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  1. Laser projects a beam. A red dot does not. Always remember that lights and lasers work in both directions just like tracers.
  2. I use a vault in my truck. https://www.tuffyproducts.com/p-586-under-seat-lockbox-gm-truck-2019.aspx
  3. Read the Production rules for the correct placement of your holster and mag pouches. It might be a little easier on you to shoot Limited for your first match. You can start with full mags instead of 10 rounds. You could even use G17 mage for a couple of extra rounds. In Limited you are not restricted on the holster and mag pouch position.
  4. I started in Limited minor, moved to Limited major, and then to Open.
  5. If you want it black try a black oxide finish. No surface build up and no loss of aggressiveness. Should be able to find a local plater to do it for $50-$100-ish.
  6. Your thumb should be on top of the safety not under it.
  7. Why rack the slide at all during dry fire? I use snap caps so I load one the the mag load and rack. After that I just cock the hammer.
  8. I just fit one to an STI plastic grip. You will need to do some fitting. The height of the trigger is the biggest issue. It's really not a big job. I used a set of needle files and took my time. File a little and test fit. Repeat until it fits properly. There are Youtube videos to show you the way.
  9. Trigger control and possibly pulling off the target too soon.
  10. I found the a little silicone lube in the dropper helps. Out of the box mine was bone dry and had similar issues with 124gr 9mm. Played with the adjustment and just couldn't get 100% reliable. Lubed it and have been good to go since.
  11. RTS2 all the way. If for no other reason, battery life. The dot is much brighter than the standard C-More. I turn the dot on at the first stage and do not turn it off until the last stage. I use 1-2 batteries a year.
  12. MBX for Limited and Open for me. Zero issues.
  13. I had a similar issue with that trigger. What I ended up doing was unthread the trigger show from the bow a couple of turns. I started with it threaded down as far as it would go. If I remember right 2-3 turns out gave me a proper functioning trigger. No issues since.
  14. The biggest reason I see for dumping the hopper is safety. If you are loading with several different powders on the same press you need to make 100% sure that you do not inadvertently mix powders. I label my hopper with the powder and drop weight and verify the drop before starting each session.
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