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  1. I have not. Even with heavy loads.
  2. A proper compensator, not holes, will make a difference on power factors at ICORE levels. I didn’t believe it either until I built some. S&W doesn’t currently make a compensator for any revolvers that I know of. To fit a Comp that would work, the barrel would need to be threaded. Most people would just be better off cleaning up the crown on a factory barrel or completely changing the barrel to be able to use proven designs.
  3. Well, when you nail a reload that’s in the 1.3s or less, you nail it, it doesn’t matter if it’s 6 rounds or 8. A lot more goes into that speed than just throwing a moon and closing the gun. For example, the way the moon hits the cylinder has to do with the way the fingers grasp it, which makes it way back to how the moon is oriented on the belt, and also if it is spun on the post or exactly in the proper position to hit the cylinder before it even enters the hand. An average, repeatable number would have to be used. But, reload speed isn’t what separates 6v8 on the score card, it’s simply the sheer amount of reloads. I still think separate power factor scoring in icore is a bad decision.
  4. I haven’t tried that, I’ll throw some grip tape up there and see how it feels. I’m fortunate to have large hands, so it really helps with grabbing the gun hard. I don’t do it on semi autos, but it is a popular grips for some.
  5. I never meant for my grip to be that way, but in my quest to get as high as I could on the gun, my left hand somehow ended up with a finger up there. It has more to do with supporting how high my right hand is. I can say that for me, if I rotate my left hand so my index finger is under the trigger guard, muzzle rise is much more pronounced. Turns out I can’t shoot a gun with my standard grips and a full hammer spur anymore- the hammer just stops when it hits the webbing of my hand. A by product of getting really high on the gun.
  6. MWP

    625 Moons

    Correct, some of the blued ones are.
  7. MWP

    625 Moons

    TK stainless clips are EDM cut, not stamped.
  8. I used to agree with that statement. By ~.10ish. Now I think it’s even. I think some form of tests are in order.
  9. Similar to the Mesquite match. Hour east of Reno. First weekend in October, announcement should be out soon.
  10. Are there any left? Club matches are happening at the clubs majors are getting canceled at. My August and Sept are booked with Steel Challenge and USPSA. First weekend of OCT is the big revolver match in Fallon. I’m eyeing the SW regional in October as well. Pretty solid chance I book a flight to that one. Honesty I’m half tempted to get some paperwork rolling on the Australian championship in late October if my wife’s work schedule allows it.
  11. ICORE needs participants. And matches that don’t cancel. Not scoring changes.
  12. MWP

    625-8 5 inch

    Um. If you’re in need of a friend to give guns to.... I may have an opening.
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