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  1. MWP

    Cold weather power factor calculations

    231 is next to unique on the burn chart I have. Only 2 powders between them. And Bullseye is quite a ways up the list. I’m not saying 231 is slow compared to all pistol powders, I’m saying it’s slow compared to the majority of 9 minor powders that are used today. That said, I think 231 is too slow for a sub minor load, and I would start with titegroup or bullseye. Then I would look for even faster powder because you won’t get a complete burn at that light a charge at that speed.
  2. MWP

    Cold weather power factor calculations

    I’d look for a clean load that’s accurate and not really worry about PF for steel. Not to sure how well a medium speed powder like 231 will do with a load that low. I’d try something faster. And I don’t think you will gain 100fps from a tempature change that small from any of the popular fast powders.
  3. MWP

    Trigger Job Question

    TK claims on their website to be 19% lighter than competitors. Considering they have a big hole in the middle of it I would think that’s about right. Quality- they’re both top notch. Fitting-they both will require some attention, neither are drop in. I cant think of a pro or con one way or another other than the weight. The gun being smooth is much more important than the hammer weight or really the trigger weight.
  4. MWP

    Agressively Bobbed Hammer

    You need to get it copy writed or whatever on Enos like the *thumb rest [generic]* thing was.
  5. MWP

    Cylinder modifications for USPSA Revolver

    Don’t need much. Just break the edges and polish. Honing won’t do anything.
  6. MWP

    Dry firing with an extended firing pin

    I’d call them. That doesn’t sound right. I’ve had the same Apex pin in my practice gun for years and if I took a guess at how many trigger pulls that gun has seen you wouldn’t believe me.
  7. MWP

    S&W 625JM

    If you haven’t bought one yet, go and try one. Borrow one, steal one, whatever you have to do. They give a pretty stiff kick to be honest. Not something I would try to teach anyone on. But for IDPA it’s a great choice.
  8. MWP

    Extended cylinder release

    A lot of guys are trimming the short releases down and smoothing out the left side so their thumb clears it but still makes the reload easy. Going from a factory or idpa legal release to the Hogue and TK shorts made a big difference in how well I can keep the muzzle controlled during sub 1.5 reloads. Honestly around 2 seconds, as in a reload while moving, it didn’t seem to matter what release is on the gun.
  9. MWP

    Red Dot on S&W 929

    Icore with a slide ride on its side, 4moa. Steel with an rts2 6moa.
  10. MWP

    Red Dot on S&W 929

    Tough to beat a classic cmore or rts2. Allchin mounts are a great choice, made by a revolver shooter.
  11. MWP

    Does anyone pin extractors any more?

    That’s how the factory did it for years. I’ve never seen anyone do it after the fact.
  12. MWP

    IDPA Revolver Stock vs Enhanced

    It's a wash between the 2 in idpa.
  13. MWP

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Hey thanks, I appreciate that. As for the gun itself, I bet Dave Olhasso will let anyone check it out if you catch him at a match with it.
  14. MWP

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    A prototype of what you guys are asking for already exists from Ruger. It was shot at the IRC and USPSA nationals. Somewhere in the 7-8lb trigger weight I believe. Most likely a production version months out.
  15. MWP

    Round count question

    I honestly don't think a round count itself will determine a competition revolver wearing out. Especially a low pressure round like 45acp. Now bad gun handling, that can wear a gun out in as little as a single season.