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  1. My first match was a classifier match, so of course I tanked it (6 classifier stages). It took me over a year to climb out of the bad classifier hole I was in.
  2. There is another issue that might be the problem. The shooters ammunition might not be loaded sufficiently to knock down the popper even if it hits the "proper" calibration area. While the issue is more often the popper calibration, it can be the shooters ammunition.
  3. (This may have been covered earlier in this thread, so I apologize) I have found that some want to be proficient/competitive/accomplished at USPSA before they break their first shot in the sport on a stage. They want to "perfect the art" of the sport before they even begin, and that is not going to happen for most people. With any sport you will have no idea how well (or where) you stand by comparison until you actually do it. Nor do you know how much enjoyment you can get from participation. Some cannot get mentally or emotionally out of their own way enough to try the sport. Given how much enjoyment I get form participating in the sport, I find that to be a sad state of affairs.
  4. Olympic style fencing... Sounds odd but the mental aspect is quite helpful. Not to mention that it helps with fitness.
  5. For me I became an RO for the same reason that I became a Director (referee) in Olympic style fencing. I wanted to understand the sport better in order to become better at the sport. I have worked a couple of sectionals and an area match, and found the experiences overall enjoyable (both during and after). The benefits do not equal the work that I put in, but I would rather be enjoying a day at the range (or a day directing fencing) than at work. So the benefits (pay, etc...) is icing on the cake for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy competing more than RO'ing or Directing fencing, but there are plenty of other things that I give my time to (willingly) that don't receive any compensation for.
  6. I shot the match Thursday (not as well as I wanted, but consistent with my classification), and worked the match (Stage 3) the other days. I several times heard from the competitors that the match was being run very smoothly and administered well. I know that we were getting approx 2-3 minute turnarounds from the start of one shooter to the start of the next on the stage I worked. My results were not as good as I would have liked, but the match was very enjoyable to me (Shooting and working it).
  7. A belt buckle would be interesting, and a "challenge" coin is a good idea also IMO.
  8. Reliable means that the experiment or survey is repeatable with the same parameters set and the results of the experiment fall within an acceptable margin of error.
  9. Ah, I see. You plan seemed a bit to "intense" for me, but now that you explained that it helps you enjoy major matches I understand better. I like both USPSA and IDPA for different reasons, but ultimately I just want to enjoy the trigger time.
  10. I will have to agree with MikeBurgess on the majority of this, no offense to your experience RangerTrace. Looking at the stages to see how they compare to the match book is useful, and then getting an idea of how you would like to shoot the stages. The idea of not leaving until you can shoot every stage with your eyes closed? Then you might never leave the range until after the next day(s) when you shoot the match. The rest of what you suggest, RangerTrace, I agree with. The idea is to shoot the match as well as you can and have fun doing it. Stressing over all the minutiae does not seem to me to go along with enjoyment of any match (example: Don't leave until you can shoot every stage with your eyes closed). My best advice is to enjoy the match and the company of your fellow squad mates & shooters. All the while shooting the match as best you can.
  11. The 8 shot Redhawk in .357 is already cut for moonclips. The 2.75" barrel is the turn off to most people though.
  12. Blueridge


    This left me wondering when I saw it. Especially after they released an 8 shot Redhawk previously. Which reminds me, I need to start planning for obtaining one of the 8 shot Redhawks since I could use a .357 caliber revolver.
  13. What I have seen some clubs is you pay to shoot the match in say production, and on just the classifier stage you pay for also shooting the classifier a second time in Limited for example. Whatever the classifier upload fee that the club pays, you would pay that a second time to shoot the classifier stage in the second division. You only pay to shoot the match and the extra classifier fee. Usually being able to shoot the classifier in a second division occurs after the match is over, and if there is time/opportunity to do so. While not as simple as shooting the classifier once and getting it to count for multiple divisions, it does allow you two chances to shoot it in case you "bungled" it the first time. You only take the "hit" for it in the one division instead of two...
  14. I think that having been in marching band in high school helped me with this. Shooting is like playing music and marching, as I know when to reload (generally) by the "drumbeats" of the shots that I take. That is the best way I can describe it, as I know what I should be doing at whatever point in the stage I am at. I had never though about it this way until I read this thread.
  15. I still shoot major in Revolver Division, but I also shoot .45 Colt in my Ruger Alaskan revolver. I have been considering getting a Ruger Redhawk 8 shot .357/.38 to shoot in Production Division (yeah, I know that sounds odd), but have not done that yet. Due to the small number of revolver shooters at recent level II matches that I have participated in (to the point where Revolver Division was not recognized), I have been shooting Single Stack in competition most of this past year.
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