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Tite group


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I've used it in both.

Jacketed MG 124 JHP - 3.7-3.8gr gives > 130PF @1.065" OAL

Various coated bullets @ 3.6gr ~1.085" OAL ~132PF

147gr Xtreme plated RN 3.2-3.3gr gives right above 130PF, 1.14" OAL

Bump up .1-.2gr if you're loading longer OAL vs the above.

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I use Titegroup for both 124 grain and 147 grain bullets and it works great for both.

124 grain Xtreme I use 4.1 grains of Titegroup

147 grain Xtreme or RMR I use 3.2 grains of Titegroup

both loads are accurate and recoil softly. They make PF for IDPA.

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TG is good powder. It is what I am using at the moment for 9mm, 380 acp and 40SW I also have W231, HP38, CFE pistol and Power Pistol as well but will keep loading TG until I run out of stock....at least 3 yrs from today.

People are afraid of double charge using TG but if you keep an eye on what you are doing and use common sense then you should be ok. There is always risk when you reload so PLEASE be careful and use common sense.

Powder check is a great tool for those worried about double charge.

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Just FYI 231 and HP38 are the same powder. The "Powder Factor Show" has 3 different episodes interviewing the president if Hodgedon Powders. Lots if great info on there. Thanks for everyone's input on Titegroup, at the moment I am shooting a ton of rounds and going through a lot of powder. I am buying and using what ever I can use.

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My match load for 9MM CZ Shadow T and Compact L is as follows: Remington 115 FMJ; 4.5 Grains of Hodgen Titegroup; Federal SPP; 1.140 OAL.. The load is very accurate and recoil is snappy.

I've tried Titegroup with 125 grain RNL, but it is too smokey for my purposes. Evidently it burns a little hot.

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