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  1. 300 yrds + just a little on 18" Plate. River Super Red Hawk 7" 454 Casull 1x4 Burris err pistol scope. 120+/_ on a White tail deer. S&W 6" 657 (.41 rem mag) 100 yrds with several other pistols and revolvers Hopalong
  2. Sam,  Are there still slots available for the Memphis match?  If possible I would like to shoot on Saturday with Don Slusher as we will be traveling together.  I can bring the fee and app with me on Friday.

    TKS GW

    1. hopalong


      Yes Gary come on down !

  3. Sam,  Is it still possible to shoot the match?  I can bring the fee and app with me.  I was hoping to shoot Saturday with Don Slusher as I'll be traveling with him.  I'm A-21499 Limited Major M class.


  4. Yup l found one in a Cracker Jack box said something about a revolver (pre 8 shot too) some day l migt find it dist it off and take a picture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Someday :-P Hop
  5. Saw in Front Sight where my buddy Corey Estill made GM in Limited!!!!!! :-) Congrats my friend. Hopalong
  6. Shot this today for the first time since 2005 where we shot it @ Area 6 (I won the stage with a 6.89 with All A's) which is 100% even today for Revolver. Today I shot it 5.65 with 1 charlie !!!! which is also 100% for Revo. Hop
  7. Sam, running any matches this year? This is johnny jackson.

  8. Had a great time shooting with you on Saturday. See you soon

  9. Hey Sam,

    Where is Ramer TN?? I'm in Old Hickory.

    Mike Fondren

  10. hey Sam can't seem to get this thing working for me to reply to your last note check your email

  11. Saw you on the ft benning 3 match episode. Good job.


  12. It's got to be Sam! where were you Sunday?

  13. Well, look who's here !!!!

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