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  1. Are you actually shooting your 929 in production and not one of the 2 revolver divisions in Steel Challenge? If you are, serious props. I did it once, at the East Coast Steel Championships. Shot a 929 from an IDPA legal 4” N frame holster. It was hilarious, draw was a quarter second slower- which is quite a bit for me. If not, I think the DAA Alpha X is the holster to get if you only want one holster and shoot many different revolvers. If you only shoot 1 barrel profile on a revolver, the Hogue holster is the one you want.
  2. MWP

    Why revolvers?

    They say revolver is the easiest division to win all the trophies.
  3. Hey, you’re not going to see me disagreeing with that statement.
  4. First of all, what cartridge are you using? Moon clips or individual rounds? Second, is the gun not tipping up enough to get the cases to fall away?
  5. Yes, that added nickel makes things tighter.
  6. You’re making an exclusive, expensive division more exclusive. And expensive.
  7. The trr8 and r8 are both scandium. The 929 is pretty tough to beat for a competition platform. After that I’d lean towards a 627pc. Ruger has a super redhawk on the market right now, but should be releasing a new gun sometime this year I hear.
  8. All we are getting with 8 major or dots is what we have now- the same scoring for everyone. All we would be doing by adding major to the current round count is ostracizing the people who went out and spent a lot of money on 929s. ICORE is still mostly populated by guns with iron sights, there can’t be that much of a draw to them. Going to 8 round guns made the division more appealing. Having a new gun be released that used a common caliber made the division more appealing. Having a stand-alone nationals, the day after the largest, like minded (lo-cap) shooters, made a difference. I get questions all the time from new revolver shooters about gear and technique and different matches. I don’t think the answer to making the division more interesting is to require more money be thrown at the equipment, but to be thrown at the game itself. Host bigger revolver matches. Stand alone nationals worked because lots of people who were already counting to 8 were there. The IRC works because it is the big revolver match. Western States works because it’s warm in Phoenix and there’s a lot of things to do besides shoot (and you can shoot 2 guns.) Matches like PSA work because they’re fun and the format is easy. Give people an incentive to travel to these matches. USPSA revolver isn’t very easy, in fact it’s probably the hardest; Why do we who like a challenge just assume everyone else does too?
  9. MWP

    What Moonclip?

    Just use the clip TK makes for the starline short colt brass. Honestly it doesn’t matter what you use because shorts don’t head space off the moon like 9s do. Use whatever clip you like.
  10. Check out the Icore website. Revolvers only, lots of fun. Getting good at revolver is exactly the same as getting good at other division. Same drills, mostly the same or times, just have to adjust for reloads.
  11. When you’re walking a stage you can plan where to have extra rounds in the gun. The obvious answers are movers and steel. The answer to your question, when to load or take the miss, is all about how long it takes you to make that hit and what the stage HF is. Example: You know you have a miss on a swinger. 2.5-3 seconds is seriously fast to make that up, but we will go with it for the sake of this argument. We will also just pick an arbitrary HF-5. In a 5 hit factor stage a point is worth .2 seconds. To make that reload and extra shot worth that 15 point loss you have to do it in 3 seconds. It’s a wash in this example. But like I said before- that’s a seriously fast time to accomplish that task. Play with those numbers a bit and you will start to see where it may be worth it for you.
  12. You know me so well...
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