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  1. I ran into this problem a number of times last year. After crashing and burning on a few stages because of FTE I concluded that it was due to my change in bullets. I had switched to Precision 147gr bullets from BBI 147gr bullets. My suspicion is in the difference in the ogive the Precision bullet is (at times but not always) hitting lans and not going fully into battery. I switched to factory 124gr and had no issues. I ran the BBI 147gr the previous year without any issues.
  2. We have some Revo shooters in Pine Island myself being one of them. It is sporadic when any of us shoot revo lately. The weekly matches (USPSA) start this wed. at 6pm. All are welcome.
  3. I love the Ed Brown release but it is made of Unobtainium.
  4. Thank you guys for the information. It is much appreciated!
  5. Does anyone know who does this anymore. This is on a 686 that I got 20+ years ago. (I was told it came out of Canada).
  6. Not at this time. This is a bit of mild steel stock that was my 2nd rendition of my mag release prototype. I am using Taccom’s stainless button with my old lever.
  7. When you are using your Taccom mag release bar and are having issues with it working/binding, try placing your index finger on the back corner of the bar. Instead of pressing it in strait into the gun, press forward and in at the same time (think pushing in at a 45 degree angle). Taccom’s stainless mag release button is WAY better than my original nylon one but the Ruger design of its mag release is a short shallow throw so it tends to bind with a longer lever. Forward and in at the same time. This is my PSA for today.
  8. snertley

    Short funny jokes

    Two fish swimming along and they run into a wall. One fish says to the other "dam".
  9. I wuzn't lost....Been a might confused lately... Do I hear X Frame work over? I get Rio's Tuesday Night Results and watch the Revo Report. You finish up there a time or two..later rdd I found Bubber wandering by the roadside in Tulsa last month. He was a bit dazed and confused, but none the worse for wear.
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