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  1. Before you buy either, get your hands on some to test out. Moons are critical to the performance of the gun, and often overlooked. Also, matching head-stamps is just as important so that the clip to brass fit is the same. Find the thickest clips that work with the brass you’re going to use.
  2. Are two guns allowed at this match? If so, do you shoot one with staff or both the same day?
  3. You should be able to send ammo to the range. Check out the range website, there should be some info there.
  4. That and the design team is probably not all that aware of what we are doing to these guns.
  5. Correction: *If you reload weak hand a lot, it’s bound to happen to you.
  6. I got mine at the hardware store.
  7. Cranes are individual to each gun, a fitted part. I would just stone off that spot created by the old screw and fit a solid screw. Shouldn’t have that issue with a solid screw.
  8. Thanks mark. Ken and crew did a great job. Hoping to to see you in March.
  9. I’m going to have to 100% disagree with this one. Sorry Mike. Aim small miss small is absolutely a thing, but at the cost of speed. HFs in USPSA are to high to do this in today’s game.
  10. Nothing below .355 is legal for USPSA. But it is for icore....
  11. I asked my AD a few years back. The reason that he gave me, and he said this was something other board members were very concerned with, was that “the dot mounted to the frame and not moving on the slide created an unfair advantage.” I laughed. Hard.
  12. MWP

    929 Info

    Check out Joe at Mojo Custom.
  13. MWP

    929 Info

    That’s not an insane number. Buds and kygunco usually run specials once or twice a year under 900. Standard dealer cost is around that too, and I assume there are some sitting at dealers with zero interest given today’s market.
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