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  1. SilverBolt

    Limited Minor

    Unless you shoot all "A's" very fast Limited Minor is not a good idea. G17 mags get a Plus-6 extension for 23-rds. I use TTI's. Buy once, cry once, 2011.
  2. I want to practice with the same gear I shoot with. You would be surprised how big of impact small differences make.
  3. SilverBolt

    Atlas Trigger

    I just fit one to my STI grip and it took a fair amount of filing for the height to fit. Width was ok.
  4. SilverBolt

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    Don't forget mags if you are going STI. Spend the $$ and get a set of MBX's. Plan on an additional $1000-$1500 over the cost of the STI for mags, belt, holster, pouches, etc.
  5. SilverBolt


    I was at a match not long ago where a guy with RI that forgot his mags. He borrowed a couple of Gen-1 STI mags and they worked without issue. I would try before you buy.
  6. SilverBolt

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    If you shoot all A's very quickly go minor. If not go with the .40. ?
  7. SilverBolt

    Crimson Trace has 3 new red dots coming out.

    Wondering if they are CT manufactured or rebranded?
  8. SilverBolt

    STI 2011 Gen 1 or Gen 2 mags???

    MBX and done.
  9. One stage at a time. Make your goal a clean match. Do not try and chase the fast guys. Make your plan and shoot your plan. Make sure your mags gauge. If possible chrono your ammo before the match. If you have any questions regarding a stage ask the CRO in charge of that stage before shooting starts on that stage.
  10. I shoot open and limited. My arm extension is exactly the same. I see no benefit to having the eye closer to the optic. With the optic you are target focused.
  11. The secret to a reliable open gun is the mags. Any reputable smith can make a great open gun. Let's face they are all using the same parts. If their reputation is solid they know how to make those parts work correctly and play nice with each other. Ammo usually comes down to the bullet profile that works best for your gun. Your smith should be able to work with you on this. My year year in open with a custom built gun by a very respected smith was a nightmare. Very rare to finish a stage without some type of issue. Spent many hours on the phone with my smith. Tried "custom tuned" mags from the "best" in the business, factory STI, factory SV. Had issues with all and was about ready to hang it up. Talked to MBX and placed an order from them. No changes to the gun at all. The MBX mags have been 100% for two years. That the next gun I had built I bought the mags first and sent them to the smith. No other issues. Ran right out of the box. The cookies are really good.
  12. SilverBolt

    Steel grips!?! Are they really worth it!?

    For my 6" I run Rainier 180gr RNFP OAL 1.20" with 4.8gr of VV N320. Still running a plastic grip but is is extremely flat. Mine is a Cameron's 6".
  13. SilverBolt

    Military vs. Commercial Brass

    The stepped cases are actually formed from two pieces swaged together. Absolute junk and should not be reloaded. Not just foreign as Freedom also used that crap.