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  1. ^That's awesome. Quick question about staff. I'm signed up to shoot Sunday. Does that mean I'm only working Saturday or since Friday was opened up we work two days and shoot one?
  2. vixty

    CZ-75 CTS LP P

    Just wanted to let everyone know the red hill tactical holster for the sp01 shadow lsp works with the 85c, shadow, and stock 2.
  3. I've been using 147s in my lsp but I feel as though my follow up shots just aren't that great. I'm going to try 124s and see how well that works. I shot a steel match this weekend and was 40 seconds faster with my TS 40. I just don't think I see the sight as well on my lsp compared to the ts.
  4. Quick question. My lok grips move when I grip the gun. I used the washers that were provided when installing. Is there a secret to keep them from shifting?
  5. I thought I had the full opening on my grips but after looking at the like above I got the half. The lok website doesn't offer the choices the one above does.
  6. I really like the palm swell lok grips on my cz. I think the same profile on my tanfo would be great.
  7. I actually ground down the front half of my LSp front sight and only use the rear post. I gained a longer sight radius and I seem to have better long distance shots. I was using a dawson which reduces sight radius a good amount.
  8. I need to take some material off the top of the LOK grips to help with my grip. Is it ok to sand these grips a little with a file or something. I just need to take some thickness off the top parts of the grips under the safeties.
  9. I keep a small note book in my shooting bag and I have 2 blank pages per gun. Every time I get done shooting I write the number of shots in the book and show the new sum. I go by 50's and 100's and I always round up to the 50th or 100th. I always write in the book when I change a component on my gun so I can keep track of the age of all my springs and such.
  10. A jacketed bullet will require more powder than lead. Most lead bullets are 3.0-3.1 of tg and jacketed 3.2-3.3. Xtreme bullets are in the 3.1 range. I have acme 147 loaded 1.35 at 3.1 and its 133 pf.
  11. How much is a new set of wood grips
  12. I trimmed my holster because of that issue. for the longest time I thought I was somehow hitting the button during my draw.
  13. vixty

    Heaviest 9mm for wife

    I think the TS is one of the heaviest out there. Especially if you put brass grips on it.
  14. vixty

    CZ-75 CTS LP P

    I didn't know the stock spring was 11lbs
  15. vixty

    CZ-75 CTS LP P

    What weight recoil spring are yall using in your lsp for 147gr loads?
  16. Would be nice if they could redesign their boxes as well to match the size of cci. It would save them tons on material cost and save us all a tons of space in our reloading rooms and shipping costs and....
  17. I've found the best fat sized cz grips out there are EAA Rubber grips. The screw holes are pretty close so I ground down the top section of the grips so I could reach the trigger and now my cz had a nice fat round grip. Ill have to measure it later. I have looked for other sets of the rubber grips but have been unable to. The grips I have came off my old EAA T95 ***Measured the EAA Rubber grips today. they are 1.415 which isn't the fatest but I think they are wider grips which helps fill the hands better.
  18. Most load to around 1.135 and yes the mag will take a little more but most want to leave a little coushin. I load xtreme to 1.135 and have no issues. Reaming the barrel doesn't fix the mag size issue. I have ran out to 1.150 that a friend gave me and they worked fine but I like a little room in my mags.
  19. vixty

    CZ newbie

    It's so very easy to polish a cz yourself. I recently bought a cz from xxxxx and I still had to break it down and do a full polish. After doing over 8 custom jobs for friends it become second nature to tear a cz down and do the necessary mods. A cz really shines when you reload and use federal primers. I have a 4lb da and 1.75sa with just about zero pre travel.
  20. My mecgars have more spring tension
  21. I had slide lock feeding issues with my mecgars but I found it was because the top round in the mag wasn't pushed back all the way. Now I check all my mags to make sure the top round is pushed all the way to the rear
  22. They have a Facebook page. Just search for it.
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