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  1. Area-1 last year in Montana had several stages that required uprange movement. I don't recall the DQ rate being any higher than other Area matches.
  2. Practice reloading off of the magnet. It it not the same as coming out of a pouch.
  3. Give Eddie a call. He is local to you. https://www.emgcustoms.com/eddiegarcia
  4. Out west most USPSA matches are Saturdays.
  5. Laser projects a beam. A red dot does not. Always remember that lights and lasers work in both directions just like tracers.
  6. I use a vault in my truck. https://www.tuffyproducts.com/p-586-under-seat-lockbox-gm-truck-2019.aspx
  7. Read the Production rules for the correct placement of your holster and mag pouches. It might be a little easier on you to shoot Limited for your first match. You can start with full mags instead of 10 rounds. You could even use G17 mage for a couple of extra rounds. In Limited you are not restricted on the holster and mag pouch position.
  8. I started in Limited minor, moved to Limited major, and then to Open.
  9. If you want it black try a black oxide finish. No surface build up and no loss of aggressiveness. Should be able to find a local plater to do it for $50-$100-ish.
  10. Your thumb should be on top of the safety not under it.
  11. Why rack the slide at all during dry fire? I use snap caps so I load one the the mag load and rack. After that I just cock the hammer.
  12. I just fit one to an STI plastic grip. You will need to do some fitting. The height of the trigger is the biggest issue. It's really not a big job. I used a set of needle files and took my time. File a little and test fit. Repeat until it fits properly. There are Youtube videos to show you the way.
  13. Trigger control and possibly pulling off the target too soon.
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