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  1. I think speed beez has a better price than Comp tac actually.
  2. I’m pretty sure that holster is made by Comp Tac. And they make really nice gear, I don’t think you’d be disappointed.
  3. Agreed. Clean it up and get it back in the game in a few hours.
  4. I was thinking the exact same thing. How much did we spend over the years to get basically a stock 929 and some people are cutting them down.
  5. Warren you’ve been talking about this hammer for years and we still haven’t seen it! When do we get to check this awesome thing out? All I really want to know is if the splits are faster than a standard hammer?
  6. I don’t think you’re slow. But, you can still shoot specials.
  7. If you use a special case, make a light load with a fast powder to keep the gun clean, use a light bullet with means you will have a relatively empty case, and you’re very very very fast- you can make the gun squib. Very fast. And this is only a problem on the first shot.
  8. OP- there are a few decent revolver shooters in your area, hit me up and I’ll get you in touch with them. If you want to shoot revolver do it, and if you want to be really good at it it has the same challenges at the top as any other division. There is steel challenge in your area, and there’s some decent heat there too. Couple guys in the high 70s with autos and high 80s with revolvers. ICORE is a drive for a club match, but flights from SeaTac to west coast destinations, which are usually very cheap flights, will take you to regional ICORE, SC and revolver heavy USPSA matches. Revolvers and their gear cost the same as any other top level equipment, including production guns. There are people that shoot only revolver, and do just fine comparing themselves to other low cap divisions, even if the comparison is apples to oranges.
  9. Send me a PM. I’d be happy to show you how to do some basic work like changing out the front sight. I’m a few hours north, but in the Seattle area regularly. And I have plenty of TK guns for you to check out to be sure of exactly what you are getting before you send your gun out.
  10. Use shorts for steel loads. If you’re fast, you will be able to get light first shots with anything longer like LC or specials. If you’re not worried about that, specials are fine for SC loads.
  11. I sent mine back to smith 2 years ago. They charged 200$, had it 6 months and didn’t even fill the frame where they drilled it. Send it to Joe at Mojo. I have a different issue now that only the factory can fix, and I’m trying to find every possible way not to send it to them.
  12. I’m fairly certain they won’t tip the gun up at Chrono. I’ve seen people do it before, but that’s not the proper technique. You want the gun well above the PF if steel is to fall consistently.
  13. How have 4 broken on you? Mine fell off a bench and hit concrete.
  14. They had mine 2 years ago for 6 months and several hundred dollars for a trigger stud. I wished I would have not sent it to them.
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