time behind a ghost ultimate, I put the DK Custom in and laughed to myself- it was that good. Oh, and I run CCI's (and some win) seated on an SDB
  8. racingjoe27

    Ultimate Glock 35 Limited Build

    I'm with Flex, I don't think you need much to be competitive with a glock in limited. Didn't Nils and Bob win limited nationals with one? If you get a gen 4 magwell that isn't compatible with the backstrap, you can always trim the backstrap to stop at the top of the magwell. I don't think you need to go the 2011 route especially if your duty/carry weapon is a glock. Biggest thing I can add is to get a DK custom trigger!
  9. racingjoe27

    One-off Slide

    Hello, Anyone have any suggestions for a smith/machinist who could make a one off slide for a platform that currently does not have any options for aftermarket slides? I'm not talking about just having some custom machining done to the slide, my idea would probably require support from a barrel manufacturer as well. This may end up being more of a thought exercise than anything, but if any of you know of someone I could get in contact with so it could be discussed further I would appreciate it. Thanks
  10. racingjoe27

    G34 gen 4 guide rod

    Benefits, probably none? Just a personal preference of mine
  11. racingjoe27

    G34 gen 4 guide rod

    I called jäger and talked to someone on the phone. He said I can run the gen 4 heavy captured rod without the retaining screw thereby making it uncaptured And accomplishing what I want. He said it's never a good idea to run a gen 3 rod with an adapter because the barrel end of the rod is a different diameter from gen to gen
  12. racingjoe27

    G34 gen 4 guide rod

    I'm not sure I understand what you're saying? All of the adapters I've seen are for standard diameter guide rods which don't use the roundwire springs. The guide rods that use the round wire springs are larger diameter and therefore the adapters will not work for those guide rods.
  13. racingjoe27

    G34 gen 4 guide rod

    whitefish- the picture on Jager's website shows a flatwire spring and the description says it allows the use of stock gen 3 springs or ISMI springs even though the details say Wolff springs in bold. Also, its captured. I'm looking for an uncaptured. Can I run it without the retainer and therefore making it uncaptured? Is there an adapter for gen 3 "heavy" guide rods?
  14. racingjoe27

    G34 gen 4 guide rod

    Ok, I'm fairly new to glocks so I need some help. I feel like a newb for asking this... I'm looking for an uncaptured guide rod that uses round wire springs. This will be for a g34 gen 4 in production. Either I'm looking right at one and don't know it or I can't find one at all Thanks in advance
  15. Its on the IPSC list, not sure why it hasn't made the USPSA list?...