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2016 Memphis Charity Challenge

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Well after being just too busy in the fall, and getting a new left hip.

The Memphis Charity Challenge will return with a small twist !!!!!!!!!

April 1,2, 2016 Friday and Saturday (same as the last 3) we will have another fun and challenging 10 stages of a Level II USPSA sanctioned Revolver Division Only recognized match!

Again like the last two, we will be donating all of the monies raised to Le Boneur Childrens Hospital in Memphis TN.

Paul Hernandez will return as the Range Master. Elizabeth and I will be CO-Match Directors, and the fine members of the Memphis Sport Shooters Assn will be your Host.

Hotel and other info to come later.

Now the small twist...........................................................

Bring your 6 and 8 shooter. Shoot one on Friday for the Match (choose before you come or face the wrath of Brad the Statistician) for the same price as the last 3 matches ( $125 ) and for another $25 shoot the match again on Sunday in Limited Division so you can shoot the same stages with 2 guns and finally answer your question in the back of your head of "which one is better, Major 6 or Minor 8 ? "

Thanks for coming in the past, and please come back with another !!!!


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"which one is better, Major 6 or Minor 8 ? ". With about 20 of 120 shooters "taking the challenge" and shooting major 6 at the nationals, I think people have pretty much answered the question, but, this is a wonderful opportunity to dust off the .45. I will be there if at all possible

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Sam, you should have known this lands on my weekend to work! I do think I can call in a few favors and get switched off.

I was very excited to see this come out. I have shot all the previous years and I plan on shooting this one with my MN crew.

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Well Liz and l are looking forward to seeing everyone again. l am totally covered up with my work so don't expect a whole bunch of chatter from me. Brad started a facebook page so look there for chat and info.

Thanks and see ya'll in April !!!!!


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Yea!!!! I have been looking forward to shooting the MCC again, and this time it is in the spring instead of the fall. I am thinking that I will shoot the Saturday match with my Alaskan loaded with .45 Colt, and then shoot the Sunday match with a 625 loaded with .45 ACP. I am not concerned about 6 rounds or 8 rounds, I just want to finish ahead of as many competitors that I possibly can. :D

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We are fine ! Just WAY more busy than a litte cat covering up LOTS of BIG piles if you know what I mean !!!!!!

The MCC is still a go even though we haven't been chatting it up like in the past. We plan on getting entry forms and Info up by the weekend here and Face book.

Different format this year with room for 140 shooters.

Talking to LeBoneur Hospital. They are going to use our funding to buy an IV cart that will help find arteries and veins in the children before they have to try and stick them with a needle to avoid sticking them with a needle many times if they cant find it...........$14,000 worth.

That is why the new format.

Bring some spending $$$$ as we will be auctioning off some donations as usuall.

We will see you all in April !!!!


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Hello and some pretty important news...........

The 2016 Memphis Charity Challenge is on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to my work, and some range improvements being hampered by the weather we will be moving the match back to it's original Dates in the Fall.

November 3, Staff shoots and proofs the stages. November 4 and 5 will be the match with several options of shooting the match.................

We will be opening it up to Single Stack guns this year also. There will be a little time for revolver shooters to get in before it is opened up to Single Stack shooters,

LeBoneur has asked for help getting a vein finder that costs about $ 15,000 to purchase, thus the addition of single stack and an extra day.

We have a facebook page so check here and there for details, We will be posting rewritten entry forms this week.

To start things off, as usuall we will raffle off a Standard Wooden stocked M1A from Springfield Armory. We will also have an Auction at the end of each days shooting so bring some spencding money.

In the past we have had a prize table. I will be geting sponsors again and this year the prize table will be by random draw so all on Friday and Saturday can have a shot at what our kind sponsors send. I know many of us shooters don't particularly like Random Draw, but with it being two days and some folks only shooting on Friday this is the best way to distribute our Sponsors donations.

Traditionally the MCC draws 70 */- people to shoot and donates $5k to LeBoneur. We hope that adding a day and Single Stack can and will allow us to donate the entire sum of what is needed for them to purchase the vein finder. I or Elizabeth will post the explination of what and how the machine works here and Facebook so everyone can understand why the format change and how important the veinfinder is.

To find the facebook page look for 2016 Memphis Charity Challenge.

Thank you and Sorry for any inconveniences.


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