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  1. MWP

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Hey thanks, I appreciate that. As for the gun itself, I bet Dave Olhasso will let anyone check it out if you catch him at a match with it.
  2. MWP

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    A prototype of what you guys are asking for already exists from Ruger. It was shot at the IRC and USPSA nationals. Somewhere in the 7-8lb trigger weight I believe. Most likely a production version months out.
  3. MWP

    Round count question

    I honestly don't think a round count itself will determine a competition revolver wearing out. Especially a low pressure round like 45acp. Now bad gun handling, that can wear a gun out in as little as a single season.
  4. MWP

    Roll crimp for moon clips?

    I am so curious what is included in the "after-break-in" tune. Is there a pre break in tune? How long is break in?
  5. MWP

    929 sudden light strikes

    Not unless there's an issue. And I have a 929 with most likely the highest round count of any, and the springs have been fine.
  6. MWP

    929 sudden light strikes

    6k? I think that's a little light.
  7. I used one for a long time, and only recently switched to DAA individual posts. Both are excellent. If you have any issues contacting Speed E Rack shoot me a PM, I can help a little with that.
  8. MWP

    Moon Clip sizing

    If you want to be serious about your reloads, that's the best choice. Starline SC is top quality, and the fit to proper clips is second to none. You could always save the special brass for steel challenge as well, where you don't have to load on the clock.
  9. Very strange. Let us know how the fix works out for you.
  10. You can feel two grooves in the pin when you take the trigger off and feel the pin with your finger?
  11. I would say 20 is a minimum number. Check the TK website for stainless moons made specifically for starline brass. And spend the money on the moon clip checker. I check my moons when I load them, then as they go on my belt when I'm in the hole. It takes any question of proper fit out of play. I'd rather have 20 proper fitting stainless moons than 200 cheap ones. And yes, 8 moons is more than enough for a stage.
  12. MWP

    Holsters for 8 3/8" S&W?

    DAA Alpha X works fine with any barrel length.
  13. I'm not sure either turns out a better trigger. I think it's a preference thing.
  14. MWP

    What holster for a 5" S&W 610?

    I always recommend revolver shooters buy a holster that fits multiple revolvers. I shoot 6 different N frame barrel lengths and profiles in my Alpha X.
  15. MWP

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Throw moon clip at gun. Hope for decent outcome.