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  1. Look for a medical device that you wear under your clothing and then you can use your normal belt & holster. Your Dr should be able to help you find the correct device. You may have to go up a size or two on your belt.
  2. SilverBolt

    The worst state for 3 gunning

    The COSSA range in Bend is a great facility. Many top level USPSA and 3-Gun events. Also the host range for the 2019 Area-1 Championship. https://www.cossapark.com/
  3. SilverBolt

    Open gun expected accuracy

    Do both guns run the same barrel?
  4. SilverBolt

    Drills for getting used to red dot

    Changing your focus from front sight focus to target focus is one of the bigger challenges. Dry fire, dry fire, and then dry fire some more. I am old, slow, and horrible about practice. It has taken me about 18 months to finally begin to crack the code of the dot. Had I spent time with practice it would not have taken nearly as long.
  5. SilverBolt

    Transition training help

    x2 on Steel Challenge. Best transition practice you can get.
  6. SilverBolt

    Aimpoint’s new acro looks interesting

    Looks interesting. Nearly double the weight of an RTS2.
  7. SilverBolt

    To shoot or not to shoot?

    I can see how IDPA would interfere mentally with your USPSA game. Steel on the other hand I find to be excellent practice for transitions and accuracy. There is no C-zone in steel. No other match will give you a chance to practice 30 +/- surrender draws on the clock.
  8. How much does it weigh?
  9. SilverBolt

    Switching to Red Dot - need help

    Do not look through the lens for the dot. Stay target focused and the dot will appear on the target.
  10. SilverBolt

    Carry Optics Glock Magazines

    I ran TTI +6 base pads in Limited minor for 18 months. Not one single issue. Gen-4 G34.
  11. SilverBolt

    .200 slide stops

    What are you using to measure? Digital calipers have a tolerance of +/-.001. Must use a micrometer for accuracy.
  12. SilverBolt

    RTS2 Mounts

    Started with a Cheely and ran it for about a year. In close it was fine but out past 25 yards I was having to index the dot to the right. Just switched to the Everglades and no more issues. Spot on at all distances. Could just be a mental thing but I will be sticking with the Everglades.
  13. SilverBolt

    Moving Targets

    What, no no-shoots between the targets?
  14. SilverBolt

    Shooting Open gun by feel

    Anything within 5 yards you should be able to point shoot regardless of the gun type or class. This is one of those cases where all that dry fire pays off.
  15. SilverBolt

    Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

    Had a stage where I thought the RO might need to take off his shoes in order to keep count. Standing outside the shooting box. On the start sign step into the box. Yeah, kind of forgot the step into the box part.