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    shooting, reloading, shooting, reloading, shooting..........
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  1. When you sit down at the kitchen table and smell Hoppes #9
  2. treefarmer

    Which one?

    Flags of our Fathers 1911 or 2011?
  3. Hello mrdwayne welcome to the forum. nice hat

  4. One of the best shots I've made was on a squirrel at 40 yards with a 7 1/2" barreled Buckmark pistol with a red dot
  5. hello wideload it was a fun match your welcome

  6. hey Sam can't seem to get this thing working for me to reply to your last note check your email

  7. Hello W W 45 If djeffers dosen't take it i will Roger

  8. It's got to be Sam! where were you Sunday?

  9. Well, look who's here !!!!

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