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  1. I’m not sure we are the best group to ask. I know it’s worth a lot more than I would want to pay for it compared to a collector. Maybe gunbroker would show what people are bidding them up to with or without sales? I wouldn’t use one of the buy it now options on there to get a realistic price, they’re usually way off.
  2. MWP

    Smith 929

    Not sure the cost yet. But when I find out I’ll let everyone know. I’ve been too busy getting a new carbon fiber guy that I haven’t gutted that broken gun to mail in yet.
  3. I think until a shooter is below 70, a 617 is equal to other rim fire autos. Once you start getting towards the top of the game the gun you’re most familiar with is more important than the gun itself. I honestly think a 617 can break 70. No one has done it, but it’s plenty capable.
  4. MWP

    Smith 929

    Some open major ammo got mixed into my practice ammo. That’s what I get for having someone help with my ammo. It wasn’t an extremely hot load either, 168-169 from a DVC. I don’t think titanium is the best choice for high pressure loads. I know there’s 327s and plenty of other factory magnums with titanium cylinders, but none that handle pressure like 9 major.
  5. MWP

    Smith 929

    I have a cracked 929 cylinder if anyone needs to see that it won’t handle major.
  6. Thank you. Fun match, reminded me of the pasa stages a little bit. I don’t think the Ruger is up to 929 standards, yet. But I do think it’s closer than any other gun has ever been. And I also think it’s good enough that it’s an option of someone didn’t want the smith. I want to go into it with an open mind and no preconceived outcomes though.
  7. 929 street prices are all over the place. I’d imagine once the Ruger is out and about it will be too. I’m more interested is seeing the competitive differences between the two at speed. I sent probably 150 rounds down range in both a borrowed Redhawk and a super GP in 38, and the quick impressions I got weren’t far off Smith capability.
  8. I just won one at nationals. Going to get it cleaned up and see how it compares to the 929.
  9. It is. I went from BMT to the TK tools. I was wearing out the plastic “top” of the BMT once a year, and I think it’s harder on the moons as well.
  10. What tool are using to load the .040s?
  11. I haven’t seen any head spacing issues with 929s. What info did you find on that?
  12. I’m using a 38 super die with decapping pin first, then a 9mm to get neck tension back. Hornady flare die is much easier to adjust than letting the powder do the flaring. Hornady seating does help keep things lined up sooner and is really easy to adjust.
  13. I have never roll sized my brass. Federal in 929s, all once fired when I get it. Plenty of it has seen over 10 loadings. Is it the brass sizing or the brass to clip fit that’s failing? Do you have a moon clip checker to see if it will clear that?
  14. 1/16” solid pin 1/16” drill bit Install front site in gun. Use drill press to drill halfway through front sight base and front sight. Flip gun over and repeat. Install solid roll pin with hammer and punch. Use clear 2 part epoxy to seal both sides of roll pin. If you’re still worried about it, install 2 of them.
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