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  1. SilverBolt

    Cushion over grip, what shoes do you have?

    I am running Hoka's and they are great. https://www.hokaoneone.com/men/tor-ultra-hi-wp/1008334.html#start=4&cgid=men-hiking
  2. SilverBolt

    Chinese soloman shoes

    Anyone try these? Carbide tips??? https://www.sierratradingpost.com/salomon-speedspike-cs-trail-running-shoes-for-men-and-women~p~455mh/?filterString=mens-trail-running-shoes~d~9963%2Fsalomon~b~19510%2F
  3. SilverBolt

    Thumb rest slide stop Question

    I run them on both my Limited and Open guns. Great reference point and it keeps my thumb/grip from interfering with the slide. I do remove about half of the material (length) of the thumb pad. If you leave it full length you may have an issue shooting it weak hand. When full length on recoil it would engage the slide stop locking the slide to the rear.
  4. SilverBolt

    Help a 2011 newbie.. Open gun on the way.

    My setup. DAA Race Master holster and 3 Race Master mag pouches, one with a magnet. DAA belt. Mags, MBX all the way. Buy once cry once. I have been through about every brand and tuner 2011 mags on the planet. Adrian at MBX has it down. Ammo will be tough if you plan to shoot major. Very few off the shelf options. Find a buddy with a chrono to confirm the ammo you buy makes PF in your gun.
  5. SilverBolt

    How to deal with a really bad match result?

    I look at classifiers as just another points stage for the match. Treat them the same as any other stage. Push too hard trying to raise your classifier % you will likely tank it. That is no help to your % and you will lose match points.
  6. Looks like the Bill drill would have been mostly C's and D's.
  7. SilverBolt

    electrolyte supplement

    I am trying a product called Liquid IV. It does contain sugar but the amount is far less than Gatorade and it is not a sugar substitute that can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. The balance of salt, sugar, B-vitamins, and minerals are supposed to be optimal for cell absorption. Costco online has it.
  8. SilverBolt


    Trust your sights. If you are truly tracking your sights send the shot(s) and move on. Do not look at the target for your hits.
  9. SilverBolt

    How to deal with a really bad match result?

    Many local clubs do not put on quality matches. By that I mean lots of hoser type stages, not very technical, no tight or long shots, etc. If that happens to represent your normal local matches they are not doing you any favors. I am fortunate in that all of the local clubs Level-1 matches are very much inline with most Level-2 and some Level-3 matches. Makes for for tough and sometime frustrating stages but it also has made me a better shooter. When I go to an Area match or big Level-2 match I can typically finish in the top of my class. Take what you learned from your match and work to improve it. It does you very little to practice the things you like. Work on the areas you dislike or fear.
  10. SilverBolt

    First USPSA Match

    Your class % is where you finished compared to other in your class only. Example on the classifier the high overall was likely either shooting open or PCC. If you are shooting production you only compare your results to the other production shooters not the overall results. The move from D to C is generally pretty quick if you practice. The move from C to B is much tougher. From B to A monumentally tougher. Each move up has a smaller margin of error. Each aspect of your game has to be precise.
  11. SilverBolt

    Effective Live Fire Training

    Baseball Standards covers a lot of the fundamentals.
  12. SilverBolt

    CFE and FMJ/Coated

    I run CFE at 1400 fps with a 124gr (major) with no accuracy issues.
  13. SilverBolt

    Hearing protection for Open

    I have been using custom molded plugs (non-electronic). At first they were fine for open but after about 8-10 months I noticed I was getting ringing in my ears after a match. This past weekend I just tried a product called Otoferm https://www.amazon.com/OtoFerm-Comfort-Lubricant-Earpieces-Sealant/dp/B07DFBKR42/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1531766757&sr=8-2&keywords=EAR+PLUG+LUBE that acts a a sealant on the plugs. It works awesome. Plugs sealed better than they did when new. Tiny dab on each plug did the trick. No greasy residue once the plugs were removed.
  14. SilverBolt

    Ear protection

    Check your local Costco. If they have the hearing aid center they will do custom molded plugs.
  15. SilverBolt

    MBX Mag Question

    Loosen the adjustment screw. Doesn't much.