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  1. The 4” is perfectly competitive in idpa. Limited 6 in icore is specifically for 6 shot moonclip guns.
  2. I 100% agree that a perceived advantage is an advantage. I haven’t seen any difference in splits with lighter or heavier cylinders. The fastest runs of splits, and Jerry’s 8 shot records are with full weight 627 steel cylinders. I do personally like the lightened cylinders for accuracy, but only in the sense of torque on the gun when shooting fast. Chris, cut one down and let’s see how it turns out. I love changing things, better or worse. Let me know if I can help, but I’m pretty sure you have a talented machinist. Mike, before you go cutting down a 627 cylinder to make a short colt gun, hit me up. I might have something for you.
  3. Is a lighter cylinder better? Seems like a ton of work for zero benefit. Although I’m not sure I’m one to talk, I’m wrapping things in carbon fiber... Don’t forget to take into account you have lots of spacing issues with the cylinder/yoke/headspace that is different for every gun. Let us know how it turns out! I vote you turn the middle of the cylinder down and see if we can wrap that in CF too.
  4. Lately it seems like that’s the only choice. I feel like the market is a little dry for new guns right now.
  5. Not always. I try to find good ones rather than fix bad ones.
  6. Timing issue like Warren said. My 617s with custom barrels don’t have forcing cones, we just broke the hard edge.
  7. MWP

    What if?

    Ugh. Short stroke...
  8. MWP

    What if?

    Who did you send it to? Don’t hit me to hard if you already mentioned it and I missed it...
  9. The Mesquite match in March is a fantastic event. Well run, well attended, and well fed. Great excuse to go warm up for a few days for cheap in the desert too. This year I had some interest in another group class after the Mesquite match on Sunday morning. If I can get a group together that would like to do that again, Mark and his crew make it very easy for us to enjoy the stages that aren’t torn down yet and field a small class.
  10. I do shoot the steel challenge. And the stages that were released for the IRC don’t look anything like the exact dimensions in the stages of the steel challenge. Releasing the stages early is completely up to the individuals running a match. Setting them up, shooting them once or 400 times isn’t against any rule book, it isn’t unsportsmanlike, and it isn’t uncommon. It’s also not what’s going to be at the match, so unlike the steel challenge, it’s actually pointless to go through the headache of it and think you’re going to fair better at a match because of it. The one, and only time it should be ruled unsportsmanlike is the actual stages, at the actual range the match is taking place, by an actual competitor. This is why the people who put stages in the ground in big matches typically don’t shoot for score. Please don’t call people scumbags for something you’re clearly unfamiliar with.
  11. Icore has every right to change the stages. I think that’s a great choice on their part if that’s what they think will add fairness to the IRC. But setting up stages, complete or partial, is called practice- not unsportsmanlike conduct.
  12. You’ll bring the rear up .023ish. Have a look at an aftermarket rear as well. Bowen’s are typically considered the top of the options. And try a Dawson .125/.215 as well. Nice that you can swap sights so easily on that gun, it’s easy to try all the options. The SDM is a very bright front sight, great for going fast and point shooting, but the sight picture is sometimes overpowered by how bright that fiber is.
  13. MWP

    What if?

    I think his prices are very fair.
  14. The front sight on your gun doesn’t require any tools to remove or install. You just slide it back and pull it up, it’s held in by a spring and pointed cap. Google Smith DX/Classic and you’ll probably find some videos on it. There’s gold bead fronts that came on 45s that will just pop right in there. Also SDM and Dawson are popular. SDM if you like a huge, bright fiber, and Dawson for a more clear, precise image.
  15. I shot a gun with 12lb trigger for a season of matches. The gun wasn’t stock, but the trigger wasn’t light. No real difference in points on paper with it.
  16. Some can take hits on all primers, some can be dry fired without worry. Only factory can do it all.
  17. Keep the factory firing pin until you’re on federal primers only. The factory pin is the ONLY pin that will stand up to dryfire and all types of primers, hard and soft.
  18. For some reason I’ve noticed WWB primers aren’t all the way seated. And inconsistent. Hornady hand seater will seat factory ammo primers nicely.
  19. Return spring weight directly effects the trigger weight. So yes, a 13lb feels lighter than your factory spring and measures lighter too. Are you saying you tested factory ammo? Or reload with all those different primers? Once you start leave the factory conditions, especially with a revolver, there’s much more at play here than just the trigger weight. Hammer fall weight, trigger return speed and how smooth the action is are much more important than overall trigger weight. It’s typical for revolvers to also require fully seated primers, not just federal. I bet if you fully seated all those Winchester and Tula they would have gone off at a 50oz trigger pull. Typically a gun is set up with an action job first, then mainspring, then rebound spring. The action job takes all the hiccups and imperfections out of the gun itself. Tuning the mainspring is 100% based on lighting off primers, nothing else. Then it’s on to rebound spring- set that to your finger speed. Don’t get hung up on the overall weight of the trigger itself- it doesn’t produce a higher score on target or win any points for being light. Get the gun smooth, then 100% ignition, then a rebound that’s fast enough to keep up. All my guns use factory springs, non-ribbed and factory return springs and all are around 7ish pounds. You could build guns in the 4s and even high 3s if you wanted to- but they don’t have the speed to keep up.
  20. My opinion? I’m not sure I have many ideas. Easiest answer is to put big money on it and let everyone know. Get the factory to put a bounty on a rimfire revo division winner and see who shows up for it. They’ll sell guns just for that event. I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask, I’m very selective what matches I shoot. I guess I’d figure out the target audience and cater to them. I’m still trying to figure out how the finances of a major match lose money, why division winners aren’t all paid huge cash, and why the hell random draw prize tables even exist. On a separate note, what ever happened to hosting and promoting an “Event?” East coast steel challenge championship comes to mind- they have vendors, a good prize table, food trucks, cash to winners. Terrible location, but other than that they knock it out. Old time IRC did as well. Great event, great prizes, no random draws, great location. Just because something carries a section, area, nationals or world title mean it’s going to be a good event to attend. Clubs, MDs, event planners and stage designers need to build a reputation before they expect big numbers to attend their events. Host the match you would want to attend, and the outcome will take care of itself. This is historically why matches that move around don’t do as well as “staple” matches. Knowing what you’re getting before you travel is a huge one.
  21. Dave you may get better traffic on this topic on the Revo Nation FB page. If these divisions bring back revo master, I’m in. M. Poggie L4887
  22. MWP

    What if?

    Yeah that sounds about right. It’s really about how much they get used. If you have 10 clips and shoot 20k a year vs having 100 clips and only shooting 5k a year I think a set of clips can get worn quickly. Still fine for start moons, steel matches or practice though.
  23. MWP

    What if?

    They’ll wear eventually. Only from the inside wearing out and becoming loose after loading and unloading so much. You can’t really hurt hearthco or TK unless they get stepped on, dropping only hurts the cheaper moons.
  24. There’s no advantage to .900 over going all the way to short colt, other than there’s more case to send in and out of the gun. Get short colt brass, put a 38special die in the sizing station, a 9mm die everywhere else and send it.
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