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  1. I’ll mail a gun this week and get it done so I can report to everyone.
  2. What? No. Not even close to correct information.
  3. I’ve made 35-40 627 and 929 barrels and to get them threaded properly to the frames we needed the new barrel and the frame together. The one attempt we made to cut threads into a fresh blank (even using another frame of same generation as its guide) the threads weren’t cut deep enough. The factory doesn’t appear to cut the frames to similar depth (imagine that.) It sounds like you have a lathe and are just not confident in cutting the threads? I’d say grab a long blank and practice, I bet you can get it within a few tries. And you’ll only burn a couple inches at a time if you don’t.
  4. If Alliant got that fast with 3.1, I’d assume you’ll be close with 2.8. I’d start a little lower, probably 2.6, but I think you’re on the right track.
  5. Don’t move the hammer or trigger with side plate off. Studs will break.
  6. I’ve seen one of these before. 5” right? Seems like the color got added and they grabbed the cylinder from a snub/hunter. Cool gun, I hope you got a killer deal and shoot it a lot.
  7. MWP

    Am I crazy?

    22 ammo is pretty quiet too, but it will be better than primers over the next 12-18 months I think. Me personally I would keep practicing SC with a 617, from the holster and all, and dry fire field courses.
  8. MWP

    Am I crazy?

    I’d rather do what you’re doing than not shoot. 617 is a good way to continue to shoot steel, 22 ammo isn’t easy to find, but I think for the foreseeable future it will be easier than primers. And you have the benefit of being able to shoot all those short 22s that everyone accidentally buys during these times. 617s are fantastic training aids for center fire. Set it up identically to your CF guns, holster and all, and shoot that to conserve primers for nationals and WSSC.
  9. I’ll shoot my carry guns/ gear in the off season in outlaw or idpa matches. But other than that it’s 100% revolver. I think I’ve dug myself a revolver hole, not really sure I could change now.
  10. Not unless you don’t want to not have a functioning 929 anymore.
  11. I have tried it. I couldn’t tell the difference in it to 9x19 when in moons. I tried it when early on there were so many issues with getting 9x19 brass to work properly. Now that we have those things solved, I haven’t even considered doing it again. I personally have not tried to shoot a 929 with 9x19 without a moon. I can’t remember anyone trying it either. I think the reason it is that way is so they can sell the gun in areas where 9x19 isn’t permitted by civilians, and the factory doesn’t mark the gun 9x19 for the same reason. It’s been a few years now, but
  12. Yes. The 929 is sold as 9mm for that reason- not 9x19
  13. Usually, you can keep the extractor and change cylinders. I have several guns I have done this on, and so far so good. This is not always the case for it working out this well, and you can always ship the gun and new cylinder to a qualified revolver shop to be 100% sure it’s correct.
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