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  1. MWP

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Throw moon clip at gun. Hope for decent outcome.
  2. How does your design deal with splits? Is it a faster return than a traditional setup or is there no change?
  3. MWP

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    They have no competition and we keep buying them...
  4. MWP

    Steel Challenge Revolver

    Well I don't want to turn this into a for sale thread, just getting a feel for it. I'll put together some prices, and people can PM me and I'll make a post in the sales section.
  5. MWP

    Steel Challenge Revolver

    Per the rules, it's fine in uspsa and icore. It's light though, similar to a 327. I have a friend up here who uses his carbon gun for steel and his factory barreled gun for uspsa/icore, but backs each up with the other. We could work something out with FFLs, that's easy.
  6. MWP

    Steel Challenge Revolver

    Lee are you still in Washington? I could probably get you a new one for a fair price.
  7. MWP

    Steel Challenge Revolver

    I was thinking more along the lines of a multiple gun build. Not listing 1 gun. Take orders and build them new. Just getting a feel if that would interest more than just me.
  8. Is there a market for a race ready, lightweight Revolver? 929 weighing in at 36-37oz iron or open sights? Trigger job, light hammer, ball detent, sighted in, moon clips, just add ammo and go?
  9. MWP

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Not really. I have the cylinder in some delrin vice jaws. Then I use a carbide cutter, a small stone, a sanding drum then I polish it. I let the cutter do the work, then just work the tool marks out of it. Looking at the dremel website I'd have to guess numbers 9903, 453 and 430. I don't see a little polishing drum on their site, but it's a basic little thing that I put some polish on. A few minutes starring at the right isle in the hardware store should do it. I don't touch the extractor. Just hold the bit at 45 degrees and work around the chamber. Like everyone said, you're just breaking the edge. No need for a huge hole to hit a solid reload. I know plenty of people here are not fans of a dremel, and most of the time I wouldn't 100% agree. I think people get either carried away with how much gets cut, or the tool gets away from the user. But it's also tough for me to argue with decent results. If you're worried about not holding the tool or cylinder properly, or thinking you can't do it safely, then do the common sense thing and mail that cylinder to TK or buy the chamfer tool.
  10. MWP

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    I'm a dremel fan. I don't touch the extractor. Just break the edges, clean up any tool marks, and polish. My reloads seem to be pretty quick.
  11. It's about having more than you need, not less.
  12. MWP

    Thoughts on increasing membership/clubs

    I have zero interest in shooting MG, bullseye, and shotguns, even if the match was free and the gear was covered. Between all the options out there now, are people just tapped out every time there's something different? Just offering a different option than the standard answers we usually see to this. Not saying this is how it is. Ty asks a great question, but I am personally out of free time.
  13. Guns and ammo can be in the same case, the gun just needs to be locked up separate of the ammo. The best way to fly with ammo, with the least amount of hassle from TSA (I don't even tell the airline about the ammo) is to use see through, individually packed (think Berry's or Dillon) boxes. I stack mine nicely in a separate small pelican case, leave it unlocked and check it all by its lonesome in my range bag. I used to check it with my clothes, but it gets really old pulling rounds out of clean clothes. TSA isn't always the most gentle.