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  1. Maybe that's what USPSA wanted ? The old way wasn't very good, and this seems to be better than back then. Where are the numbers from 2013 ? Hop
  2. Looking at the results. Not a single 6 shooter. Only 80 competitors. Not as many names that you used to always see. Not just at the top either. Maybe the rule change , or maybe the format from the last few years. DEFINITELY DIFFERENT Hop
  3. Saw you said no clays. Try Vit N310 instead of the 320 for 45cap
  4. I shot 230 grn Precision Delta FMJ with Hogdon clays 4.0 grn and Federal primers for years in my 625 & 25 for years. (Made 172,000pf) I suggest starting @ 3.2 and going up if you're gonna be shooting major. Drop down to the 200 grn for ICORE, OR 185 if you can find some. All round nose if course ! Hop
  5. Having put on a few USPSA level II & III matches. The match director chooses which divisions to recognize before the match starts. The 10 participants thing is just a guideline, not verbatim. So the point I was trying to make. And am still making is. . . . The new rule hasn't had an effect much of all, or any on drawing more revolver shooters to the bigger matches. not saying " l told you so" but the numbers speak for themselves! Last Memphis Charity Challenge I had to open up to all divisions because with two months out we only had 16 revolvers signed up to shoot. Hop
  6. Mrs Hopalong and l are looking forward to our new brass shagger coming very early November. Hop
  7. I did think about mentioning James s moonclip server, but he said only the speedy rack, and the north mountain. Do take a look at the moonclip server. Another good product from another good guy that is good to, and for the sport. Hop
  8. Besides, the major/minor scoring thing in L-10 helps to make that decision ! ! ! The thing I was really talking about was the eight shot rule has not done much of anything to help in drawing more revolver shooters to the bigger matches. Not saying it was a bad rule, but just the numbers of shooters in the bigger matches haven't improved. Hop
  9. As far as the moonclip holders go. Both are great. Made by two very nice people who do very much for the sport. North Mountain is made by Bob Perdue. His is what I shoot (back when I shot a bunch). The advantage of his is all the moonclips are in the same general spot on your body. So you can go the same place for reloads. The only disadvantage to them is the two on top of each other. Sometimes you will grab two moonclips when , you only need one. Speedy racks at made by Elliot Eissen. He and Jerry have been shooting together for a very long time and are very good friends. His keeps a single moon on each post. You don't accidentally get two moonclips with it, but you have to work all the way around your torso when you get into a high roundcount stage. Both are fine. Either will be a great choice. Hopalong.
  10. Could have put this in what I hate just as easy. Looking at the results. . . . No body even bothered to shoot a revolver. Even Limited 10 had representation. Hop
  11. 300 yrds + just a little on 18" Plate. River Super Red Hawk 7" 454 Casull 1x4 Burris err pistol scope. 120+/_ on a White tail deer. S&W 6" 657 (.41 rem mag) 100 yrds with several other pistols and revolvers Hopalong
  12. Looks like another good large RockCastle match. Maybe next month. Hop
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